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First, thanks to a few folks, our bills continue to get paid here, thank you all so much from the membership ! For many months over the years, it is has been just been me paying the bills, so I offer a personal thanks to you guys too.

Our host ning seems behind in rolling out the newest version of this social network platform. This is a good thing. When this day does come the monthly price will double, and I just found out they want it paid a year in advance. Currently we are looking at 1200 a year plus a few other cost.

I wrote ning and asked when this change over will happen, so far no response. I will add the date as soon as I find out. Thanks everybody.


A little tidbit I got today...

Will I be forced to upgrade my Ning Network to Ning 3.0?  If so, when?

Yes, eventually. We will be asking all of our current customers to upgrade to Ning 3.0. But you'll have plenty of time to think about when you'd like to transition. Once we release an upgrade process this summer, we'll give you at least a year to make the move, and you'll get to decide when your upgrade to Ning 3.0 happens.



 oh btw, your network is doomed in a year..thanks your host ning.com


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James, are you saying that Ning will charge more money to keep the site? I'm a little lost on this one. Please explain...


I appears the site will be deleted , with no real assurances if our content will transfer to the new version of this social platform.

And yes, after a second look,the monthly price will double, oh the joy.

Well, before we hit the panic switch, find out all the details. If the cost goes up, we can do a donation drive which will help out. Even if everything posted got lost in the mix, it won't stop us from creating new and better material which will knock their socks off. Do not despair, we will overcome this challange.

True, Vince, no panic, I need to clarify.  I am uncertain about  the future of this site frankly .
This is continued extortion from our host ning. When we started this site it was free in exchange for ads. I have decided I wont continue paying these sobs and we will not be hosted by them for much longer.

As far as donations, I gave up relying on the generosity of others, even at today's monthly cost, I am the only one paying the bills usually.

We were among the first truth type social networks, but now there are 1000s. We are constantly used (politely and covertly) to grow other folks sites and projects, thus splintering and dividing us here amongst the ether.

Perhaps had we maintained a decent group of folks who cared ,and whom could put aside egos and emotions things may have been different. As it stands only a few folks ever showed such interest and proven reliability.

We have a year, but not sure how long  I personally will have the desire and motivation for the next step.
I guess whom ever is still here, and interested will have to decide whats next.

Wow this is a shitty deal ning has thrown down. Do you even get anything more for 3.0? Is it just straight up robbery?

they asked me to try out the new place for 14 days for free, f that. Yes robbery

Worst comes and we don't transition you could always just run a simple machines forum as they are pretty easy and cheap to maintain. Donno maybe getting more AD's up cold cover some cost.

I think this site would have been huge after 5yrs  if we were on a simple forum. This site requires more patience and time to learn and  follow than most willing to give.

Many I asked said they didnt want a boring old 90s forum, and liked having a profile, oh well, we will never get a consensus.

I was offered around 500 a month by ning to run ads, they are auto playing videos, and even tho many of us know how to block them, it would have run off many I think.

I set up a few forums playing around recently, plus did hope this free place http://12160info.lefora.com site would have generated some interest.

If you arent reading between the lines, this site may cease to exist in the next few months. I will no longer pay these bastards and if you folks want this place , you will have to figure out a way to keep it.
I am done here as of June.

James, for all it's worth, YOU have DONE AN Amazing JOB!  For the few years I've been here you've  had to come up with the seed, plant the seed, water the seed, watch it grow, nurture it, clip it, trim it, carry it, wipe it's nose and it's arse, take the hits... and I'm sure with help, although it was you as the Head Gardener.   So, whatever you have to do... do it.   I will make a donation today, just to show you, I do believe in the work you and all of us do.  Like I've said in the past.... if active members would give at least five dollars a month, the burden wouldn't have to fall on you my friend!   Also, in the "religious" church world, many a large church would "mother" and plant other sites. Count it as your "kids"/Grandkids branching off.  We know where the original source came from. :)   You James, have done well... Awesome really!

Money aside, the continued loss of once active members, the 20 thousand post erased of the site in the last months has finally put me over the edge. I no longer care and feel I  did my part over the years, now its up to you all.


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