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deborah tavares - who's running america- please post - 12160
18 hours ago - JIHAAD.. The Goodly life!! Started by Not mainstreamer in Current News/Events 5 hours ago. 0 Replies 0 Favorites ...

JIHAAD.. The Goodly life!! - 12160
3 hours ago - ... JIHAAD.. The Goodly life!! Posted by Not mainstreamer on April 19, ...

JIHAAD.. The Goodly life!! – 12160
JIHAAD.. The Goodly life!! by Not mainstreamer. 25 minutes ago. (video 8:33).
1 day ago - 1 post - ?1 author
First question: Is life expectancy increasing in U.S.? ... JIHAAD.. The Goodly life!! Started by Not mainstreamer in Current News/Events.

Only 1-2 valid/permanent 12160 hits here. The other hits 5-6 hits will soon be invalidated by Ning.  Googlebot is working and working and Ning deletes the findings (=destructive)


There should be a front page [some kind of sitemap/index?] that is a landing page for 12160, and high value pages should have a link to that frontpage, so frontpage will be a high ranking page as a start. Next the incoming links should define what 12160 is about [by page content]? As it is, it is a mess for Googlebot / search engine bots

Now 12160 ranks high for "12160" (easy), but not for "New World Order"

Google search for "New World Order" returns Wikipedia, Wikipedia, Wikipedia, Wikipedia, and

The "" hit is a static page, like all Wikipedia pages. Wikis are big indexes. Search engine bots loves that?

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Google has de-indexed this site, that is a big deal, I can not figure out how to fix. Prob doesnt help I say f google every chance I get here :)

maybe its time to de-index google then >=)


an extended campaign against google would knock it on its ass

You know.. we could actually re-engineer the internet so that search is handled locally, by your own computer. Think of it like X number of radio towers broadcasting their keywords and your computer scans all of them.

In fact, this might be inevitable as computers evolve and we start considering feasible platforms for DEEP SPACE.

The internet protocol would then become a true indexing tool, providing the shortest route to every frequency you seek.

Data transmitted over the internet is done by either audio frequency or light. This will likely hold true for space internet too.

welcome back wild child ! hey if you can, try to add all your comments in less lines, so as to not bury the latest activity feed with one post. cheers

SE is not easy

  • Not identical headlines and content as other sites - identical pages will not show up on Google?
  • Page content being updated - new content gets higher value
  • Clean structure like a Wiki - consistence between topic and content
  • Index pages and sitemaps
  • Other sites linking to a page is telling Google this page has value - links to outside pages is telling Google those sites have value

Yeah.. so like with breaking news stuff to target the dynamic traffic trends...

  1. Re-title the article or topic that you link to when creating a post. That changes the headline, creates new content, and its content of value because it contains new data (your thoughts via the new title) and sets the page on a slightly different but similar course. Then add some commentary, opinion, whatever, to the body to beef up the page value because a simple title change and link isn't really enough in googlebot's eyes.
  2. Placing into an appropriate group
  3. Using tags when able

By linking to an article with relevant high-ranking content on another site, it helps us and them, on those keywords. The inter-web.

Domain level optimization, and page level optimization. Page inherits some properties from the domain. Then ranks up against other pages.

Checking how Google indexes 12160

deborah tavares - who's running america- please ... - 12160
2 days ago - JIHAAD.. The Goodly life!! Started by Not mainstreamer in Current News/Events 5 hours ago. 0 Replies 0 Favorites ...

Still all those unvalid hits show up on Google. Above hit shows nothing about "JIHAAD.. The Goodly life!!" today because it was only a temporary sidebar text, but Google hasn't noticed. Not a big problem, it will happen everywhere. It tells us how googlebot works.


"Destroying the New World Order"



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