What woke you up? Feel free to expound in detail how you became politically aware / an outcast from polite society, lol. Whether you're a paleoconservative, libertarian, just a Trump supporter or alt right, etc.

My paternal grandfather gave me a copy of a book by John Stormer called None Dare Call It Treason in the summer of my 11th year. I already had a small library of about 200 college-level books on chemistry, physics, electronics and spiritual topics (from garage sales, 2nd hand bookstores, and relatives who had been to university). I also received a very red flyer, by mail, to me personally, from a Socialist group which told the tearful tale of a black man who had been framed for murder and a gun planted on him by police (I do realize that this does actually happen sometimes, by the way). It was an "aha" moment for me when my parents told me that the story need not be true. I now figure a pinko elementary school teacher or school administrator must've sent it (who else in 1979 had my address by name?). That year, I also participated in a tax protest in the town the library was in. It was part of a political campaign by a man who later became a militia leader. I actually was in the pic on the front page of the newspaper.

I was aghast and frightened at Grandpa's book's implications. We had no local library (not for lack of middle class and upper class residents), but my parents occasionally took me to one in a neighboring town. In 7th grade of Junior High School, I made full use of the school library, reading Das Kapital, the Communist Manifesto, Mein Kampf, and various books on history and politics. I subscribed to National Review magazine. I was tested in English class and found to have a sophomore college reading level (a consolation prize that sometimes appears along with autism).

I went through Gales' (hefty, Holy Bible-like) Directory of Publications, and the one on Assoiciations (which our Jr. HS library inexplicably had). I wrote to organizations spanning the political spectrum, and I gave each a sincerely objective consideration.

I also was very lucky, and very pleased to find that our library had a book called Race: Opposing Viewpoints. It had articles by what might be called extremists on both sides of the race issue (Nazis, Klansmen and Communists), as well as more moderate views. Like Gale, it actually had their mailing addresses (this was 1980, back in Ye Olden Times, no internet or even cell phones - GASP!!, just books, print newspapers and magazines). I wrote them too.

I settled on National Socialism, as it seemed to be the most fact-based and logical system (and successful, as far as doing good for the populace), and joined an organization called the SS Action Group, headquartered in Dearborn Heights, Michigan. They originally were formed to provide security for the American Nazi Party's rallies, and had went independent, holding their own rallies. In 1981, I was moved by the TV miniseries, Skokie, about attempts to restrict the freedom of speech of an NS group near Chicago.

In 7th grade, I had a "social studies" (whatever that is, apparently it replaced the study of history) teacher named Gerald McMurray. He had somehow become butthurt by being a reporter in Korea, and was open about his hatred of America and his own kind (White people). He said "Buy foreign, it's cheaper and better!". And of course his favorite group to hate was the Nazis. So I debated him often, and often making a fool out of him. This seemed to be the one quality that gained me popularity, so I reveled in it. I recognized how I could use dishonest debating tricks to appear to win, and fastidiously avoided them. He, however, used ad hominem attacks, appeals to authority, and other logical fallacies freely.

One day, he mentioned that the idea that Communism is Jewish was a Nazi "big lie". I said in reply that Gales' entry for the Communist Party USA listed their primary publication not as The Daily Worker, but as Jewish Affairs.

He became so furious, he told a female student to get up and tear my notebook in half, which she did (had it been him or a male, they would've drawn their hand back with a pencil stabbed through it). Being humiliated in this manner is difficult, to say the least, for those afflicted with autism. Then he told me to go to the office, presumably thinking I'd be expelled or at least suspended, and in front of the Principal, I answered his outrage with one of my own - "You'd better watch your kids". The Principal, amazingly, did not agree with him. Shortly after, he decided his academic aspirations would be better served by coaching girl's basketball in a neighboring county. There were many other, and much greater injustices, but this incident was pivotal in cementing my views.

And, by the way, my grandfather was the only family member who ever supported my views. My parents took a book my father's side of the family had printed, the geneology of our family (in Tennessee from before the Revolutionary War) and inserted a pic of a black family in order to try to convince me I had black ancestors, and thus change my view. I saw through it immediately, of course, and my father angrily denied this the last time I brought it up.

As life as a Nazi is very difficult (on frequent occasions I've lost everything, including relationships, homes, jobs, been imprisoned and convicted for crimes I didn't commit, lost all my belongings, etc.), I've went looking for evidence that I'm wrong, a few times. But I haven't found it yet, and won't, because there isn't any.

I know many people here disagree with me on many issues, however, I'm interested to know, how did you become politically aware? And what notable adventures have you had as a result?

Part of my group at a federal building in Detroit.

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The book? It is good.

In the 80's I heard a program on the radio that talked about privatization of prisons and how they developed gangster rap to promote the culture to put thugs in these prisons.  It was part of a think tank... on this board, they brought in investors.... and by threat of death the members were sworn to keep the plot secret. 

  I also knew about Monarch Programming in the early 90's. I was friends with a Jesuit Professor from Loyola University in Chicago. He tipped me off about Masonry and how the church was corrupt. 

Having been in the military, I knew what I was seeing when the towers fell. 

I cannot remember what year it was, but I watched a video called "The Ring Of Power" by Grace Powers. It was very low budget and pieced together. Some of the info was a stretch of the imagination, and some was very plausible. All in all it was my true awakening. It started my journey of researching. I started reading as much as I could and stopped watching television in 2010 altogether. Once awake, I could never go back....

Thank you for your story.  It's a long, strange trip for anyone who's not a "normie" any more. In any case, I'm glad something did wake you (and the rest of us) up. When I was 12, I thought that people would adjust their beliefs when confronted with the evidence, reason and logic, LOL.

As to 9/11, I suspect that Dr. Judy Wood is correct. However, she has a difficult path, because the weapon is not well understood.

And Tif, Mr. Sizzle, Raz and Chris, thank you for the likes.


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