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high gain omnidirectional antenna

Homemade omnidirectional antenna for long range wifi broadcasting or EM energy harnessing

Lightning is absolute proof that free electrical energy is all around us.  The average lightning bolt contains a billion volts at 3,000 amps, or 3 billion kilowatts of power, enough energy to power a major city like Toronto Ontario Canada, for months.

Physicists, oil and gas companies and your governments all know that six feet (2 meters) above the ground (above head height) the air is charged with more than 200 volts positive in respect to the ground.  Three feet (1 meter) off the ground the air is charged with 100 volts positive of free electrical energy.  In comparison, your electrical outlets and home appliances are all powered with 120 volts positive and you car battery has a charged of just 12 volts positive.  That 200 volts + charged air is a source of free, unlimited, unmetered and carbon-free electrical energy.   The energy is electromagnetic (EM) energy.  It can and has already been tapped into by World renowned scientists such as Nikola Tesla and Henry Moray.   Both tapped into this infinite supply of pure, zero emission electrical energy using a simple antenna.

The CN Tower, the Eiffel Tower, the Washington Monument, all of the Egyptian pyramids and the new One World Trade Center are all antennas.  All are capable of harnessing this free unlimited positively charged electrical energy.

The Egyptian Pyramids were actually built as electrical power generating and wireless transmitting power plants.  The capstone of the pyramids were built and placed atop the pyramids to function as a receiving and transmitting antenna and the base of the pyramids were built with sandstone (a quartz crystal electrical conductor) to store the harnessed electrical energy – to function as a capacitor.

Great Pyramid of Giza is 139 m high.
How much free electrical energy can be harnessed at its top if there is 100 volts +/m?

The sandstone (arenite) blocks used to build the pyramids were composed of crystal quartz and/or feldspar which are extremely high electrical conductors and the small amount of metal on the capstone allowed for maximum power generation and transmission. Also, the Giza Plateau where the pyramids stand was specifically chosen as the construction sites because the site is full of underground water channels.

The pyramids were built above limestone layers that have spaces between them that are full of flowing (flux) water. These special layers of rock called aquifers transmit electricity upward as they carry underground water to the surface. The high volume flow (flux) of the River Nile that passes through these aquifers produces an electric current. This is known as physio-electricity. The pyramids were built to harness, store (capacitor), and transmit this electricity wirelessly.

In 1901 Nikola Tesla began constructing the Wardenclyffe Tower (Tesla Tower). He understood ancient technology and set out to reeducate the World by demonstrating what the Egyptians knew and successfully built over 4000 years ago. If the Egyptians were to apply an insulating casing around the pyramids and reinstalled a capstone antenna (plated with an electricity conducting and transmitting metal like silver) their pyramids would once again harness, store and transmit wirelessly this free and unlimited electromagnetic energy. Even though they are thousands of years old they are still able to function today as electrical power generating power plants. Their main structure is fully intact.

Over 80 years ago Nikola Tesla utilized a  6-foot vertical antenna rod and tapped into this free and infinite source of energy and powered a 80-horsepower alternating-current electric motor that he installed in a car.  Tesla was so successful in tapping into this free energy source that the electrical power harnessed was sufficient enough to power the electric motor and drive a converted (gasoline to electric) Pierce-Arrow at speeds of 90 m.p.h.

In 1932 (81 years ago) Dr Moray also successfully tapped into this free and infinite source of energy using a simple long wire antenna.  A long piece of insulated wire acts as an antenna. The very cheap long wire antenna captures electromagnetic energy.

An antenna is nothing more than a transducer that converts free electromagnetic (EM) energy into alternating current (AC electrical power) or vice-versa. There are two basic types: the receiving antenna, which intercepts free EM energy (RF) and delivers the AC current to electronic equipment (radios, TVs, computers, cell phone chargers, lights, generator motors, heaters, fans … ), and the transmitting antenna, which is fed with AC from electronic equipment and generates radiant energy.

The simplest antenna is a length of wire, connected at one end to a transmitter or receiver. More often, the radiating/receiving element is placed at a distance from the transmitter or receiver, and AC is delivered to or from the antenna by means of a transmission line, also called a feed line or feeder.  There is so much free energy in the air above that the use of longer wire antenna in excess of 500 feet or strung higher than head height can produce lethal amounts of electrical current.

Ask any electrician and he will no doubt tell you that Earth is always referred to as ground when explaining electrical circuitry.   He or she will also tell you that DC electrical current flows to ground or earth.  A lightning rod, invented by Benjamin Franklin, proves this.   If lightning hits a building it will preferentially strike the rod and be conducted to ground through the wire, instead of passing through the building, where it could start a fire or cause electrocution.   The Earth – the ground we stand on, walk on, sleep on , play. run on, drive on and build on is negative electrically charged and acts as a spherical capacitor.   According to Canada’s Department of Natural Resources – http://cfs.nrcan.gc.ca/pages/160 –  The Earth has a net negative charge of between 400,000 and 5000,00 coulombs, while an equal and positive charge resides in the atmosphere.

200 volts + head height

“There is about a 300 000 volt (V) potential difference between the Earth’s surface and the electrosphere, which gives an average electric field strength of about 6 V/metre (m) throughout the atmosphere. Near the surface, the fine-weather electric field strength is about 100 V/m..” Average height of a man is 6 feet or 2 meters so 100 V/m x 2 meters = 200 Volts 6 feet off the ground.

Wikipedia also states that Earth’s atmosphere is electrically charged. They disclose this with this statement – “The measurements of atmospheric electricity can be seen as measurements of difference of potential between a point of the Earth’s surface, and a point somewhere in the air above it. The atmosphere in different regions is often found to be at different local potentials, which differ from that of the earth sometimes even by as much as 3000 Volts within 100 feet (30 m). The electrostatic field and the difference of potential of the earth field according to investigations, is in summer about 60 to 100 volts and in winter 300 to 500 volts per meter of difference in height, a simple calculation gives the result that when such a collector is arranged for example on the ground, and a second one is mounted vertically over it at a distance of 2000 meters and both are connected by a conducting cable, there is a difference in potential in summer of about 2,000,000 volts and in winter even of 6,000,000 volts and more. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Atmospheric_electricity

What both Wikipedia and the Canadian government are stating is exactly what Nikola Tesla and Dr. Thomas Henry Moray stated 80 years ago and tried to educate the World – that we are surrounded by a sea of energy. We need only know how to tap into it to power everything we use. Tesla knew how and powered an electric motor in an automobile.  Moray successfully tapped into this free energy and powered thirty-five 100-watt lamps and a 1200-watt iron simultaneously.

Solar panel manufacturers need only to replicate what Tesla and Moray did and their panels will be far more efficient (harness a lot more free sun energy) than they are now.  A simple redesign of the solar panel can tap into 200 volts positive of free, unlimited, unmetered and carbon-free electrical energy.  The biggest flaw in all solar panels is the reflective glass.  Solar panels reflect most of that free EM energy.  There is more deflecting glass and dielectric insulating material than energy conducting material in today’s solar cells. Very thin strips of conducting material can of course only harness very little energy. Replace the thin strips with thin sheets and you increase the inductance of the solar cells. A thin sheet of conducting material has a much greater inductance than very thin strips.

The law of reflection says that for specular reflection the angle at which the wave is incident on the surface equals the angle at which it is reflected. Solar panels are mirrors – reflecting the sun energy. A mirror provides the most common model for specular light (mirror-like) reflection, and typically consists of a glass sheet with a metallic coating where the reflection actually occurs. Reflection is enhanced by the metal of the solar cells by suppression of wave propagation beyond their skin depths. Reflection also occurs at the surface of transparent media, such as the glass top of all solar panels. Because all solar panels are stationary in relation to the moving sun energy is predominately being reflected and the remainder is refracted. Energy is only being absorbed in one incident only – when the sun is “exactly” perpendicular to the solar panel’ reflective surface. At all other times sun energy is either being reflected or refracted.

The solution is to make a electromagnetic (EM) energy receiving antenna that doesn’t reflect at all. An antenna m2 (meter square) with a non-reflective matt black surface. Black absorbs the light (EM radiation) and when it does this it is also absorbing energy – throughout the day. It doesn’t matter where the sunlight is coming from matt black will not reflect the free electromagnetic energy. Black absorbs all the visible electromagnetic radiation that falls on it.


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The trick to harnessing the 200 volts positive of free energy is to tune (tap) the antenna to receive one frequency only – 60 hz. Nikola Tesla and Henry Moray did just that 80 years ago. Tuned a simple antenna to one electrical frequency – 60 Hz.

The two commonly used frequencies that powers all of our electrical devices are 50 Hz and 60 Hz. The standard in Canada and the United States is 120V of 60Hz AC (alternating current) electricity. How do you tune the antenna to receive the 60Hz frequency and power your electrical devices? Research what Nikola Tesla and Henry Moray did 80 years ago.

simple antenna tuning LC circuit

radio tuning variable capacitor

welding rod antenna

Want greater ranger for your wifi without forking out a lot of money to buy a sophisticated high gain antenna. You can build your own using mass produced store bought items. The above antenna was built using 1 – 36″ long x 1/16″ welding rod inserted into one end of a F type coaxial cable connector. A pack of 30 welding rods can be bought at Princess Auto for $7.99 + tax.

The insertion point is sealed using a small piece of heat shrink tubing. Remove the tiny antenna of you router and attach an appropriate coaxial cable to the router and long enough to attach to your homemade antenna. Mount the antenna outdoors for broadcasting wifi or indoors for added wifi range throughout your house. If you attach a loading coil between the bottom of an exterior mounted antenna and the connecting coaxial cable you can increase your wifi range from 7 to 10 miles.

Both used a LC circuit, also called a resonant circuit, tank circuit, or tuned circuit, consists of an inductor (a coil of wire), represented by the letter L, and a capacitor (a variable capacitor from a radio – image below), represented by the letter C. When connected together, in parallel or series, they act as an electrical resonator, an electrical analogue of a tuning fork, storing energy oscillating at the circuit’s resonant frequency – 60 Hz.

People living in apartment high rises or condominiums can potentially eliminate their electric utility bill when the EM Microcell is developed and mass produced. They live above head height and mounting one or more of these on their balcony can harness enough electromagnetic energy to power all of their lights, appliances and entertainment devices. Moray powered 35 – 100 watts light bulbs (3500 watts) and a 1200-watt iron (4700 watts total power) simultaneously with a simple long wire antenna. Tesla powered a heavy steel automobile to speeds of 90 mph with a just a single 6 foot vertical antenna. A meter square (m2) antenna has a much bigger surface area than a long wire antenna or a 6 foot aerial. The greater the surface area the greater the electromagnetic energy received. Energy is proportional to the surface area. Increasing the surface area increases the energy absorbed proportional. Power (W) = (energy per square meter) x (surface area).

solar energy reflection

Take a look at a mass produced solar panel. What do you see? Most of the panel is made up of very reflective glass and very little conductive material. Why manufacture a solar panel with very reflective glass in the first place? Glass is an insulator not an absorber. Glass have high resistivity. Glass actually resists electromagnetic energy absorption – firstly because it reflects most of the electromagnetic energy and secondly it insulates the tiny electrical energy conducting wires embedded in the thick and highly reflective glass panels. No wonder they can only produce a minuscule amount of solar power. Solar energy is captured only when the sun is exactly perpendicular to the solar panel. All other times solar energy is reflected. If they manufactured their solar panels without the highly reflective and insulating glass they would be much more efficient.

Remember the day when TV was free? The broadcasts were received with a simple TV antenna. The TV antenna was able to tap into the broadcast signal (electromagnetic energy) that was transmitted 100s of miles away. They could tap into free TV signals simply because they were made of energy conducting metal. They were built without glass or any kind of insulator. Just bare metal – a conductor of electrical energy.

Remember the day when communications was free? We use to communicate with others for free using a citizen band (CB) radio or walkie talky. Truck drivers around the Globe could communicate with other truck drivers and to their dispatcher for free using a simple CB transmitter/receiver hooked up to a simple wire CB antenna. Ham radios were used to communicate with others thousands of miles away and free of charge.

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