So you think freemasonry is some kind of mens social club, eh? Never stop to wonder about the overwhelming talmudic ZIONISM of it all? The rank names? The Hiram Abiff poppycock? The allegedly LOST name of God? the rather glaring fact that the square and compass need only two lines to make the zionist death star logo? There is NOTHING christian about masonry, NOTHING. Their god is lucifer, their own writings say so.


People of all ranks, wake up now!!
The satanic Freemason (Jewish) NWO agenda…
(Jesuit Illuminati = crypto-Jews)
Denver Airport painting portrays a military personnel, who wears a gas mask, and kills the white dove (peace), while he oppresses an endless line of sad people!!
Chemical warfare, military repression, dead babies, etc.

In fact we have around 6 million satanic Freemasons (crypto-Jews) worldwide in industry, politics, mainstream media, and more.

Their God: gold, oil and drugs = money!!
Their motto: ”Ordo Ab Chao” = ”order out of chaos”!! (German news agency) has balls to talk about them...
(from there I've copied the main picture)
"USA top secret Freemasons"!!
Dokumentarfilm: USA Top Secret “Die Freimaurer”:
or watch on Jew-tube:

In The Middle Ages, a secret society lay behind many events which shaped the course of history.
The first name of that society was 'The Knights Templars.'
Initially founded as a Crusader order which vowed to fight for Christianity, they gradually became caught up in perverted teachings and became entirely divorced from Christianity.

Illuminati, murdered by the monarchs!! (Jews)

“White supremacy” = west = Freemasons (Jews) = satanic NWO!!
“Shadows in motion - exposing the satanic new world order!!”
Halaqah documentary (2004)

Who controls America??
The Bilderberger!!
Who controls Bilderberger??
Ashkenazi Jews!!
(CFR, IFRI, Deutsche Bank, Shell, BAYER (Monsanto), Telecom, AXA, Coca Cola, Dong, SAS, etc.)
Please, study more here... (very interesting)

Fortune 500 Company Logos 2011
Illuminati, Freemason or Coincidence??
Real music is poetic justice ♪ ♫ ♩ ♬

Illuminati symbols…
Are you brainwashed yet??
Real music is poetic justice ♪ ♫ ♩ ♬

This series will cause a world awakening!!
The Arrivals - part 41: The bloodlines…

The only solution is education, education, education, ...
Please, wake up... or die trying...
"The Arrivals is a series which took the World by storm to show us all the religious signs that prove the foundation of all requirements for the existence of the Anti-Christ, Al Mahdi and the second coming of the Christ."
Each episode proves a point:

If you connect all links and vids + "the Arrived", "The Arrivals", "Phase 3", etc. from this picture, I promise you, you will see, feel and have the ability to connect the dots (events) yourselves!!

The satanic power structure seems much more complicated, than it really is!!
Always follow the paper money!! (I$-RA-€£)

Welcome in Babylon...
U$/U£/€U tax money at work!! (I$-RA-€£)
The love of money is the root of all evil…

How the Jewish mafia screwed you!!
(Synagogue of Satan)

“If my sons did not want war, there would be none.”
Gutle Schnapper Rothschild (German Jew)

"Ring of power: empire of the city"
The love of money is the root to all evil...
Full length documentary!!
Real movie time:

Part I: 9/11 the untold story
Part II: hidden empire
Part III: trail of the pharaohs
Part IV: God and the Queen
Part V: all the Queens men
Part VI: the Godfathers
Part VII: cheating Monopoly
Part VIII: asses of evil
Part IX: King of hearts
Part X: solutions

For Jewish paper money, you choose to kill or die!! (in Iran)
All wars are staged!! (based on lies!!)
UN/NATO/US/UK/EU/ISAF soldiers are just "pawns in the game"!!

Money = debt; debt = money!!
Paper money = Toilet paper
"Money as debt" (debt money system)
This documentary explains today's magically perverse debt-money system in terms that are easy to understand:

Jewish Freemason God = Satan = gold oil drugs = money = the root of all evil!!
Must listen to this ignorant shit head...
"A satanic Rabbi exposed" (full interview)

Stay aware, if a woman does not want her husband to join Freemasonry, he has no permission to join them!!

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Video: Where did the Knights Templar come from?

Video answer: The Templar was born in the Holy land in Jerusalem

Wrong answer

Khazars: The name "Khazar" seems to be tied to a Turkic verb form meaning "wandering".

Knights Templar, same

Cheers for the Detailed info on the Knights Templar. The Khazars are behind bloody Everything!  It was the Evil Satanic Pahrisees Jews who Guilded the Khazars in their ways.  They should have all been Executed as soon as they were Caught Murdering European Children, instead of just being Banned because the Bloody Christians believed in the Lies that the Jews were the Chosen people of God!  Yes, if theirGod happens to be Lucifer.

That is the essence in few words.

It is sad so many famous names belongs to them. formulated cynicism/atheism as a system - almost like the Protocols or Kissinger/Brzezinski today. Same people is my feeling - the Venetians too. Nietzsche was one of them?

Video: They [the Templars] secretly adapted the Kabbalist philosophy and way of life ...

Wrong answer. The Templar were Khazarians, and they were already familiar with "the Kabbalist philosophy and way of life" (being Judaic .. without telling anyone)

A secret agenda from day one. They presented themselves as "poor" soldiers to the Pope, while they actually were rich and of noble blood. They also wanted to be anonymous.

Keith B. Alexander (Knights Templar bloodline)

Freemasonry <- Knights Templar <- Khazars (the historical Zionists)

Ashkenazis <- Khazars (the historical Zionists)

Knights Templar = first thing they did during the Crusades was to plunder and kill Jewish settlements - anti-Semitic. Knights Templar = Caucasians

You should do this as its own post!  A lot of Info that needs to be shared Not Mainstreamer!

The main aim [Rosicrucian Order] of their work was to rule the world ... (video 33:15)

Rosicrucian Order is Knight Templar in disguise

What is confirmed here: Knights Templar -> Rosicrucian Order (Francis Bacon) -> "New Atlantis" (the construction of U.S.). 

So the question is: From whom did Knights Templar emerge? Wikipedia answer: From nowhere

(People think: U.S. is infiltrated by "Jewish" "Bankers". It is worse than that. U.S. was created by these people - some Judaic, most officially "Atheists" or "Christians"  - even before Rothshild made a fortune in London City)

The Discovery of the New World was organised by Knights Templar (at that time they were Christian in name ... more like "rapists" in practice)

By the time of George Custler we may assume U.S. Army was a freemasonry construction.

Definite Connections.


"Destroying the New World Order"



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