08-18-2013 Document Video Script Wake-Up Call [ A few points ]

08-18-2013 Document Video Script Wake-Up Call                                                                            Most people don’t read long ‘statements’ but this will not let you down- I strongly suggest you read this when comfortable and undisturbed because you will not be your present self when finished-                                                                                                                 I say and write these things in affection for the Earth and its Life thereof all origins and guests of the Earth- If your presence is harmless then Welcome to my home”- If I could protect you from harm while here, I would try-                                                 I don’t like people much- The People that I meet or come to know are bad-Humans have broken every common sense rule of Humanity and Morality-This letter of concern is will show you how the Humans are now going to experience what they have been dishing-out to others-                                                                                                               Many or most of you that ‘Hear This Message’ I think may not be among the living in a few short Months ahead- Things are going to change so rapidly that most will be swept away in mind and body too- For you true ‘Patriot Americans’ including all here and wanting to keep the traditional America true, Then you may already be awakened and some of my comment may be more directed to the yet sleeping- If within any who’s heart and soul is for peace, know that your worst of all nightmares may be approaching on top of all the things that are shifting into a higher gears towards the destruction of America, its Patriots and Humanitarians, Civilians and all Christians- Those of you who search the web for fun and a little something to pass the time with are now at one of those places-                                                                         It matter not who I am or what I look like or whether or not my voice is pleasing- What matters is the message and not the messenger- I seek no fame or following of captivated or impressed subscribers for those reasons- I have watched many gain the confidence of Hundreds and Thousands of people and then I watched as they used their prestige to deceive the netted fish with mere frivolous subject matter and some working for the NWO System of surveillance and control over the entire World- Journalist Hastings was murdered by the CIA when the badass Mr. B was selected for exposure of mass murder, war crimes and terrorism- They will not control my auto as his- Their approach on people like me will be mostly un-noticed except for the neighbors being entertained with the wild west show-    This ‘New World Order’ of Marxism is made up of the more rich monsters of the World- Starting with the Illuminati and continuing with the Jesuits, Masons, on DOWN THE LINE OF WORLD CONTROLLING POWERS- In 1773 the ‘Plan for Controlling World Powers was formulated at Mayer Rothschild’s Gold Smith Shop and attended by thirteen very influential German/Jewish families, Rothschild’s, Sheff, Oppenheimer, Warburg [spelling?] were a few- The main NWO Plan is the 3-M Plan- Money, Media, Military-

Pg. 2                                                                                                                                             The Heads of these World Controlling Powers of the NWO are Spiritually and Psychopathicly ‘Bonded to Lucifer’- They consider themselves of ‘The Superior Arian Race’ and are making themselves gods over the all the Earth and Man- The Arian Race is the same Gene Pool and Blood Line as was center Germany- The Arian German especially the Nazis of Stalin’s and Hitler’s time combed the World for everything on the Occults and Black arts and the Bible Books unprinted or published and gathered together writings, artifacts, stories and fables, searched caves, Islands, and waters all over the Earth for information on the subjects of the super-natural and Black Arts, and powerful Terrestrial Gifts [that have fallen into the wrong hands] searching throughout History for the purpose of controlling others to be their slaves and live in total subjection to the Illuminati Jesuit Arian Nazis and to welcome the anti-Christ that they will provide as they do the signs and sounds of amazement, sight and sound-                                                             They subject themselves willingly and with lust for more evil stimuli- They have reached high levels of ‘Awareness and Knowledge’, and have placed themselves above all things- They spend 51 percent of all tax dollars to War on People- The Department of Homeland Security was awarded 55 Million Dollars ‘plus extra expenses’ for new Uniforms, like Darth Vader’s Hollywood Star Wars Movie Costume designed Years ago, now with a few modifications as a stepping stone to World Domination by Deadly Force and intimidation-  It’s just a small part of the stepping stones to the abolishment of the Constitution and all Human and Civil individual Earthly rights, and will convert this Country from They are Black and Blue with Gold lettering ‘HSI’  Homeland Security International- They are supposed to represent the Ultimate Authority and Intimidation, will greatly be used in the Mass Killings to come in America in the days,  and short months to come-                                                                                                                             America is now openingly acting as it was intended since the beginning of the British American Colony as it was called by many openingly then- The NWO has ‘blossomed’ as the result- It is now and always has been a British Colony and not a free Nation as brainwashed into the Schools and Colleges, and all levels of forced mind control and false teachings for profit- Its true intended purpose was a more defensive position for a separate and secure launching point for World Domination-                                                                                                                                      The ‘POWERS AT BE’ have always been in charge of America- This Continent and Country was secured through the deaths of nearly 100 Million Indians and the ‘counts’ on the Lives and money spent to do that are not know to me- The American Indian was the stage set for all future Wars on Humans in any Country of Earth-The Indian were slaughtered and the Media controlled everything taken Pg. 3                                                                                                                                 to the people-The Citizens that were ‘concerned or informed’ were few- The stupid and the brain-washed are many and it’s still the same as today except now the Government has Hollywood and Actors to stage stunts to control the sheeple and murder a lot of any People along the way that refuses to comply with the Governments many separate deceptions and crimes against Humanity- One instance very recently- The DHS gathered together a company of Mercenaries, Foreign Troops[ probably stationed in America to kill Americans], and the UN Troops, US and you know that the CIA was there and their best killers and remember they are now testing the Humanoid and Drones to be Universal Soldiers of the NWO War Machine, and I hear bad rumors of captured Humans being subjected to ‘death by Humanoid’ in testing, and some things they continue to create from their Book Of Demons are pitted against captured Human prisoners-                                                                                                                         The Indian did suffer some of this as the pits and arenas and the Troop Circles of death or escape were the young braves were cast into a pit or rink of Soldiers and taunted with whips, shooting, and sabers until the taunted brave had to escape or die in the middle of all these soldiers or so-called Americans- Those that made it through the Man Walls of death were back shot or captured and returned to the pits for the Soldiers vengeance-                                                                            These Peoples were slaughtered and humiliated, used and murdered afterwards- These separate Settlements of peoples were, behind the Eastern Countries where there were many more survivors of Wormwood to begin life and technologies sooner than other places where the Populations were completely destroyed or wiped out down to a few people mostly young that had not the teaching and progressive skills of those in areas where there were more survivors and more items and knowledge left from the ‘Time Before’ this passing to assist in beginning over with another 3600 Year Chapter in the History of the Human Species on Planet Earth-                                                                                                                       These that are being systematically taken, captured for FEMA Prisons will be Live Human Ginny Pigs and test subjects unto their end- Our Government when testing some of their Insecticides did strap black children to steel and porcelain tables and strap them down and spray them with Insecticides in testing on Humans- One teenage black boy took nearly 30 days to die and they enjoyed testing on the Black- Look at the Aids- Created by Nazi/American Military and administered to Black Peoples all over Africa and then blamed everything and everyone else for the issue- Doctor Jim Humble found a ‘Cure for Aids Victims’ and the US Government seeks to do him like many before him and today, Murder him, to silence him, but South America and his own friends have shown that their Pg. 4                                                                                                                                       Home is Private and off Limits to the CIA, and some friends of which have not been found yet I heard that went on field trips around the Doctor’s place in S.A.-                                                   The Marxist Government that we are now enjoying as they ‘grip’ the US for termination are the # 1 Manufacture, Distributor, Tester, and is the only Country of Earth that uses WMD’s- The US has sold a Country WMD’s and later without their use the US has slaughtered the whole Country and robbed their Treasuries and Earthly Wealth, raped, robbed and murdered until the Country was no more a Country and still murderers the victims to keep the truths covered of the US Government’s deceptions with every deal they made, and the excuse to begin with was WMD’s that was pushed on the Whole Country by corrupt American Politicians who were in on the plan to a NWO-                                                                                                            This is now happening in America and it’s the same bunch doing all the evil- When one openly does evil and smiles and gathers praise, [Huston, you have a problem]-These WMD’s that the US Controlling Government has at present will be used as Plagues Bible Prophecy- Drones will do what they were designed with your money to do- The Drones will Mist your subdivisions, your Towns, Cities, Counties, Herds of Stock, Farms, Flocks of Foul, all Water Animals and all that touch or use any part of the Surface Waters and poisoning the all clean Life supporting Waters for Human consumption- Then on top of Fracking that they are depositing some apparatus down in the Earth’s Surface everywhere they do this Fracking- These Fracking areas may later prove to be more that meets the eye or Press-They intend to completely deplete the ground fresh water because the Ocean Water will pollute most of the Surface and well water for a long time-                                                           The Us Government now uses Chem-trails, Radio Towers, Satellites, Drones, Micro Wave Ovens, Smart Meters, High output phones with the small print warning the users of Droid Phones and such to keep the Instrument {Phone] about one inch from your skin or you’re going to die and who reads or holds the phone away from your body anyway- It’s tiresome uncomfortable and you can’t hear your party- The Phones were ‘Designed to Kill’ and People carry the phone in their pockets YIKES!-                                                                                           The Government’s Chemical Arsenal is the largest of the world and spreads its poison the farthest to the Countries in League with the US Government- Forced Inoculations, Pharmaceuticals, and all their deliberate Poisons, Toxins, and Mind Altering Chemicals, Engineered by ‘those’ that we support and pay to ‘activate change’ in our Genes- These Chemicals that have tested positive to be fatal in test after test on Animals and Enslaved Human victims or prisoners- Our Government has exhumed corpses from their graves dating many years into the past and taken these bodies from the Earth, such as the Blue and the Black                Pg. 5                                                                                                                               Plagues for the soul purpose of creating, growing, testing and storing death, and much of these diseases are put into our Pharmaceuticals for our consumption just like or Animal Foods that have poisoned corpses of other Animals in your Animals food as by-products that most other Countries ‘Out Law’ due to the by-products promoting disease and shortening the Animals Lifespan by up to 35 percent in case studies banned results in America by The Government FDA etc. Our Social Services System abducted children for everything in the book- You can ask some of the Senators and Congressmen that have small young children brought to their Hotel Rooms for ‘WHATEVER’ etc. or the children that met with worse endings- Their parents never to see many of them again because they are stolen away and sold away and the ones for the Snuff Movies or the Slave Masters are gone forever-                                                                                                                 America is Number # 1 with the Arian Nation and most are already intertwined into America from all sides as Supreme Gods over everything- The Gulf of Aden has been all robbed and claimed by US Nazis- The entire Gulf and all surrounding land all for the Stargate Vortex and the oil Pipeline and the false propaganda about DANDER/DANGER Iran’s going to Mine the Gulf is BS- Iran hasn’t attacked anyone in over 200 years- They are civilized and Christian, their reason for the US NWO wanting to destroy them and take all they have to add to the Stores of the Thieves-                                                                                                                                                           The Stargate Vortex will give the NWO Dimensional, Time, and Space Travel to name a few things- They have their Human Slaves, They have their Treasures of Gold and things precious to other Planets found out through the communications with the Outside Worlds- They have the Weapons of Mass Destruction so they can be a Planet Killer- They have Terrestrial Gifts as the HAARP, Star Wars Laser and Plasma Cannons just like Star Trek and many others that will be suitable Arms for interplanetary Travel- I suppose the DHS and HSI will want more New Uniforms for those trips- The Stargate can also be used to welcome Lucifer home again- The Catholic Church is the Center of evil on Earth with the Evil Human Arian Gods, German and Jew Black Occults, Partners and cohorts, the Bushes and Queen’s family, etc. together with Heir Rothschild’s NWO ‘coming out’ in America, the Christians are in for it-                                                                       These Space-Age weapons are not being used as was intended, have fallen into the wrong hands and are not helping the Earth and the Earth’s Life as was intended but instead these Devices of Death like the HAARP and the STAR WARS DEFENSE SYSTEM for two examples are held over all of our heads and are being used on us all every day in America- One instance recently is the TX. Fertilizer Plant- A Plasma Cannon Blast took it out because the plant produced Organic  Pg. 6                                                                                                                                    Fertilizer and had a lawsuit against Monsanto- I personally have two videos that clearly show the Plasma Strike from two sides and angles coming out of the sky and entering the already Burning structure after the First Strike- The HAARP has a Laser Beam with multiple Energy Sources- The Laser Beam of anti-mater being directed into the depths of the Ocean Water has the diameter size of a miles long train of huge boxcars dangling down to the Earth’s Surface from the Atmosphere- This Machine Burns Fish Alive, blows up and cut to pieces Ocean Coral, melts Ice Caps and then the freshly exposed Surface is scavenged for anything of value and the Thousands of dead fish and the bodies of the Icy Surface Dwellers are all found dead, Microwaved to death from the Radio Waves of the HAARP- It blows Foul from the skies- When a flock of Foul are spotted in a strike zone the Birds are targeted for fun and testing and destroying anything that might survive a Cataclysmic Event and later be a food source for Human and other Animal survivors- The HAARP is also used for Frequency Transmissions engineered for Mind Control and Emotion and senses de-stabilization resulting in confusion like standing still for a few HSI bullets- or keeps one believing the Government’s lies like Global Warming, Air Pollution, are just some of the BS lies of Government to get your money for War and more Technologies to make you sick with disease or kill you in the balance while they use Satellites and Drones to kill your brain functions with Radioactive Microwaves and Electromagnetic Frequencies-                    All these Programs are money laundered and the funds rechanneled by their Accounts to be used carelessly and recklessly for Research and Exploration and inside every Government Program is profit to be channeled away to different places for individuals involved, invested or supporting- Fifty One percent of every Dollar now goes to funding World Exploitation and War with Countries causing no trouble for anyone- They are simply prey- The bottom of the NWO Food Chain-    The Pentagon has ‘lost 4 ½ Trillion’- The Federal Reserve has lost 9 ½ Trillion- The Federal Reserve claims that tax-Payers are in debt to the Reserve in ‘Back Interest and Principal to nearly 80 Trillion Dollars and it totally impossible to ever balance  which was never intended to be paid off- Four good men and Presidents, have been Murdered for honesty and morals while the Mass Murderers like the Bushes, Clinton and most everyone of the other Presidents was a Mason, Jesuit, or Corporate Banker or Mobster like Bush of the Murderous CIA and now Bush Jr. with the DHS and HSI, after the Anti-Constitutional Patriot Act, that Lawfully entitles anything wearing a Uniform to bust into your home and take anything they want to take and kill you too if they feel like it- There will be no fuss over you- The new HSI is teaching the World what happens to those who complain too much, as with Egypt in the Third Week of August 2013-

Pg. 7                                                                                                                                     The NWO murders you for thinking something while Treasonous Presidents go free and are given respect and praise- The Bush Family and their cohorts did the entire 9/11 JOB, and that family has assassinated Presidents of more Countries than America- Bushes’ CIA assassinated Kennedy and I have a copy of the Driver shooting Kennedy square in the face and blew his head backwards from his wife’s finger tips and then she knew what was going on and tried to crawl backwards out of the car while one accomplice, holding a body shield over him were down in the floor- These murdering bastards need to swing before they grab all their wealth and whores and run below to their rat’s nests- They need to swing from the trees of their own yards and the whole World needs to see it or the US will receive no help from those whence the US has trod- They see all Americans as evil and Mass Murderers of Civil and Peaceful Peoples- Politicians working with and for supposedly hidden agendas make up lies on other Countries then the CIA Trains more Al-Qaeda and they get Mercenaries war monger and killers and go into that Country where the lies have been seeded and they fire and attack the Military who defends themselves and returns fire and the so-called rebels put civilians in front of themselves to be struck- Then the US controlled Media makes all the stories and photo shopped photos and films appear that the Leader and Military of that Country has turned on its People and now they need help, all the while blocking the truth from getting out of the Invaded Country and the rights to seek the truth from within that Country as the Communications are already strictly monitored and controlled- This is why the People of America are not awake and those that are silent or dead and others try this or that believing that one more here or if I can help awaken just one more person before? Do You? The stupid Americans fall for it and believe the words of the Press and TV and continue to support the ‘Invasions on Man and Earth- These things have been ‘put over’ on you all these years and those that are the true bad guys need to hang and need to be seen and hanged there until the bones are picked clean and those evil bastard’s bodies need to be burned in one of those special Incinerators near some of the FEMA Prisons  with some newly added Gas Lines, some up to 2 feet in diameter piped to dorms and holding areas like stock yards and these Gas Lines must be for something rather cool and sinister for the Luciferian Illuminati Nazis-  It’s time to collect these murdering bastards and burn them in those Incinerators that burn up even the smoke, there’s no ashes- They are built to burn away Human Bodies especially near the Last Stop FEMA Prisons, and you can bet your favorite peace-pipe that they have been used plenty and NOT as Congress told you- Some of these FEMA Prisons are renovated from other Structures and Gas Lines are added to Buildings already with fully operational Pg. 8                                                                                                                           Heating and Cooling Systems, and some of the drawings will indicate multiple Energy Sources and the use of multi-chemical materials that will fluids and gases that can be piped to open vents as some of the Dorms show vents only connecting to the Gas Lines and nothing else, sometimes said to be as rapid emergency vents for pumping the air out to containment- The Gas Lines are for gassing People- Some FEMA Instlations resemble the Death Camps of Gulag and Germany’s other fun Towns- The FEMA Coffins are for collections- They have Mausoleums waiting for special bodies to be stored for future testing and maybe food for some of the Terrestrial who Barter with the Earth for Humans- Many of these special structures to hold numbers of FEMA Coffins and will be filled over with Earth again after the Mausoleum if full and one will walk or stand over Hundreds or perhaps Thousands of Murdered Human bodies, stacked up with other dead bodies until that Coffin is full, then they will put on the nice tight lid for that Coffin, toss another empty Coffin on top of that one and start over- Slaves and Raven’s will be finishing people off and robbing and murdering those left alive, so it will be interesting after they return from their holes in the Earth-                                                                                                                           The Sheriff and police Departments ARE ALL BECOMING Militarized and Privatized- Most Sheriff’s Departments that favor the Constitution are forcibly being replaced with Police Departments- Police Departments Appoint a Monster to run Everything and the People have no-say in it- The Sheriffs and the Government put their heads together and came up with this plan- This way the Sheriffs who convinced their People of things they never had any intentions of doing first off can then ‘bow out’ that they had no say BUT watch! They will still be part of the TEAM- No Sheriff ever was going to use his Departments guns to face any other Uniformed force or any Government Authority- All the Cops are un-trustworthy and will never side their Insurance Policies away for you or I- Their Quotas in spite of 3-6 Month Backlogs, and chase you down for 10 mph over with guns drawn and then watch as the Government murderers People in their Town and does nothing because you my friends are the ‘easy prey’ and they are cowards to face the real bad guys because they work for the true bad guys-   If there were any good Cops or Deputies and Sheriffs around, they would be talking with Citizens in Churches and Schools and every building that could gather together a large number and they should come clean with the People and Deputize as many as possible for confidence of unity, and tell all of their areas to grab their guns and come a running if any Military or Government shows up without an ‘INVITATION’- The stupid tin soldiers can’t think for themselves either unless it’s ‘time for a killing’- They are next to be terminated after the Citizens for sure- Of course many are dying right now along with their parents and children Pg. 9                                                                                                                              because of the Government Toxins and the majority of the Cops don’t know that Bush blew the floor out from under those that were to be offered up as a burnt sacrifice to one of his pagan fire and death gods and Bush did burn, blow up and crush many Firemen and Cops murdered by Bush-                                                The NWO will use them while they need them to control the People to prevent the People from trying to seek Justice as they scurry for their holes with their loot- Here’s where the Cops need to come in- The Cops should bring these bastards to justice and tell the Judges to do their job or join the Captured bad guys and the People would back the Cops thus creating the first real America, because the Government and Military would fight for a while until their numbers were down and then try to deal, but one for one is better than giving up to quit when it is without honor to Humanity and Morality-                                                                                               But to reach out to the People to unite against this Marxism anti-Christian Regime will bring the Military and Government fast because they will want to really squash the first real stand against them and then their Media will broadcast that “It is Futile to Resist- Lay down your arms surrender and live- You can believe us”-                                                                                                                                                            The coming open war with the NWO Security and Military can only be won with the Cops for the People-The Law Enforcement are surrendering and selling their souls to controlling, robbing, raping, incarcerating others to be channeled to locations of termination and disposal- And murdering people for trying to stay alive- How does one Human tell another to go and starve to death? Our Military does these things all over the World- Confessions, witnessed reports, documentation, bodies of the shipped home labeled as suicides prove that War itself is INHUMANE and INHUMAN- They force feed the Captives who have been imprisoned for years without charge and they have been murdered, tortured and raped men and women and taunted as the Indian and ALL Nations falling to these butchers- They are strapped down and head restraints and force tubed and food pumped into their bodies to keep them alive for more of the same- The dungeons of the Catholic Church and all the High Places of Earth has these ‘Private Dungeons’ of torture and pain, and victims and prisoners are kept for life usually, repeatedly abused without  a concerning ear-                                                             Brown and Root? Twenty Year old Black girl sent to Iraq and stationed with 2000 men and two women- She goes in to the Commanders Office/Brown and Root and is covered with cuts and bruises and has been repeatedly beaten and mass raped- They lock her in a Steal Box Container and later Her Body is sent home as a suicide to dishonor her and her family when it was not the way the Government said that time and Hundreds of other times, maybe Thousands?-                         Pg. 10                                                                                                                                              The NWO murderers; Generals, Doctors, Scientist, Governors, Senators, Congressmen, Military and Government Employees, Law Enforcement Officers, and School Teachers and Journalists and all friendly and peaceful Peoples of the World, and all over the World that this Regime can get close enough to destroy and take control thereof- Russia and China will allow American Troops in their Countries like the large numbers that are here with their arsenals collecting guns and invading America from within- With all the Cops, Military, and Government Enforcers in Country, why would Obama want an additional 15 Thousand Russian Troops to work Security and Crowd Control for large mass people events such as a Ball Game or Nascar Race or perhaps Golfing or Skiing- Let’s see if the [Grammy Awards ] are overseen and shadowed by Russian Troops or are they here for the lower American Citizens only? Obama has these strangers inside our Country because they will do anything for Money- These peoples will shoot and kill Americans with ‘no problem’ but for a few unwilling victims once they awaken and realize that ‘the party is over’ and now America will become as one of the 30 or More Countries that the US Government has Conquered, destroyed, and does now control- These Countries fell in less than 50 Years- All those people are DEAD- This was accomplished with the knowledge and money of supporting Tax-Payers and Voters- That’s how their system works- You must pay them to kill you and everybody else too-                                                                                                                    The Cops refuse to do their jobs as protecting and serving Law Enforcement- There is no place that the Cops will not pursue their suspects and victims- Why do they not go into the homes and Offices, neighborhood Grocery Stores, and Country Clubs of the War mongering, murdering, thieving, child, drug, and terrorist trafficking, terrorist of the Military and Government and drag-em-out-in-chains or execute them right there? Police, Swat, and the array of present Universal Soldiers surely must know that what works for these Monsters in a farm house or an apartment complex or a home in a rural neighborhood will work for you too, in a plush office or a Condo on the 30TH floor, or an office in the Pentagon or White house- All that the People of America see is [Cop chickenshit bad-asses] going after the ‘easy prey’ and turning their heads away from the real criminals- It’s little question that Americans hate their Cops and soon, You Slackers are going to have your awakening- Law Enforcement has no self-respect neither does any person of average intelligence want to even associate with the Law Enforcers- It’s quite simple to see that the Police are chickenshit cowards who can only do the gang land style and nigger-up 10 or 20 Universal Soldiers to murder one person instead of one Cop ‘speaking to and with the person-              

Pg. 11                                                                                                                           With the NWO DHS HSI it’s going to be as Egypt and the people will be mowed down like grass- Surrender or die, and be incarcerated for profit or run and hide for your life- America has between 5 and 6 percent of the World’s Population remaining from the NWO Crusades against Christians, Patriot Civilian and Veteran Populations and Peaceful People of the World that could not defend themselves and their Country against Organized World Invasion for profit-  America also has about 30 percent of the entire World’s incarcerated Population-  The average Yearly cost to the Taxpayer each Year for each inmate or incarceree is about 50,000 Dollars- With 2 to 4 people in a single 50,000 Dollar per/Year cell, that could be up to 200,000 Dollars per Year for one jail or prison cell- It’s little question ‘ why the Sheriffs, Attorneys, Judges, Politicians and the Bankers are building their own Private Jails for Private Security Forces to completely control at their discretion including torture rape robbery and murder- If you that read think I speak foolishly, then with what I know that I have not the months to write, I suggest you re=read the parts up to this point and then discard any question to this pack of satanic rats finding anything sacred- There’s nothing they can’t and won’t do for your money, possessions possibly some of your internal organs, and you dead and discarded- And for the scoffer and skeptical reader, I offer that you look back to your childhood and then compare that to now in all matters of Life and then FOOL, Read this again!                                                                                            A personal note, to You Cops that refuse to seek the real criminals instead of the more harmless and easy prey for your forced entries, confiscations, evidence planting, raping, robbing and murdering everything you can shoot, gas, electrocute or gang up on and beat to death for fun, quotas, and psychotic issues in your heads because you have no necks, hair or brains- , I say that you Cops for the most part are chickenshit bullies that work for big crime to extort and control the sheeple by intimidation and even murder, because 80 percent of that 30 percent of the Whole World’s Population that are ‘incarcerated’ ARE incarcerated for non-violent crimes against mostly competition to the Government or trying to contribute to Humanity- Wake the fuc up- You’re next after the Civilians you stupid fucs- Those that you do the bidding thereof will show you how important you are later- The American Civilians and Patriots that would have died with you or for some of you will later want to kill every one of you- Some 8 or 10 Year old with a 22 Rifle will try to avenge his murdered parents and raped sisters and brothers by Uniforms- There will be a time in America when absolutely everything that wears a Uniform will have a bulls-eye on it somewhere- You Cops are helping the NOW and letting them have their way against Humanity/ You will get what you

Pg. 12                                                                                                                               deserve sooner or later but it will come as a surprise and you will deserve it- This is how you people do it RIGHT? Enjoy yourselves!                                                                               American Citizens that want to stop the World slaughter of Peoples have no voice- These Americans have no powers, They have neither the money or the ‘Gang’ to change things and stop the inhuman behavior and actions of our so-called leaders- The Cops are the Bodyguards for these thugs and will stop any Citizen any way they can for the big money criminals- It takes real ignorance not to realize with this Nation’s Track Record that those who give it up for our Leaders are being ‘Burned Up’ right along with everyone else that this Government is murdering every second of every day, you Cops breathe and eat and drink and live all from the same cup that is actually murdering all that are not on preventive measures- All on the Earth’s Surface will burn up together and by the time you Cops realize that when your job is finished, so are you- Who will need 500 Cops to Police a City with less people than Cops? You guys will be in Competition for future Life and its employment positions-                                                             The ‘Expendables Food Chain Chart’ is the NWO Motto- If there’s no profit and use for someone, then toss them on the fire- Bottom feeders are the first on the NWO’s ‘Food Chain’ and sooner or later that will be Cops- You Cops should be making friends with the same people that you have mistreated over the Years because the only People that could be or would be real friends with cops are those that you enjoy ruling over as if they were lesser- Cyborgs will replace the Cops they Terminate- Foreign Military, mercenaries, along with the NWO DHS HSI, CIA, and the UN made up of anti-Christian Muslims, one of the unnumbered strong fighting forces on the Planet which were ‘Recruits of the NWO’ for big business and to get rid of the Christians, drug dealer competition and rape, rob and murder their way through Country after Country and now they are down to only a few left- America is one of those few and they have to overthrow America, disarm the People before they will go after Russia or possibly China- The US Government plans to release tons of Chemicals all over Americans after they are secure and safe below ground- These Chemicals will be released in other Countries and from already equipped Satellites and will spread across any body of Water to terminate another People they are not able to deceive or Invade-                                 The NWO will use the DHS/HSI and they will shoot gas and bomb you badass Cops- You and later the Muslims will be the Low Man on the Totem Pole- You will be set-up captured or shot down, disarmed and some might be used but most will be terminated or used for slave labor or organs, and a few perhaps will become players of the Arenas or for something more special pitted against captured Patriots and true American Rebels-                                                                                                                      Pg. 13                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Cops teaming with Americans is the only chance before they scurry underground to their nests and release their ‘ravens’- Then they will record everything possible of their slaying us all as they release and trip their traps and planned agenda into full effect- They have every HUMAN Slaughtering Defense Mechanism set up to cover their escape-                                                                                                                                                          This pack of rat bastards have slaughtered over ¼ Billion Peoples of Earth in 500 Years- They openly rob, rape, and murder- Almost everything in a Uniform is a killer of men and all Life of the Earth for Profit, pleasure and control- The NWO plans to take their atrocities with them to other Worlds’ where deception may cause much the same as Earth- These people are in Human bodies but they are not civilized and their new recruits are expected to act the same- They plan to take their Poisons to other Worlds and will seek another ‘Out Post’ as they did in the Continent America and will also seek to capture, and enslave ‘others’ and start an Federation Outpost in Deep Space- The same MO is used every time another Nation is taken as it will be with another World once their deceptions are found-  This Government has ‘broken every rule of agreement and common sense,  and every word of Morality and Ethics-                                                                              This Government’s WORD is NO-GOOD! They cannot be changed of heart- They cannot be purchased as they do others they cannot be bought out- They cannot be voted out- Nothing will ever be changed or settled in a Courtroom because they own and control them all in America- Some Judges take Initiative and seem bold, but they are quickly brought to their place- They retire and shut up, do what they are told, or they have an accident or perhaps one of their family members’ is sacrificed for another or threatened- The NWO expects to get their way and have a ‘cake-walk’ in the America once again- The NWO DHS HSI with the NSA and etc. have used your money and purchased for themselves many bodyguards, hired assassins, and killers to scare them away, plus the Idiot Cops- It’s a ‘stacked deck’ and only power and shot will decide unless a general complete annihilation of Human Life down to very small and easily enslaved numbers- Any that survive the coming events and are picked up will say yes to anything to try to stay alive- Afterwards the yet alive will either wake up or give up and some if they can will fight anything that resembles a Uniform, Terminator or Droid-                                                        Fighting back at the Uniforms policing your Groceries and Gas Stations and streets and neighborhoods and to have them burst into your homes at any time day or night shoot your dogs and rape your children or anyone and to rob you of whatever or just to smash your things and spoil your food or water will confront many people of America if you fight back or not but not to fight back is killing everyone else along with your cowardice-                                                              

Pg. 14                                                                                                                                    Power and shot will save your ass or put up a fight when confronted with an Invader, intruder or any one or thing attempting to harm yourself or other- All that surrender will meet the same fate after you are fully aware that your surrender was your last mistake in life- With a fight, there is some form of dignity and peace as your mind leaves you- Many will want to kill themselves for surrendering and others may wish them to- The only way is one by one until the numbers are reduced to a more even playing field- If any Patriot or person living in America can take just one of those bastards with you when your taken, then you’re one of my heroes, and you set an example that only real men can ever follow- Just one trained assassin down, in some cases will save 100 lives for another day and possibly free up another freebie- Don’t leave anything you can carry that can save your Life, unless you run out of hands and strength-                                                                                                                                           Evil cannot be satisfied- It will feed until there is only evil and it will become stronger and the more evil ruthless and bold- When the food sources are depleted it will then begin to attack itself if there is no other then it will feed on itself- There, within the evil shall be found ‘less evil’ and thus ‘the next victim’ is found, and this process is repeated until there is only one- ‘The Chronicles of Riddick’ and Jet Li’s ‘The One’ are examples of the playful mentality of your leaders-It makes no difference who or what you are- With the NWO, your number will come up for termination while they live 150 Years picking and choosing who and what lives and dies, smiles and cries-                                                                                        The Young Prince of England and the Jesuit General that is the NWO POPE, the HAARP’s POWER, Star Wars, etc. and all Foreign Armed Military within our Borders as you read are weapons of the NWO- They have been and will continue to use these things more and more until America is no more- They grow more in numbers and strength every day and spread their advances all over the American Continent and the numbers and War-Machine Equipment is mind staggering- Learn what to make or use to break the ‘Tracks’ on their equipment and stop their roll- Put them on foot same as you and trap them inside their machines- Plastic will melt and seal doors and heat the metal up, and make bullet proof glass impossible to see through and clean- Save those WalMart bags for throwing off buildings and bridges- Melting plastic will stick to nearly everything and from roof tops on sons-of-bitches heads may slow their murderous war machine-                                                                                                                                   The Military, the Administration and all the Law Enforcement must be replaced- You cannot leave any of the monsters in any position to regroup and return- They have murdered too many to even consider leniency and mercy on them- They are black-hearted and should be completely destroyed and all their remnants done Old Testament style- Burn up the evil as they would burn up the good-  

Pg. 15                                                                                                                                   If American’s don’t help themselves, no one else wants to help those who refuse to help themselves- Grow up and take on your responsibilities instead of relying on everyone else to take care of you- If you stupid and lazy couch potatoes don’t get together and confront your Law Enforcement on the issues of Loyalties, and the Constitution and force the Cops to start after the Marxist Administration and the real criminals then you’re as stupid as they come- THIS IS NOT GOING AWAY and IT’S NOT GOING TO EVER GET BETTER, ONLY MUCH WORSE- If you stay seated and frightened, you will hate yourself later and so will your family and any friends nearby- As for ‘man’s best friend’, your pets will be slaughtered before your eyes by the NOW and the pets that you hide away may become your food as things get even more worse- Protect your animals as your children- Who the hell does one thing they are to step onto your property and slay you animals? A shotgun blast right through a closed window may avenge your animal or save its life- Personally, I would choose my dog’s life over any Cops Life every day- Which one do you thing is your friend and doesn’t seek to control or harm you? HUH?                                                                                                                            The Government has used the HAARP and Weather Modifications to reduce the Food Planting and Harvesting in America as they did with other Peoples in History- They sold all the Great Lakes Water to China and stored in DUMBS, and are Fracking to further deplete the Earth’s Fresh Water supply- Can you not see that they prepare the Earth’s Surface to be hostile and barren for survivors and they store away your Health and Food Sources of Life for only themselves below- They have poisoned the Oceans, and drained the fresh water for profit abroad and to further cut future Life support for Americans- The DHS has collected Billions of Bullets, Millions of guns, Plastic Explosives, Armored Assault Vehicles, Drones, Robots and Androids, Foreign Troops and Mercenaries, Satellites and the Star Wars Defense System and the HAARP Machine all to use on American Civilians- They know that the Earth will heat up and dry up many Waters and they intend to watch the results of their diabolical agendas from below- They are contaminating all the clean water of the US and destroying everything that Humans could use for food- If you cannot see this happing, then you will catch on later when you have no food, water, organic seeds or fertile soil to grow food-The DHS is using your money to buy up all the food, water, Health Products that work are out-lawed buy the FDA- They are incarcerating people everywhere in America for Organic Foods, Natural Cures, and Created Antidotes and Cures are confiscated and stored for the NWO, the Doctors and Scientist often incarcerated or murdered by the US Government and the Press keeps it secret because they work for the NWO-                                                                        Pg. 16                                                                                                                                      All those who deceive the American People need to be completely replaced, with no if’s and’s but’s or maybe’s- Just get rid of them- Those that had a chance to do the right thing by those who supported them and did not, do not deserve any second chance in their position and all those that did assist in deception should never be employed again and all their rights revoked for their dis-loyalty to the Constitution of the US-                                                                                                  The Powers at be are already disappearing underground- False Whistleblowers that gain the Peoples trust and confidence are lying to and deceiving their fans as Hollywood actors- When they go to their underground nests they want the Peoples of America to be as ‘down’ as they can force us to starvation, chaos, and disarray, so their ‘agents of death’ can work more efficiently causing more to deaths more quickly- This way, when they send forth their Ravens, to destroy and clean up all the garbage, rob and murder any that they find left alive by their own means and resources- Any that make it through with any common sense left for processing thought will not be able to trust any but possibly small children or animals-                                                                                                                               Then you must remember that Humans, create things that destroy and kill, and these things like one thing buy actually are a device of deception and can now easily be in the ‘form’ of a child or a dog, and that child or dog could possibly destroy you and all close around you- If you are able to rationally think, I suggest that you take in nothing as a stranger without an area or place of transition and civil interacting first- Of course if they are taking fire up their ass, you might consider waving the applications-                                                                              Their task of rounding up those that are left will be faster and easier for them with their Satellites, Towered Cams and Drones everywhere across all lands [or entrances to certain areas] to later see who’s alive? Who’s moving? They have Wide Screen Viewing Underground- Those Actors and Athletes and Racecar Drivers will be sitting back with a drink watching you act out your destructions and in the cozy comfort of their abodes, they will invite others of your ‘idols’ over to enjoy all the relayed ‘Live Action’ of departing fans- Entire huge walls will Broadcast your departing for thousands to see together- You’re going to be a ‘Movie Star’ for some of those victims of terrorism who magically ended up living and working in an Underground City after selling you out for a Condo and Electric Car in an Underground City, and these traitors will watch you getting it worse that you believed they did and they’ll watch you die for real- Imagine That!                                                 So the; who’s, what’s, when’s and where’s will be solved for them by ‘zooming-in’- Their Satellites, Towers, Mountain and Street Cams will relay everything to their Underground Security Centers and [the Holes will sometimes open] and   Pg. 17                                                                                                                                          Ravens will run out as the rats they are, and do a group of people in and run back                                                                                                                                to their holes robbing, raping and murdering along the way as they do in all ‘those other countries’ The cams and towers have got to go-                                                                                                                                                             Remember the Radio Waves? Well now! They are killing you fast- Do you require the more expensive and the more vulnerable to damage , mal-functions and privacy control, and the more expensive and dangerous to your health or those around you for a tiny bit of more convenience- People are brain washed and Economically forced to ‘follow suit’, keep up with the flow, replace perfectly good working products with the new more everything negative to your wallet and health and these agendas are deliberate as was just mentioned-                                                                                                  The NWO murders ‘everyone’ from US Presidents to unborn children in a Country that has no Electricity- The CIA Assassinated Kennedy and I have a Video posted on YouTube that clearly shows the Driver turning and shooting Kennedy in the face from between Mrs. Kennedy’s  finger tips- These monsters must be stopped- They must be burned away within their own Incinerators built to burn you and me- If any of their ash remains, it will again contaminate the Earth- They will again rise to Power if they are not cleansed as they intend for all peaceful and Christian Minded People- Their ‘track record ‘ proves this-                                                                                      They intend and will slay us for sure, but if you believe in a better God than theirs then you had better show some spirit and do something to help yourselves and others in need of help or Don’t Expect Any Great Thing To Help Or Save You-                                  If one allows another to do harm to any living thing that has done nothing but Naturally Live and if one’s right to freedom and the pursuit of happiness is denied them before witnesses and none intercedes on behalf of a lesser or innocent, Then a person who looks the other way, covering their eyes and ears to the sufferings of anything with a Life Force, are the reason for today’s society and are directly part of the evil problems, as guilty as the evil doer in the eyes of some- You will die a coward if you do not stand up for right and for any who can claim it-                                                                                                                              The Sheriffs and Deputies have the Authority to Deputize- Hundreds of Thousands of Civilians should be Deputized RIGHT NOW! The Cops know who will and will not make a Deputy to the Constitution- Take people from Jails if they are Organizers and Constitutionalists- Send these Deputies to Organize and recruit- All hands on Deck if there is trouble at or with any Deputy, anywhere, anytime, back up all the cops and then send Sheriffs to arrest any who did not immediately Stand Down in all branches of Government, and surrender their Offices in 24 Hours and be out of the Country, America- Do not allow them to take their stolen treasures and Banks with them-

Pg. 18                                                                                                                                                 Cast them out in 24 Hours- For any who remain without regard or respect to the People of America, they are to be fuel for the fires as all throughout  the Bible regardless of who wrote it-                                                                                             Most men are not the enemy of the Policeman but the Policemen makes their selves the enemy of man- gwt                                                                                                                    The Sheriff’s Departments Deputies with their selections for Deputized Civilians and with the Civilian Deputies creating assemblies for backing up all the Law Enforcement Officers willing to pursue the Corporate and Government criminals and champion the US Citizens who would feel the unity instead of separation- The NWO nor the DHS with all their goons couldn’t take America if the Law Enforcement teamed with the People, and that’s why the Government has offered ‘everything’ to those who Privatize the Law Enforcement and who work for it- We just watched what this New World Order DHS and the HSI does to 3500 protesters in Egypt- It will be so here in America as well if they are not stopped now- One at a time, works the same for all-                                                                                                                                                                                             For any who remain without regard or respect to the People of America, they are to be fuel for the fires as all throughout  the Bible regardless of who wrote it-               


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