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At 10:04pm on September 26, 2014, Patriot Horse said…
Congrats you've been featured Exposure
At 8:44am on September 17, 2014, linda dagosta said…

nice thanks for that video :-)

At 7:25pm on September 15, 2014, linda dagosta said…

certainly have had a few come to pass.. like i said they tend to not be exactly how it should appear.. like pea green soup was actually snow in one vision.. and yes I would not have said visions unless i had occasion to see first hand that they are warnings of what is to come I get three prior to an event and then within 6 months the event happens.. but some slight differences in elements tend to be very apparent such as rain and snow may not be what is projected in the vision..

I have had a 2 visions of a tidal wave or tsunami or a wave of something hitting the eastern coast.. wiping out all forms of communications and a feeling of peril..  then a second vision  of air raids (skies lit up light the fourth of july  with again a feeling of eminent danger and peril.. me searching for my childhood closet to hide in.. with panic and fear engulfing me through out the vision, i awoke crying on both these terrors. those are the only 2 visions i have not had occasion to see the 3rd .. but on every occasion i witnessed the 3 visions they did come to be..

At 12:26pm on September 10, 2014, linda dagosta said…

oh btw the reason i mentioned the visions is because I have seen our lands being invaded and showered in missiles. very close to the scene in that movie red dawn... and for me .. yes I am an empath as well .. very numbed out due to these patches but I feel and feel deeply.. so the visions cut deep wounds in my soul...  and are etched in my mind as vivid as though it were upon us presently. maybe why i remain fueled and ready to comment and keep posting wherever i can reach..i see what we are going to be in the midst of .. possibly you fought for our country? not sure what your background is other than you are from my generation.. i do feel that George Orwell,  Orson Welles  "Big Brother is watching you" "1984" had much to do with why i have not been sleeping for the most part..

It is strange that Welles died in 1985 at age 70 of a heart attack..  a failure at film making.. but there were a few that are worth mentioning  like "The Third Man".. but to get back to why I bring up 1984.. He would never in his lifetime imagined how on target he truly was and since his death the fact that NSA  filters through millions upon millions of text messages, phone calls , emails, file transfers.. invading our privacy beyond our worst nightmare. Bringing to light the ill effects of COINTELPRO (counter-intelligence program) the events surrounding Martin Luther King,, and even now Obama is endorsing NSA in his Snowden ordeal and had it not been for Snowden but he is exiled from our country.. make sense of this childs play..this would not have come into play and more will continue to emerge via Snowden... yet.how soon we forget what was the cause for enlightenment in the first place.. George Orwell will certainly be turning in his grave for years to come.. no doubt..

At 3:13am on September 10, 2014, linda dagosta said…

movie title was red dawn.. just recalled.. brainfart.

At 3:11am on September 10, 2014, linda dagosta said…

Exposure,, i have had my doubts since a youth dabbling into the death of JFK, marilyn monroe, .. and Lincoln.. I have never accepted the stories told and have had my suspicions all along..

the most recent event was the iranian war after 9/11 WMD my arse.. well so much propaganda and BS being aired live on the networks.. but we were told that only the third world countries blow smoke about war that our government tells it how it is haha .. but even so I found it hard to believe .. the airing of men tortured  by them ,, well seemed too far fetched.. the beheadings and well the Sandy Hook, Aurora, Boston Bombing, Israel, Benghazi, Gaza, Bin Laden and AL-Qaeda Oklahoma City Bombing and Aurora and the tempo has accelerated that is certain so there had to be some catalyst that has prompted them to move faster to bring their agenda full circle fast .. as they are down to only 3 countries left to move into place.. and well the movie forget the title where north korea invades our land ... is not too far from plausible  the wolverines. i think was the title or well that was the name of the group that rallied up against the attack and in the end won.. well that is in the movies .. and a b budget one at best.... and yes the internet wiki leaks and all i am sure has all to do with that.My mother said she never thought she would live to see the day when she discovered her life was nothing but a big fat lie.. and she hopes she dies before she discovers too much more.. it is just too much for her to embrace.. my dad is gone and she is lost with out him  our family is lost without any paternal figure to look to in these times.. i dig as much into it as i can as he would not want us to fall prey to the games and live a lie.. and knowing is far better than not knowing even if the fates look poorly on the possible outcome i would rather want to know what side i will stand for and what one i will turn away from..   the truth is out there.. i would think hollywood should be ashamed of themselves for blatantly foretelling us of what is coming  with all their talent and no talents..  in all these movies of what is just another way of saying they already know what is going to happen before it does..  so i say to them FOR SHAME.. they are part of the pawns in the game thinking that they are special and will be allowed to live .. HAHA joke will be on them as well.. only the GOLD blood lines will live .. and if people do not wise up to that fact they are all being manipulated and brainwashed into more lies..

At 5:46pm on June 15, 2014, Tara said…
At 4:45pm on June 15, 2014, Tara said…

Hey, you're latest vid, amazing footage is not showing up. I tried leaving a comment on the post but it would not allow me to comment even. It might be because of the embed code. There's certain codes that don't work when trying to to add a vid. Just a friendly fyi :)

At 9:13am on June 3, 2014, Michelle Guy said…

Thanks!! I don't know why people would hate you, I do not - Anyone who exposes the truth is wise. You have a awesome page - thanks for all your hard work, I appreciate it.


At 6:21pm on May 29, 2014, Tara said…

Long time no see... it's nice to have you around these parts again. Welcome back!

I do appreciate all the fine work you do exposing the truth. You are appreciated :)

At 8:31pm on April 29, 2013, Lawrence Harmen said…

A mountain of proof Boston Bombings were not real. See the mountain of collected proof and share this with everyone please.


At 8:30am on April 16, 2013, Less Prone gave Exposure a gift
Thank you for your friendship. I hope that this great site can survive.
At 4:29pm on March 22, 2013, Patriot Horse said…

Congratulations... you've been featured! Thanks for all you do here on 12.160

At 12:48pm on December 24, 2012, truth said…

Merry Christmas And Happy Holidays !

At 12:00am on September 29, 2012, suzie said…

Trapped if you change your name how will we know its you? ~ 


At 10:45pm on September 28, 2012, truth said…
you are no longer trapped ? :)
At 11:03pm on April 25, 2012, J.F.K. - Citronic357 said…

 Unstoppable sanction's united together are indestructible!!!!

At 6:11pm on April 18, 2012, suzie said…

en passantyou are so cool Trapped..               &you challenge my brain power...   Thanks;) 

At 4:54pm on April 16, 2012, suzie gave Exposure a gift
Thanks for the friendship Trapped ~peace~
At 10:23pm on April 8, 2012, Unemployed Storm trooper TK420 said…

Hhahaha..thanks my friend ! LOL ! : )

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