Flashback -Alex Jones goes bat sh-t crazy on BBC Sunday Politics show

There seems to be a conspiracy to get Alex Jones to make a fool on himself on TV.

There seems to be a conspiracy to get Alex Jones to make a fool on
himself on TV. On Sunday morning he appeared on the BBC’s Sunday
Politics to talk about the Bilderberg Group – as you can see in the
video above. It starts fairly quietly enough but, over the length of the
interview, Jones gets wound up and up and finally explodes. It comes at
4.40, after Andrew Neil politely requests that his guest “shut it” for
the umpteenth time. That’s Jones’ cue to throw a bananas rant about how
the Euro is a Nazi plot, the government is killing us with water and
“You will not stop freedom!”

Alex Jones Full Interview - BBC One Sunday Politics

Alex Jones Full Interview - BBC One Sunday Politics

The frustrating thing about Jones is that his clowning around makes
it harder to take the questions he raises seriously. And some of those
questions are important. We’re currently going through the biggest big
government scandal since Watergate, with revelation after revelation of
mass surveillance and political harassment. It’s actually not
unreasonable to ask if government is out of control and whose interests
it really serves. The problem is that Jones takes reasonable questions
and provides bat sh*t crazy answers that then discredit the questions.

more @ http://blogs.telegraph.co.uk

David Icke Addresses Thousands at Bilderberg protest

'This year’s Bilderberg 2013 meeting has witnessed and extraordinary culture of secrecy surrounding the security operation, at a time when the public are told that austerity is the order of the day. But that’s not all…
Police officials are maintaining that the reason for such secrecy in advance of the event, and the extraordinary security measures has all been done in order ‘to combat the threat of terrorism’.


Bilderberg 2013 -Live Streams - News

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Your  ignorance not only shows in your writing skills, but in your conclusions.  sTudy up.  How many muslims are in the white House, Pentagon, and intel services????  How many dual Israel citizens are in thsoe same depts?  Sunstein, and 31 others, so who runs our government???  Its not the muslims,  Its the same guys who did the USS Liberty  as our beloved allies..... Israel and her insider dual citizens.  Obama has a reason for hiring those dual citizens.  He is 1/4 Jewish himself, and that is why he will never be a support of muslims.  They need us fighting each other and hating each other for their WW III. 

Since we have been set up by Israel and the enemies domestic to lose WW III, then why fight it and die when you can live to create problems later on.  lol   Want to stop WW III?  Tell the Russians and Chinese we immediatley surrender and that will stop WW III.  The Rothschild zionist bankers and corps need us actually fighting or there will be no profits from replacing all those weapons systems, it would shorten  the war, which means no borrowing from the bankers,  and thus massive loss of interest usury, and it would leave Russia in a place the zionists do not want them in..  Russian has enormous natural resources in their country and Israel would love to get their hands on it.  That is why they gave a billion dollars to Georgia when she invaded Russia in that skirmish they had a few years back.  The objective of the world war is to 1.  Have American lose the war so foreign troops could occupy us and keep resistance down, and 2.  Surround Russia so they can steal her natural resources from her before the country uses the revenues to build up their military and no longer be under control of Israel.   Oh, yeah, its all beginning to make sense.

Just think what they have done. If not for them there would have been no wars the past 200 years. There would be no nuclear fusion created out of war. There would be no Communism which has killed 250 million at least. Germany would still be old in some places instead of destroyed and rebuilt. All of Eastern Europe would not have had the 100 million killed and The Middle East would not be full of depleted uranium. China would not be Communist with maybe 100 million killed. So now all of the screw ups that think Israel is our friends. They are the ones attacking this country. If you think they are attacking use without horrendous plans for us, then you need to go live there.

If those Russians wake up and learn the missile defense system is to render their nukes useless and not for China, then if Russia doesn't ell us to get out the fix is in. Russia is going to get screwed. If I was those Iranians if I knew hit was going to break out the while bunch should go into Russia and just leave the country, because the bombing campaign they are going to open up on them I mean what if they say screw it and bomb the cities? You got a huge buildup of ships there and when do they ever come home and you got to believe they aren't going to sit there for years.

organized crime*

And to me that's what Obama has been using here in this nation big time against one another and using it well,against the white's and black's as we see and i am sick of his dead ass for this.I'll tell ya this his no fool he has us fighting to the point that we have let him start taking down this nation!So were the blame for letting this to happen to us;as we see Obama been playing the race card to where we the ppl can't see what he is really doing to us all as a nation !I told a friend this and he is black and he agree's,i told a democat this too and he got mad lol i call a duck-a-duck! I told him you want to talk about the race card well let's see how about the ''NATIVE AMERICAN'S'' and that the genocide was the biggest and longest ,and lasting genocide in humans history of this nation.It went on for 500yrs,with a death toll of 100 million live's. that beat even the world holder of Joseph Stalins ukrainian of 70 -million ukrainans .[ NATIVE AMERICANS ] started and conducted up unber '' Chistopher columbums when he and Bolsheviks came to the new world! and did took some back to ITALIAN  as slaves and a long with the blacks

The white race because of wars and Communism have suffered more than all the others combined, but the Arabs will catch us once all that depleted uranium gives them 100 million deformed kids and the Chinese have a hundreds million killed Chinese. All of the suffering in Jewish wars and Jewish Communism and given to the Chinese and so all the suffering is a direct results of Communism and Jewish pwoer

Jewish power and communism is one and the same.  Remember Marx, he was both, remember Bronstein, alias, Trotsky?   Same with Lenin and STalin, both khazars using and adopting Russian names.  Trotsky was financed by the international bankers and trained in NY living the high life while going through all the training paid for and financed by Shiff and Warburg international bankers.   They financed the Russian revolution, the German revolution in WW II and now the USA "ATTEMPTED" revolution so they can do like they did to the Germans.  1933, the revolution overturned the german Constitution, and replaced it with a dictatorship.   That is what they want to do here, but they can't unless and until they can get our guns.

In 1961, JFK made a speech to the News club stating that "There is an international conspiracy to bring down the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and I will do everything within my power to stop it!"  And he tried and died for doing so.  There is no difference between communism and Khazar  zionism. 

Imagine if you took 227 dudes and went into Argentina and overthrew their government the backlash and calamity and chaos that could causer. But they took Russia the largest country on earth and then set up shop and murdered millions and then filtered into Ukraine, Belarus and Poland and the USA, England and France said nothing. But they say Saddam as hurting hi people and Gaddafi was hurting is people. So we got to go in. But in Africa they can slaughter ach other with machetes for months who cares.


You are so right about what happened to American Indians.  Having said that, the British sent White slaves from their country to settle this land for them.  These people were in debtors prison and used to build this country.  During the time these white slaves were here, they got along with the American Indians very well and there was no problem.   It was after the country was settle and the british governors began coming over, the bankers, and others from the British aristocracy who are the worst racists on the planet.  AT that time the throne in britain was occupied by a German khazar who only changed their name from the German Saxe Gothe Burg to Windsor, so they would sound more english and that is when the attempted genocide began to grab the land from those Ameircan indians.  Those lands had resources the british wanted and that began the slaughter and continued on after that .  I am sorry that happened but it was not started by those that settled the land, rather by those who paid to settle the land.  It doesn't make it right, but at least know it was not always that way. 

Why did this fucking asshole AJ do this again? He could have had his say without acting the same way he did on Piers Morgan. He just discredits himself. He gave the host an opportunity to call him an idiot and crazy, which he was acting like!

The host was right. AJ is part of the conspiracy. That's why he's still on the air. That's why he's still alive, in fact.

Dude, his Piers Morgan rant went viral and backfired on the establishment.

Lmao I saw this when it first broke. Alex kicks ass and if you're not on board with that then you're some kind of sally boy.

If I sat in a room with any two men that tried to play little mind games and berate me I would go off on them and bully them right back. Alex has GOT IT RIGHT. Fck these lying chumps. Stand up to them, get in their faces, and show NO MERCY GRRRRR! RArRRRRRRRRRRR till the death!!!!


"Destroying the New World Order"



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