Live By The Sword, Die By The Sword ! Do You Agree With This ?

I am raising this discussion, Live By The Sword, Die By The Sword, because it relates to how good people should defend themselves against Evil People/ Satanists/ Illuminati.

Good people are typically passive, avoiding aggression, but in my opinion good people should be prepared to defend themselves, if needs be, like for like. In-fact for the defence to be successful against the aggressor, a more powerful force will likely be required to overcome the aggressor...

As with balance scales the heavy weight will always have more force...

Imagine this: You are put into a death fight ring against an equally natural strength opponent, but your opponent is an angry spiteful hater who has a handful of date rape powder to throw in your face (that will immobilize you to a puppet like state in seconds) and a sword in the other.. Well I think we all know the outcome.. So, the only fair answer is that you have the same weapons to even stand a chance of saving your life.

The point/ question I am making here is: Should the good person just stand passively, trust in God, and accept a brutal death with the knowing that Heaven Awaits, or should the Good Person pick up the weapons and fight for their life? My personal opinion is that the good person can surely do either but may as well fight, after all, they might win, and that would be fair and just.

OK, So the Live By The Sword, Die By The Sword theory works in the above descriptions, but in reality may only nearly be experienced in a war or duel situation.

So lets have a look at actual living reality...

The illuminati use Suggestion, Mind Control, Manipulation, Deceit, Drugs etc to attack their victims Covertly, ideally they will achieve to hurt you one or another completely undetected.

The same is for the average Satanist who would attack you in similar ways, typically manipulating and invading your Social/ Working & Family Network. They fight dirty, using drugs liberally that typically effect, Memory, Cause Stress Conditions, Depression, Anxiety, Heart/ Lung Health etc & the Date Rape drug, cut to a very fine floating talc that when inhaled causes a puppet like state to the victim who is left suggestible and easily manipulable, to further induce with drugs, to hypnotise, to apply incomprehensible doctrine (a form of verbal mind control). If applied correctly the victim will recover without a clue as to the abuse put upon them due to near complete memory loss effecting the time prior and post the application. Such is the memory loss during recovery that each new thought is forgotten until the victim gradually reaches a slightly confused coherence and ability to retain thought. By this time the victim will be thinking about what shop to visit or looking forward to getting home for a cup of tea, feeling kinda normal, yet too confused to work out the Missing Time!. This drug is even more effective to recreational drug users & drinkers.

Most Satanist are highly Indoctrinated & Abused characters who are far from free, conform to bravado, brutal ruling & punishment. Most know little compassion.

They endeavour to mimic Satan and will try to appear as light to you, by mimicking your personality (by applying truth serums, gaining important personal information that greatly assists their manipulations),thus mimicking your likes and dislikes etc, gaining your trust so that they can more easily abuse you. If they have reached a state of trusted friend they will also try to turn you to evil via debauchery, drugs, sex, paedophilia, apply hormones & recreational drugs, causing gender confusion, even leading you to gender reassignment. And believe me, they would smile and hold your hand with assistance.

I guess by now most of you have figured out that Live By The Sword, Die By The Sword theory has failed. No good person could retaliate in a like for like manner. But I think that use of the date rape drug by trained Law Enforcers against such people could be acceptable and tremendously effective for gaining secret information as it is relatively harmless health wise.

So, how can you defend yourself against such evil?

I know from first hand experience that your only weapon is psychology & a constant show of goodness & understanding. They are very vindictive and you must not give them anymore reason to hurt you more. Can you try to help and advise them to a better path? Well, maybe! Will it work? Maybe! But you would need to appreciate the severe risk you are putting yourself into. In my experience I have come to consider helping them to be mostly futile wasted effort.

How do you know if someone is a Satanist? Well, Satanists apparently are only meant to deal in Absolutes.. Its a strange rule they are meant to adhere too. This kinda means that they should not lie directly.. Its assists there manipulative skills and uses of Incomprehensible Doctrine, they are typically skilled at spinning your thoughts off in tangents, causing confusion. For instance, if you were ask directly if they were a Satanist, they may answer something like: Do I look like a Satanist, I mean, come on, really!, blah blah, yarn yarn etc and before you know it you believe they are not yet they didn’t deny it!.. But this cannot be guaranteed, as if they were in privacy away from there piers, they will lie & deny directly!. And if you were persistent, it would only take a quick application of Date Rape or similar, whereby you would forget your query until next time you got suspicious.. I don’t recommend you attempt asking people directly, Perhaps it best to just steer well clear of the suspected, avoid all criminals and people that display any poor conduct or dodgy chat.

I sincerely apologise if this has upset or scared you but I needed to express my knowledge with the view to helping other good people to realise that the depth of their behavioural depravity is virtually incomprehensible to most and that their typically known attributes like: Incest, Inbreeding, Paedophilia, Bestiality, Copulation, Cannibalism, Hatred etc, etc are only the tip of the iceberg!

Additional I should note that use of technologies such as Hidden Cameras, Long Range Listening Devices, Bugging, Tracking, Hacking, Night Vision, Powerful Xray (creates a glass room effect, seeing through the walls of your home), Thermal Imaging and so on are all used. Make sure your home is very secure at all times. Most people cant comprehend the lengths they will go to achieving regular secret access. Even Gassing occupants during sleep and Sonic/ Light weapons are used. Please believe me when I say that a certain amount of paranoia could save you! And accusal of paranoia from dodgy types be regarded as highly suspicious!.

You maybe asking yourself if I am afraid to express myself so honestly through fear of vindictive retaliation. Well, I’ve been there, got the T-shirt and I,m still wearing it and its got a great big target logo on it!.. And I most certainly am not afraid. Unfortunately for me & my Christian Family, we live in an area of the UK that is regarded to be a Satanic Haven. We have all suffered in some way, some more than others, all our life. But we are still strong, the power of God is still within us, God has protected me many many times and for that sometimes I feel like the luckiest man alive!. I am hoping that my strength gained through experience can help other good people.

Praise Goodness, Peace & Equality.

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Oh Thanks, that's kind of you.

I like your pic: Free Your Mind!,

Topical huh, as I think that's what I'm trying to achieve with this,

along with encouraging people to 'think outside the box'.

I'm afraid your completely correct. They operate as a secret network. Shops, bars, restaurants etc etc etc. They literally lie in wait.. waiting for instruction. They literally are the opposite to Good People. I once said to a Satanist that he was utterly Despicable, he smiled and said thanks! and he really did appreciate it. Its no joke, to them that is high accolade of which they are proud! This highlights the savage power of their indoctrination. Everything they do outside of privacy is fake, an act!, very difficult to detect. We need to be bright, careful and alert at all times!

My gut feeling regarding that mass theater shooting was that it was a satanic manipulation. They use Diversion to huge effect, physically and particularly verbally. There was something else suspicious about that incident, it was the name of the place, something like Aurora, Also i read it had some suspicious history also!. Tho cant remember what it was now!!

cont: It was the Bat Man Movie.. I figured that it was designed to essentially raise fear in the masses so that Obama could say his stuff about peace, protection and security etc.. Bull****

Unfortunately I have been a victim, Its pretty difficult to avoid even working for them in my area!.. And believe me, they love nothing more than to employ Christians and good people. It empowers them, and not only that, they are not stupid, they obviously realize they can trust a Christian employee over a Satanic one. Also many Satanic men will rather have non satanic wife and maintain the secret. Even for them having a satanic wife is just too horrid.. Few men wants a hideous sexually debauched wife and mother!

Its very important that you be good at all times, in every way. and stay well away from bad places. They are waiting to encourage badness. Do not allow yourself to become sinical and disparaged, As this is there intention and it pleases them.

Thankyou :) As I try to be rational and truthful. Honesty always is the best policy... ALWAYS :)

Hmm!, Ive had a think about the above statement I made.. Its not entirely correct as I personaly believe that for the sake of self protection it is OK to lie to Bad People... Could save your life or a whole lot of trouble etc... Honest communication is always recomended within a loving inviroment. ! It possible that the use of Lie's and Fakery as a means of Retaliation & Defence against an Evil Aggressor is acceptable within the title of: Live By The Sword, Die By The Sword..............!?

To explain my suspicions: Mass shooting of innocents at the showing of sinister movie, (the sinister movie being the Diversion) causing maximum ruination of Well-being & Contentment to a respected, successful and peaceful town, that also enjoyed a very pretty and meaningful name (the Powerful Represent as the Aurora is a thing of ultimate beauty & naturalism). This incident will create fear and suspicion, causing people to retract their friendly outgoing nature, to be replaced with anxiety & paranoia.. Its Aurora has been severely scarred (Powerful Represent ). The poor trusting, patriotic people, now invaded, raped & ruined of their self assurance & happiness turn to Obama's words for consolation & promise of security...

"I have the God given right to defend myself at all cost."

That’s completely correct Hugh, Your defence will work if you were attacked directly...

But Satanists know this, so they purposely avoid violent confrontation by being secretive & covert!.

They will nearly always choose this method/ path.. They essentially Hack your life via the back-door, causing infection & discord along the way, and only when it is too late for you, will they announce there successful manipulations.. For Instance: Say you met one and had a disagreement, the Satanist would be very unlikely to fight you but would promise vindictive ruination of your life!, Believe me, when they say that they mean it.. You would start whiteness things like relationship breakdowns, illness, memory loss, your friends & Family meeting new partners and jobs. Much the same would happen in your own life also. You would most likely suspect and try to warn people, but no one would believe your accusal as they cannot comprehend the depths of there Scam. It would drive you literally mad. And they know this... You see, they are essentially confidence tricksters/ scammers/ cheats/ weasels and always operate as an organised gang/ network and they are rich! They purposely work elaborate proven secretive scams as they know few can comprehend and that s why they do it... Their effort achieves success and they are skilled and well practised, after-all its what they do, day in, day out! Most of them are utter control freaks and have become widely skilled, You have to think outside the box.. When you do you will realise they are not so clever really, It is mainly their evil intention and secrecy that provides success... For example, ask yourself, how difficult is it to cause illness and discord as described above? Well, they follow you to your work place or home, watch the people, choose their targets, then follow them to a social event where they will poison (and or befriend them) with some of the thousands of drugs and pharmaceuticals available to them.. They will be ready and waiting, shiny, bright and skilled, powered up on coke to replace your suffering work mates 10 fold!.. Job done! Also it is worth grasping the fact that they are rich and skilled at using money to make money, after-all this is their obsession! If they saw your place of work to be a successful business, they would likely just buy it along with houses in your street.. They can use these buildings to their advantage in various ways and all the while the value increases... They might need modernise some property’s, its no problem, they will employ their own including favours for favours etc... Most of time they are in win win situations!.

Once you realise how they work you will also realise how relatively helpless we are!

If you did start to get hot on their heels, they would just Taunt you, as they know you are helpless!!!

The average person does dot have the means and the know how to DEFEND themselves with any impact.. Only knowledge, realisation & avoidance of their dealings can help you.

Satanist truly are Indoctrinated control freaks, Many have spent their whole lives including childhood, Telling Lies and Faking to protect their horrid secrets. Role play games are encouraged throughout their growth.. Rather like acting school, it breaks down their barriers and improves their confidence... This why so many of them end up on the TV and in the Music Industry!.

With all the said information in mind, I have a few more points to mention, as awareness and knowledge is likely to protect you.. If you you did did find your self under such attack, and they did manage to get close to you, it is likely that you struggle to protect yourself properly due to the drugs/ poisons they would induce, that would typically cause memory loss and leave your mind in an numbed state, far less coherent than you should be, your ability to deduce/ suspect would be reduced!..

Also, painful Migraine/ Cluster Headaches are induced. If you suspect this I recommend you cut out ALL 3rd Party sustenance, Accept No Tea, Coffee, Cakes etc, and even avoid such treats from ALL local outlets. Serve yourself implicitly for several months being mindful not to leave your sustenance anywhere at risk of possible tampering.

Such a Test/ Experiment could provide you with answers..

Note: Water supplies can also be tampered with/ poisoned.

Keep a diary of your experiment.

If you had such offenders entering your home, welcome or not, they would poison your products, things like: Ketchup, Demiera/ Brown sugar (the damp stuff), Toothpaste, Even apply substance/ poisons to door handles etc..

Also note that Satanists also work along side Equally Evil criminals that have no desire for satanic worship. Many of these criminals will also not know about their Satanic associates & if discovered they would likely break such associations.. For sure, some know and care not!.

I hope you stay safe. Praise Goodness, Peace & Equality.

Additionally, If you did suspect such attack, be very careful & alert regarding people about you.. Like at the checkout & in stores etc, Even outdoors being mindful of wind direction!. This is due to poisoning by inhalation.. To protect yourself, Breath Low & Gentle, Through Your Nose Only, waiting until your in the clear before breathing normally.


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