The Sanctuary State: Jerry Brown Signs a Trio of Bills on Behalf of Illegal Aliens

By John Hill on October 10, 2011  

It is hard to overstate the stunning embrace of lawlessness represented by three bills signed by California Governor Jerry Brown this past weekend. Brown on Saturday signed three bills that directly champion illegal aliens.  Together, they put the state so far on the side of illegals (and against legal taxpayers), that California now has no legitimate rival for the title of “The Sanctuary State, and should consider changing their official motto accordingly.

Facing a midnight deadline for sign several controversial bills, Brown avoided a public signing ceremony for these unpopular bills. He waited until the last day – on a holiday weekend – and then until the late afternoon when millions of households were watching college football, to sign the three bills.

The first bill, AB131 – The “California Dream Act, Part II”, provides a minimum of $40 million in grants and state-funded financial aid, grants and scholarships to illegal aliens, in addition to in-state tuition rates already provided. Illegal Community College students are eligible to attend fee-free. Former Gov. Schwarzenegger vetoed similar bills in the past.  As a result of these bills, out of state students are recruited to pay for the extra debt incurred which means there are even fewer spots for California legal residents, and this at a time when state aid to legal students is being reduced.




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Add to that:

But this brings up an interesting argument: Would Arnie (or another Republican, or Democrat, or Liberal, or Conservative governor) done the same?




Still think "democracy works"? Still think it is "government by the people..."?? Still believe in "CHANGE"??? Still have faith "things will get better after the next election"????


And add to that:

He thinks shackling pregnant inmates is OK


No to all your questions, Nota.

Brown is 73 and will not run for reelection so it's not like he's trying to get the Latino vote.  But he will pass as many unpopular bills as he can and veto anything positive for the remainder of his term knowing there are no consequences for himself.  And whoever replaces him will be no different.  But it would sure be fun doing another recall. 

CA Governor Lets Police Search Your Smartphones At Traffic Stops

While it had been rumored it's unfortunately now confirmed that California governor Jerry Brown has sold out your privacy to law enforcement. After a bad court ruling gave law enforcement the ability to search your mobile phone during a traffic stop, the California legislature realized the ridiculousness of the situation and passed the bill requiring a warrant pretty quickly.

But, unfortunately, despite widespread support for it, Governor Brown has vetoed the bill, meaning that your mobile phones are fair game for searches without a warrant...

Brown is on the side of the police and not the citizens and Constitution.


"Destroying the New World Order"


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