My blogs and videos are being hidden from public view minutes after posting them. This coincidentally has been occurring since Gaza invasion. Our host completely compromised, and 100 pct hackable.

No more blogs, please use discussions for now on!

And check your videos and see it they are set up to be seen by 'EVERYONE"

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As troy said it's a stupid set up by our host, and the same thing really. The discussion format works best here , but unfortunately gets less views from search engines.

This  link/pic has been on every page for a long time

for those whom for some odd reason seem to think I am playing a game :(

12160 Blogs/Videos HACKED!!

Actually, I tried last night to e-mail myself a video to see if it worked and it did not work. Not sure why, I tried it twice.

not sure what you mean. If you can not see the post when signed out its hidden.

My message to our host

Our blogs and videos are being hacked, or something.

Privacy settings are altered to be seen only by friends or just me.
Member didn't do this and we as mods cant fix it either.


I want all videos and all blogs restored to public view.

I than will need a hard copy back up of this entire site.

This, as a very long time customer of yours, is not a request, but a demand.

I have lost confidence in your ability to make our site safe for our members and visitors.

I noticed that all kinds of crazy fukin shit happening on fb and utube and here,  when there is NWO events are happening I really noticed it when the Auroura Colorado shooting and really now with the Gaz conflict happened there is so much censorship happening right now. Look out for New moons the Isrealis love to pull things on these nights


Crap, I like blogs.

Should be featured more often till everyone reads it 

videos are the bloodstream of communication these days ~ i guess we'll have to out smart the trolls ~ good luck James you can do it! I am not surprised the scumbag Zionist don't like the info here it awakens people and covers the other side of things also known as the truth! Discussions are good! I personally don't care what we call post ~ if its worth looking at you could called anything you want maybe we need a new word for a blog ~ maybe just call it a log .. Like a captains log 

 Captain Kirk had Khaan! we have trolls ~ Grrrrr

I know James, but I was having to alter some important text of an old blog.  Don't like having wrong info on something if it comes to light.  Cheers.

Ah, ok Exposure , cheers


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