Both Liberals and Conservatives, when deciding to vote for either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump in 2016, were hoping that a new president would improve things for themselves and the country as a whole.  Both would have liked to end the continuous wars, reduce unfair federal regulations and bring prosperity to the common people.  However, as always, they had different opinions on just how to do that.

When I ask a liberal if they believe that our representatives should abide by their oath to obey the U.S Constitution, most will normally say “yes” but then add that the Constitution is in reality a relic of the past that needs some tweaking.  You need to remind them that our founding fathers made provisions for tweaking the Constitution by using the amendment process. 

Many Liberals don’t realize or relate to the fact that liberal legislators score much lower than conservative legislators when it comes to voting on constitutional issues. 

For example, the average voting record of House Republican Mike Pence in voting on constitutional issues was 61% and his opponent Senate Democrat Timothy Kane was 1 %.  Other examples are Republican Congressman Ron Paul 100% and House Democrat Nancy Pelosi 17%.

Our founding fathers left us an important instruction manual on how to govern our great nation.  They had just declared independence from King George the III and knew how important it was to design a system of government that would protect the rights of the people.  They also knew that greed and corruption would most likely prevail for future generations so they designed the Constitution in such a way to keep the federal government from becoming so large and powerful that it would destroy state sovereignty.  Instead of today being the united States we have become the United States.

Our government was initially formed as a Republic but has deteriorated into a Democracy where 51% of the electorate may deny the rights of the other 49%. We are ruled by an all-powerful Majority. The  Minority has little protection against the unlimited power of the Majority.

If Liberals continue to support a Democracy form of government rather than a Republic, ignoring the Constitution, our rights and liberties will continue to decline.  The continual erosion of these rights is harming the well-being of American citizens and the prosperity of our country. We need to adhere to the ideals of our wise founding fathers in order to return to the country in which they fought and died for.


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