Nicki Minaj is NOT Your Friend!!! (read comments for censored blog)

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Never too late to smarten up and spot game.
To be honest, my suspicions start with the fact all of these fallen 'starz' are masonically born men yet raised backwards as women. P.S. you can take your virtue signaling and accusation and slander of "You hate gays and trannies!" to the mirror you scry on! If you were born a man and live like a woman or were born a woman and live as a man...and if you've taken it that step further and massacred yourself, you obviously A: don't trust the psy-ence yourself and B:hated yourself way before anyone else ever could! Beyonce (bey is slang for boyfriend, so...'boy once), Lady Gaga (obvious man flashing his 'still attached member' to fans while getting off his motorbike), Cardi B (the 'boy' card with a vid exposing his bulge early on in his career launch taken down to pass the con job). So I doubt Nikki Minaj (Nick {Adam Sandler-Little Nikki} Menage {french for work} is any different. This 'wood' con CERN him because if his 'members' became 'swollen', the game would be over for the illusion!
But it all gives a connect to masonic B.C. Canada rap group 'Swollen Members'....'Watch This' (distracting your spiritual eyes).
From an album released Nov. 18 2003 ( about a year after Phizer gets canine coronavirus with S(spike) gene patent 6372224 approved). Album name? HEAVY🙄😒
Has a notable track called 'Ambush' with very interesting and connective lyrics to the 'set up' you are exposing here.

[Moka Only]
Im Pyschosimatic (cerebral/mind game) you might know the static (electricity, lightning falling from heavy) that automatically comes when we hit these drums
All of the underworld sayin here he comes ( self explanatory)
to snatch back the crown (Corona) and thats passed around (vaccine and mandates)
In my fleet (sea of humanity) we beat the odds, meet the godfathers (the fallen ones)
we keep the crowd hotter (hellfire) you speak and why bother (veil or 'bow' over their eyes and mouths, no one fooled or prideful listens)
I automata Fire my style i gotta?

Im not the type to sit around on barstools (walking about like a roaring lyin')
Me and the mic we been around since carpools (carpal tunnel syndrome, side effect of jabs)
and now with the 90's behind me i finally designed the epitamy of grimey (playing very low and dirty)
you can finally wear the sunshine (Corona crown on your cells) betry (betray) me (I will) and i'll have you all crying why me (videos and testimony of jab side effects and incurred illnesses)

Ambush, Takin it back to the place we made the name known (mount Hermon, the oath 'WWG1WGA') and theres no survival ( the flood, pretty plain confession)
Ambush, We never seen this shit comin (Crowley law of opposites, yeah right, like satan and the fallen ones 'don't know prophecy🙄😒) and we want you to know we still hold the title (been provoking us and 'in your face' for months now, even Siri {Sirius} and Alexa know they are back and here)
we still hold the title, theres no survival y'all should get bide (Biden)
We Strike Without Warning ( yeah sure, except they have to tell you before they do it, liars), Show no Remorse, We Run the Darkside (there you have it, confessions of the fallen ones and the nephilim who's dna is in the jab).
Took me less than 10 minutes to find and connect all of this. You are 'spot on' my sister.
'Public Enemy'...'Don't believe the Hype'!
All praises to Father Yahweh in Heaven and Yahushuah Christ Jesus now and for all eternity, amen!
For those with 'spiritual' ears to hear and 'spiritual' eyes to see.
Don't bee a 'nah see', do bee a 'game spot'! (Romper Room)

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Comment by Harry Thomas on September 18, 2021 at 8:02pm

i agree. sounds like a setup. swollen nutz lol. I wonder about McGowen's true purpose

"Destroying the New World Order"


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