Codex Alimentarius: Global Control by the Illuminati/Elites of Everyone's Nutrition/Food Sources

Codex Alimentarius:  Global Control by the Illuminati/Elites of Everyone's Nutrition/Food Sources

Jun, 11 2009 @ 08:05 PM


There are so many issues discussed daily on ATS, ranging from offbeat news topics, to racists on TV, covert military crafts, New World Order, Swine flu, out of control Police, martial law, etc. A lot of these topics are up for speculation, some cannot be proven, and even if they could, how many of them will actually truly effect you and I?

Now, there are other topics which will effect us all as well, but today here is just one, that is leading us down the path to the next great mass extinction, the extinction of Humanity.  Learn from this information and Educate, Propagate, Survive.

Codex Alimentarius

He who controls food... controls the world...

Codex Alimentarius is Latin for Food Code. It was officially established in 1963 by the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations (UN), as well as the World Health Organization (WHO). Essentially, it was created to be a collection of Internationally recognized standards, codes of practice, guidelines and other recommendations relating to food. The stated purpose of Codex is to “Protect the health of consumers” and ensure fair practices in international food trade. Source

Side Note..
After WWII the American and British Governments held the Nuremberg trials in which the World would convict those guilty of crimes against humanity. 24 board members and executives of IGFarben were convicted on the basis of mass murder, slavery, and other crimes against humanity. 1. 2. IGFarben produced the Zyclon B, Pharamaceuticals, other poisons, steel for concentration camps etc. The president of IGFarben, after 6 years in War Crime Prison, for crimes against humanity, was the first to suggest to the UN the creation of Codex Alimentarius.

It's also worth noting that after the Nuremberg trials, IGFarben was split into 3 companies, BAYER, BASF, and HOECHST.3.

Furthermore, as most may already know Grandfather to past president George Bush, and father to the more distant president George H.W. Bush, did business with IGFarben indirectly through companies which were later convicted of trading with the enemy. 4.Anyways, back on topic...


The controversy over the Codex Alimentarius relates to a perception that it is a mandatory standard for food - including vitamin and mineral supplement - safety. Supporters of the Codex Alimentarius say that it is a voluntary reference standard for food and that there is no obligation on countries to adopt Codex standards as a member of either Codex or any other international trade organization. From the point of view of its opponents, however, one of the main causes of concern is that the Codex Alimentarius is recognized by the World Trade Organization as an international reference standard for the resolution of disputes concerning food safety and consumer protection

Now above, is what Wikipedia has claimed to be the recent controversy. If one takes a moment to read their article, they find that their main argument is the fact that it is not mandatory, and that countries do not have to adhere. They go on to cite the fact that even in cases of dispute, other sources of food safety information can be considered, and thus Codex shouldn't be taken as seriously as some have claimed. Source

In 1962, before being officially formed, it was stated that the aim was for global implementation of Codex Alimentarius by December 31st, 2009. 47 years later, and we are in the final months of that prediction. This is the true controversy of Codex, and destroys the only argument that Wikipedia gives against the fear of Codex.

Once globally implemented, it will be mandatory, and it will be taken as the definite word on food safety.

The “It's not Mandatory lie..”
So as Wikipedia states, well there is nothing to be afraid of, its not mandatory and it has no standing. So go back to watching survivor and American idol, and get some rest so you can go slave for peanuts tomorrow. This is the big lie though, because it is essentially mandatory for all members of the World Trade Organization(WTO) which adopted Codex, but … not in those words. If you would like to see a world map of current WTO member countries visit this link.

How it works, is that if two countries are part of the WTO, and go into the dispute resolution process, the country which is Codex compliant automatically wins. So on one hand, you have the technicality that “it's not mandatory”, on the other hand, as first world countries are a part of the WTO, they must all be COMPLIANT with Codex or they will lose every dispute resolution – in essence, it's mandatory. Because of this fact, every country which is not Codex compliant, is racing to become Codex compliant so that they do not face dispute resolution issues. 1. 2.

Now, that's the only side of the mandatory coin. At the moment, ratified Codex 'guidelines' are refereed to as “Semi-Mandatory”, but this is where our December 31, 2009 deadline comes in, at which time all guidelines will be 100% mandatory, for those who are members of the WTO. Any member of the WTO which is NOT Codex Compliant after the dead line will be hit with major WTO sanctions that could devastate a countries economy. So the next time someone bluffs it off as “not mandatory” call them a flat out liar, including Nazipedia.

Furthermore, treaties, any of one them, can only be joined if a 2/3 majority of the Senate approves them. Interestingly enough, that was not the case for the US, president at the time, Bill Clinton used his Fast Track authority to skip this step and immediately ratify the WTO treaty. That's Democracy for us, isn't it? Source

On a side note, common law dictates that what is not forbidden is permitted. Under Napoleonic Law, what is not permitted, is forbidden. In other words, under common law, if 3 things are illegal, those are the only 3 things you cannot do. Under Napoleonic, if 3 things are considered legal, those are the ONLY 3 things that are allowed to be done, everything else is forbidden. Codex, operates under the latter.

Failed Stated Purpose – Mandatory Under Codex
Interestingly enough, although their stated purpose is to “Protect the Health of Consumers”, the opposite seems to be true. Codex has rules for absolutely everything we can legally put into our mouths, except pharmaceuticals.

Under Codex, every cow raised for food must be treated with Monsanto's Bovine somatotropin (Recombinant Bovine Growth Hormone). Because of the way the market works, consumers pay up to and over $3.00 a gallon for milk, yet farmers make just over $1.00. There is in fact, too much milk being produced for us to even consume or use. This, especially recently, has lead to the destruction of many milk producing farms. Ironically enough, what was massively marketed and pushed on farmers as a “profit maximizer” by Monsanto, could turn out to be the end of many farmers. 1

rBGH is a synthetic hormone, which was created by Monsanto that stimulated IGF-1, in turn increasing milk production. IGF-1 is a natural hormone created by cows and humans alike that causes accelerated growth in infants. But it is accepted as scientific fact that adverse reactions are documented in non-infants, in which it behaves as a Cancer accelerator. This hormone has most notably been linked to the cause of breast cancer, prostate cancer, lung cancer, and colon cancers. 1 In fact, for pre-menopausal women, the risk of breast cancer increases 7 fold if they consume milk produced by a cow on rBGH. 2

Monsanto has done it's best to try and snuff out any attempts at having non-hormone laced milk sold.

Lobbying to ensure that hormone-free milk does not get labeled and sold as such, since it could be a huge draw to possible consumers, and ultimately damage their bottom line.

Organic Valley milk, and Ben and Jerries ice-cream both are produced with no rBGH for those interested. 3

Continued next post...

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