IRS Seizing Tax Refunds of Children, Grandchildren Over Parents' Decades-Old Debts

IRS Seizing Tax Refunds of Children, Grandchildren Over Parents' Decades-Old De

Congress quietly lifted the 10-year statute of limitations in 2011 on money owed to Uncle Sam.

by Fox News Insider // Apr 11 2014 // 9:47pm
As seen on The Kelly File

Some 400,000 Americans may see their tax refund checks grabbed by the government after Congress quietly lifted the 10-year statute of limitations in 2011 on money owed to Uncle Sam.

Now, debts going back decades are considered fair game for the IRS, and the government is coming after the children and grandchildren of the original debtors for the repayment. 

In some cases, debts of parents from the early 1960s and 70s are being collected from children. 

In many cases, the IRS doesn't even possess the original records of the debts. 


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There is NO STATUTE OF LIMITATIONS anymore on money owed to the IRS - and the IRS is now going after family members.

This is bullshit - - - and CONGRESS has the "NERVE" to demand a raise from us the taxpayers - saying they don't earn enough to live on!!

This is illegal. How can this Illegal President do this ! and why aren't the damn Media talking about this. I will NEVER watch "Local News" again ! I will watch FOX and "The Blaze" and that's it. This is an Illegal move and I wish people would get off their butts and Resist this tyrannical Government. This is a Socialist Government not American. Stop them now !


In 6 months the 2014 election takes place. VOTE EVERY ONE OF THESE LYING CRIMINALS OUT OF OFFICE!

ALL of Congress and ALL of the Senate - KICK THEM ALL OUT!!    SPREAD THE WORD!!

You owe me a pair of pants. I laughed so hard I pissed myself.

It is foolish to asinine to believe the same kind of thinking that got us into this situation will get us out.

The "vote" was co-opted in 1963. Last election 43 states reported massive voter fraud. Cowlifornia reported that 1.5 million dead people voted. Two states had 37,500 plus votes by the same person at the same address. In Pennsylvania 103 precincts voted 100% for the person who was listed as the worst president ever.  In the past the largest amount all voting for the same person was 12. That was in Philadelphia.

In Ohio voters watched as their votes for Romney were tallied for Obama in front of their eyes and this was proven multiple times with witnesses.

No matter how much "hope" one has for the system to right itself it will take the entire American people to actually make a difference and I do not mean through voting.

Then it appears there is no solution to this massive voter fraud?

Perhaps dis-band the "united" states and become regional state entities (i.e. SW States, NW States)

Nothing less than  an entire replacement of the system with physical checks and balances. 

Digital processes are easily hacked and co-opted. Unless there is a way to trace beginning to end the process of a single persons vote the system will always be co opted.

When politicians can "re-define" voter districts every two years to suit their agenda then the system can be co opted. When "secret ballots" exist the system is co-opted. When the "Electoral College" (created to prevent the idea that a lack of education in ancient America resulted in inept voting) was created it was presumptuous co-opting of the system. It prevented assumed idiotic choices and prevented Americans way back then to have votes that actually count.

America and the education system of today does not compare in quality to that of 1909. Sad but true and this is a failure of Americans who allowed government to interfere with our children's educations.

The Electoral college should have been abolished a century or more ago.

The "popular vote" means the candidate who got the most votes. One would think that they guy that got the most votes would win but that is not what happens now is it?

Al Gore won the popular vote against George Bush. John McCain and Sarah Palin won the popular vote against Obama in the first election and we have no clue how well Mitt Romney fared only that massive voter fraud took place in that election as well as the first.

Only hand written, hand signed, picture ID voter verified ballots with a system of checks and balances as well as verification after the fact can be even remotely considered reasonable.

We do not need in any way an "overnight accounting" the process can take weeks to ensure voter fraud does not take place. Re counts and re-votes in places like Ohio where voters reported seeing their votes for Romney tallied for Obama, In places like Pennsylvania where 103 precincts all had 100% votes for Obama when the greatest number in the past was 12. (this after Obama was listed as the worst president in the US EVER) More importantly the absentee ballots of the US Military, where because they were delivered "late" were not counted at all and the majority were for Romney. How is it in ANY WAY acceptable to deny American Servicemen the opportunity to vote for the individual that sends them into harm's way?

By the way the same thing happened to me when I voted for George Bush in the first election.  My vote did not count because it supposedly was not delivered on time. There is NO EXCUSE.

However the massive voter fraud in that election included rigged digital voting machines and notorious hanging chads as well.

Dis band the USA? How about the US Government instead? How about allowing States the Sovereignty they should always have had as per the US Constitution. How about returning the 10th Amendment to it's prime. How about laws regarding conflict of interest and pandering to the corporate elite?

It is illegal but the problem is people think the IRS is a part of America--it's not the zionist jews are behind it--if everyone refuse giving them your money and insist that they show you the law that says your labor should be taxed; there is no such law. Taxes are to be collected from agencies and corporations--unless you are a part of their 'corporation'. They've been trying to get me to pay them since I got a bonus I never told them about since last year--I refuse & they still can't show me the law that says I have to give them my money; I worked for it--I don't ask them for theirs--so I am still refusing to pay so they can add all the interest they want --it's just a figure of their imagination. Let's refuse to pay--& take your money out of the banks--bury it or buy gold. Let's have a run on all the banks and see what happens. one thing the 'jew' doesn't like & that's losing money he never earned.

Exactly - The IRS is NOT part of America.  You are correct that " Taxes are to be collected from agencies and corporations--unless you are a part of their 'corporation'."  I also keep no money in the banks and pay cash only.

6 months away is our opportunity to KICK THEM ALL OUT - and that's just for starters!

those jews are getting out of hand--all America's money is going to build & support the criminals that invaded Palestine. Billions go there from the U.S each year & those fuckers don't have to work. What you gonna do about these parasites? Don't act like you don't know they are a private entity having nothing to do with gov & they are exempt from audit--so how can Americans let the wizard of OZ rob them blind? 

So how is it that children are getting tagged for someone else's debt? Unless this actually refers to inheritances, I don't see how this is possible.

There is a cure for this and that is of course getting rid of all of them.

@HonestLee  Am well aware of the massive Voter Fraud using Black Box scamming computer machines that has happened.  It's all "fixed" right down from the Electoral College "BS".  There is more being done than just the voter approach.  That's all I will say on a public forum as this one.


"Destroying the New World Order"



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