Glen Becks Counterfeit Movement the 912 Project and What’s Behind it.

The time is coming rapidly when the truth movement will go main stream and the controlled media will be forced to talk about our information. This is why the NWO is getting desperate right now and if you look it seems they are trying to buy shares in the truth movement to take back some control. Glen Beck is leading the way for them at the moment and doing a bang up job of it right now. Most of the movement can see through his convoluted half truth act but he’s got the new “disenfranchised” Americans hooked on his emotional nonsensical looking out for the little guy value based propaganda.

One of the biggest things I noticed with his 912 Project is obviously his use of "912" the day after 9/11, 2001. He’s using the original cover story of 9/11 to provoke an emotional response while at the same time using the misdirected well intentioned patriotism of the day after 9/11 to rally people around his project. He is clearly using what is known as fake patriotism to temporally puff up his project knowing anyone who is privy to the truth about 9/11 or the NWO is out of his propagandist reach already making them unavailable for his grab for power in the truth movement. He is mostly recruiting those people looking for answers to this financial crisis and how it was created. Beck is fishing for people hungry for truth like Chuck Norris a well meaning outstanding American and taking misdirected patriotism and directing it into poorly advised zero impact action. A campaign for better values is going to do little to nothing to change our situation here in America. Instead of being enslaved homeless valueless Americans living in a tyrannical police state you will be enslaved homeless moral and value driven Americans living in a tyrannical police state, do you see the difference because I don’t.

Glen Beck’s Counterfeit movement is nothing more than a desperate attempt to marginalize the 9/11 truth movement directly. Most notably he has picked 9/12/09 as the date for his anniversary special to see how much time he has wasted or rather how well his Op has worked. It’s the enemy’s standard operating procedure to first discredit then mimic our successful operations. As many of you know on 9/11 each year we have a gathering at ground zero hold signs and note the success of the previous year. Beck has copied everything about the 9/11 truth movement so closely that he uses the day after we meet, our grassroots unorganized style and the issues and subjects we cover just weeks later with half truths.

We know that he’s watching the enormous growth of the 9/11 truth groups and “monitoring” the militias which can translate out to the patriot movement in general and Alex Jones. What we don’t know is weather Beck is just trying to cash in on a hot movement or weather he’s doing this for some other nefarious reason. My guess is that the hands behind strings brought Beck onto FAUX to specifically orchestrate this Counterfeit movement made of angry Americans. The Elite need to direct some of the heat they’re getting cooked with right now into useless directions and create a valve to vent built up steam to stall as long as they can with their professional front man Obama. The longer they can stall and calm the fires in the hearts of angry Americans the lesser of a chance they have of being thwarted before they have checkmate on the world’s population. As of right now at the pace the truth movement is going by the end of Obama’s first term it will be too late for the Globalists to ever see the world order they have envisioned.

by -TheLasersShadow

His project is a large undertaking and very dangerous in a lot of ways mostly because it mimics us so closely and is a change in enemy tactics. It looks like they are trying desperately to waste peoples time with this "project".

this is something that requires a real discussion.

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My take is that even though he might be part of an agenda, the people who follow him also investigate the truth for themselves. How can they not? It's just too easy to go to google and type in a topic and find out all kinds of info. I really believe that it's a majority of the people who follow him grow in the movement because of their drive to know. The unfortunate part is that like most of the ignorant people in the world there will also be so many that just take things at face value. Just like when people attend church. Think about this. As a person grows up their parents take them to church. Right or wrong message they are indoctrinated from day one. As they get older they continue to listen to the message. At no point do they start opening the Bible and investigate what it teaches. So they are misled. Same thing with those who believe what they watch on tv and that's why it gets scary. The sad thing is that things must get worse to get these lazy individuals off of the BOOB TUBE and onto the right information. Until this economy really starts affecting the vast majority of the people this is going to be a slow process, but it's gaining steam everyday. We can't sit back and be influenced by people like Glenn Beck and believe it as complete truth. I do follow his show, although not religiously, to see what message he is trying to get across that day and I do see some of the crap that he tries to sell to unsuspecting viewers. I just laugh at those and send him a nice email message to inform him. I do know several people who started listening to his radio show and watch his tv show who now have moved past him to learn and spread the truth. If his handlers believe that they can hijack this then they need to force these people to only get their info from Glenn. As long as there are people who know the truth and there are places to find the truth they only screw themselves more and more. Just like those moron elitists who think they can just collapse everything and people will just sit by. I don't think so. STRENGTH TO THE MOVEMENT!
With the help from a few members here, I came to the same conclusion about whats going on here.

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Bloggers charge 'Tea Party' anti-stimulus protests are corporate front
We have to expose Glen Beck as much as possible. He can destroy any progress we have made. Very good article.
Great article man, spot freakin on. Send it off to infowars or someone else there will write it first.
Beck is simply trying to diversify our primary focus on wasted energy and funds. He is a boob-tube talking head, consider the source of all intel..IMO.offgrid.
I was watching a recent video on and he brought up a point which is relevant to this conversation though he was not speaking of the 912/Beck thing when he mentioned it. Apparantly in Morales and Dogma Albert Pike provides a WW!!! roadmap which includes inciting the faithful and the atheists to war against one another. The NWO, of course, will step in to be our saviours as always,... after we've killed a few million of each other.

In the past, Freeman has had a pretty good track record of accurate predictions based upon his understanding of Masonry, the NWO religion, occult symbolism and numerology, and the writings of the elites. His latest prediction is for some sort of spectacle to occur upon the temple mount on July 4th with a possibility of some type of Project Bluebeam like sceario. I'll be interested to see if anything does happen considering his past track record and his unique perspective on the NWO.
I must say, in reading these responses, you are undoubtedly some of the most frightening people I have encountered. It is obvious you have no love for your country; just yourselves.


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