A Global, Communist, Fascist SALUTE to murderer Nelson Mandela - Why FLAGS at half mast!!!

For Nelson Madela???  Yep!!!


PRIVATE(presumably private) institutions even getting in on OBEDIENCE to this psychological ruse.

(photo: a gas station, and a Bank of America branch at one major intersection in my town)

From an email I was forwarded, I offer this seemingly accurate, NOT politically correct, recitation of HISTORY...

"The REAL MANDELA:  "Kill the White People"

Mandela was not imprisoned for opposing apartheid, or segregation, in Africa, but for being a communist terrorist murderer-bomber in service to the Soviet Union.

The ANC’s guerrilla force, known as uMkhonto we Sizwe—MK, or “Spear of the Nation”—was founded in 1961 by Mandela and his advisor, the Lithuanian-born communist Jew Joe Slovo, born Yossel Mashel Slovo, who was officially named secretary general of the South African Communist Party in 1986.

Slovo had been the planner of many of the ANC terrorist attacks, including the January 8, 1982 attack on the Koeberg nuclear power plant near Cape Town, the Church Street bombing on May 20, 1983, which killed 19 people, and the June 14, 1986 car-bombing of Magoo’s Bar in Durban, in which three people were killed and 73 injured.

In 1962, Mandela was arrested along with 19 others, half of whom were White communist Jews, in a police raid of ANC headquarters at a farm owned by Andrew Goldreich, also a communist Jew, at Rivonia, a Johannesburg suburb.

In the Rivonia Trial, which took place between 1963 and 1964, the defendants were tried for 221 acts of sabotage designed to overthrow the government and conspiring to aid foreign military units, when they invaded SA to further the objects of communism.

The prosecutor, Percy Yutar said at the trial that “production requirements for munitions were sufficient to blow up a city the size of Johannesburg.” Escaping the death sentence, Mandela was given life in prison.

By 1990, the communists behind Mandela had gained enough power to force his release. Apartheid was abolished in 1992 and the ANC was put into power in 1994 with Mandela as president. Slovo became his secretary of housing.

Shortly thereafter, Mandela and Slovo, along with a group of ANC leaders, were filmed (Preview) (Preview) chanting a pledge to kill all whites in South Africa.

Current South African President Jacob Zuma, also of the ANC, was also filmed (Preview) (Preview) as late as January 2012 singing a song called “Kill the Boer” in front of a crowd of thousands of blacks while they cheered and danced. The song advocates the murder of the descendents of the original white settlers of South Africa, with lyrics encouraging blacks to gun down the farmers with machine guns.

Mandela’s ex-wife Winnie, also a longtime ANC activist, prefers a method called “necklacing,” where a gasoline-filled tire is placed around the neck of a victim and set ablaze. “With our boxes of matches and our necklaces we shall liberate this country,” she is infamous for saying. (Mandela was in solitary confinement at the time of the necklacing torture-murders. An estimated 3,000 victims died by necklacing.)

Since 1994, 68,000 whites have been brutally tortured and murdered by blacks in South Africa, in ways too gruesome to describe, including almost 4,000 Boers whose farms were confiscated by savage murderers, a combined area of over 25,000 square miles."

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Hey gang!!!

There is virtually ZERO coverage/mention on Russia Today's new(RT) of the circus atmosphere of the ceremony featuring Obomb-ya, and 3 former presidents in South Africa - but of course ALL the media in America can't stop making mention of it and braodcasting pictures and audio of those mourning the death of the racist communist!!!

RT's top stories ... Ukraine, American politicians/IRS after Swiss bank accounts, Brits warned not to do business in Israeli illegally occupied territories/settlements, the displaced Japanese exiled re-settlers livingin 30 square-meter dwellings after Fukishima, amnesty for environmental activists, American bullying for the Asia-Pacific free trade deal.....(Wikileaks and TPP issues!)...

Again, this story wasn't mentioned until 25 minutes into their news broadcast, and the weather there, size of the crowd, and celebrity political attendees received a :30 second mention.....but here...NON-STOP coverage and brainwashing that this traitor to his country, and communist operative be WORSHIPPED for merely being a celebrity figurehead in overthrowing a race of people from political power by violent means.

Get that "global" perspective! And ask your fellow Americans "what is really important news versus propaganda and deliberate manipulation and heavy influence meant to CONDITION?"
...an excellent discussion...sure, a "race war" was avoided through "reconciliation", BUT economically, what has changed in South Africa for those who were "liberated" and put under a "democracy"? This is not to say apartheid was better, just a reality-check that the statistics are nearly the same now under their new democracy, and the Western media is painting a picture for their viewers which AVOIDS the truth that money-powers run top-down governments all over the world and through socialism/redistribution, everyone ends up as a slave who should be thankful to eat the crumbs from the rich man's table(understand this: you'll NEVER be given the opportunity to be a "rich man" yourself!

Corruption, unbalanced distribution, race-based(affirmative action) capitalism and poverty still exists in South Africa....America's experiment, a federative republic, was the best system finite man has ever derived; and this is NOT the type of "democracy" we support or spread through military force or our foreign policy throughout the world!



"Destroying the New World Order"



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