Seem's I'm the only one getting prepared, son tells me if something does ever happen he knows where to come.

Okay. I just want to rant about a frustration I have with my children not following my example in preparing for a disaster.

They were raised from day one about being prepared. At least haveing a can of beans and a jug of water in case of a disaster.

They were taught to buy things in bulk when on sale. We always had a garden and I canned and dried, and put up the food we grew.

We raised chickens, sheep, pigs, and turkey.

When we lived in Oregon there was a fairly large earthquake that did quite a bit of damage and when FEMA came to town I was told by them I was the only on in our small town that they met that had bottled water, not to even mentioning the other things. The government had to bring in a truck to provide water because the towns wells were contaminated from the quake. I felt proud that I didn't need their help.

I know times are tough but recently I had to send home with my son and his wife several food boxes because their cupboards were bare. They make more money than I do. They both work and have a new baby.

For both my kids when they were babies I used cloth diaper. The original investment of about $200. saved me a lot of money not having to buy disposable diaper. 

My son tells me if something ever does happen he knows where to come. Home. I have always been prepared. But what get's me frustrated is my kids are not helping... I don't mean to help me to be prepared, but to help them selves. 

I keeps saying have extra gas in gas cans at least, so they can get here. I know they don't.

When ever I think of something new to add to the survivor supple list I tell them. 

My newest addition had been hand help CB radio's. Notice I said radio's plural. Yeah I buywith my whole family in mind. 

And alligator clips. I recently learned you can run a small TV off of regular alkaline batteries and alligator clips. I even pick up a solar cell phone charger off the Internet for just $15. 

Thermal blankets that are suppose to keep in 90% of you body heat for just $1. each. But then I think they would be good for fire too or covering broken windows

I have been also putting together a survivalist book.  Different ideas of gadgets, canning, making necessary things from scratch. Ever how to make lye and soap, shelters, Morris code. etc. So if something happens and I'm not here my kids will have the book. 

Sigh... I just hope if something ever does happen, and I hope not, they will come home with things to trade with.... maybe a trunk full of cartons of cigarettes. 

When it come to things to barter with someone said to think about what people in prison what the most.


By the way my son did get the Zombie Survival book. It had a lot of great survival ideas in it for just about any situation and location. Others might look into reading it.


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gasification is awesome, i just finished my research on it and will building one straight away. hopefully i can get up a page here on it soon.

Thanks for the links Mary, but I'm pretty well shot. I have a Non Hodgkin's Lymphoma I have controlled now for 6 years with vitamins and herbs. The only person that Vanderbilt had that reversed it. This time though it is (hopefully was) Esophageal Cancer. It cut my throat off so fast I had to go conventional which has done a lot of damage. Another CAT Scan in April, the last one they couldn't tell if it was all gone or not, too much radiation damage. Chemo screwed up the rest and if it failed there is nothing left but surgery, which I have refused up front. Add to that a heart attack 6 years ago at 44, I know what comes after death, and I'm good with that, just really don't want to go from this so I have no problem being a diversion, but she thinks I will go too. My wife and I will be on I Survived, Beyond and Back on 1-9-11, the Biography Chanel, red shirt and beard is me. I'm just trying to spend whatever I have left preparing my family and friends (known and unknown) to make the journey I can't. Maybe leave this world a little better place than it is.


  The Silver you are talking about, make sure if you make Colloidal Silver you use .9999, it has to be 4-9s or else it will become poison. Jewelry Silver will not work. Filter the particles so that they are small and I usually make mine not quite as many PPMs be dose. That way you will lessen the chance of turning Blue. Google Bob Beck. 


  I also brought in a Jackass, a miniature one. It you can get a Jenny get that, Jacks are known to eventually turn on your livestock. I had a baby goat born today, died today, he killed it. Think he killed another goat too. Not only do they yell when something comes near, but they also kill dogs, etc. 


  For borders, just make sure it is clear of Livestock an especially children, fishing hooks. On perimeter fences hang them from the trees, face high. In tall grass just attach them to something and toss. Neither are lethal but they will sure let you know where they are. Lately I've been installing Solar Motion detector lights. They aren't real bright but they will work when the power is off, and easier on the eyes if you use night vision to detect with. .22 firearms are great. Pistol and rifle can use the same small ammo. 500 rounds can be carried in 1 hand verses the other calipers. Naturally semi automatics over single shots, so as to spread enough lead to get away. Compound Bow for quiet, actually though, a recurve would be better, you can remake arrows for it. Crossbows are loud and the bolts are expensive.


Slide dead bolts on doors. Have non electric hand tools for all the major needs. Drill, Saw, Hammer, Well Pump, Siphon Pump, Screw drivers, wrenches. Have at least 3-10 times the lids as you do jars. At least a case of Surejell. 200-300 lbs of Sugar. Know which plants do well in shade, just in case they completely outlaw gardens. Stuff like rattlesnake beans do just as well in shade and drought. They also climb, so they could be planted in the trees. Raw Honey keeps indefinitely and can be used as a preservative. Salt is a necessity, not only for body function but also preserving. Cattle block salt and mineral block salt actually don't taste that bad, lol. We used sea salt but after the spill are switching over to the pink salt. Never white salt. Hand meat grinder and also cast iron pots. 2 good carrying knives, 1 switchblade and one regular pocket knife... throwing knife don't hurt to have either. A real Hatchet, does both hammer and axe jobs. Cast Iron cookware. Cheap battery operated lights in places where electricity isn't.


  If it's winter dig down into the ground about 2 feet or more and make a shelter that is not very tall. Use straw, leaves, whatever is accessible and place rock in the fire, if you have one, and use them to heat with. It only needs to be a little longer and wider than your body or if 2 or more the total number. If you bury something toss a lot of metal in that area, something like washers, to throw off metal detectors. If you can, get an old truck/car that is carbonated with little to no electronics and leave it that way. Have on hand extra spark plugs, points, condenser, fuses, and coil... that should take care of everything except the spare tire(s). 


  Most importantly...blend. Have good shoes, extra and different types of shoes if you can. Go wherever people aren't, but not so far you are out of your turf unless you have to. I can't give you hiding secrets past that without divulging where and how I hide. Appear poor and humble, but never vulnerable. Just in case though, learn some techniques for defense.        


"Destroying the New World Order"



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