The New "Green Czar" calls the Republican party "A bunch of A** Holes"

Do you remember when Barack Obama campaigned on warm, fuzzy platitudes, stating time and again that he would lead a post-partisan era where Republicans and Democrats would get along for the betterment of the country?

Remember how he said he would change the tone in Washington, and how the economy and other issues of the day were too important to be obscured with petty, partisan bickering?

My, how things change.

In a shocking new video, Obama’s green jobs czar – whatever that is – calls congressional Republicans a**holes.

Shouldn’t we expect more from our leaders?

AFF Political Action thinks so! It’s time to do what’s right for this country again – but we can only do so with your help. With your gift of $20, we can clean out Washington and put grown-ups in charge again.

Whether it is tax cheats in his administration, or foul-mouthed diatribes by his czars, one thing is for certain: We must win back enough congressional seats to return Washington to conservative- free-market ideology.

With conservatives in charge again, you certainly won’t be hearing from a “green jobs czar” – or ANY czar for that matter!

Help us get grounded conservatives elected again. Your gift of $20 will assist us in doing just that.

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Nothing but the truth, of course he fails to mention the democratic party is a bunch of assholes too, but that, of course, is a mutual amnesia shared by both parties. Help get conservatives elected? What crap, show me the conservative first or go blow yourself. And assuming I wanted a free market ideology when was the last time the republican party gave a shit about a true free market economy? 30 maybe 40 years ago if ever. Would you really want me to vote for another lying politician who's supposed ideology end ten seconds after being elected. Yeah, that'll help. When they fuck everything up can I vote for the other branch of the illuminati party again so they can fuck it up and make me vote for the conservative fuckups again. I forget, which is the conservative lier, mr Smith, or Mr. Jones. ying or yang, ping or pong? Would you please wrap them up in a party fun pack so I don't really need to know a damn thing about them and can just buy them like a fucking happy meal. Cause I'm a patriot on the fucking go man and I got no time to mess around, in fact tie me off would ya, as I mainline some god damned party politics. Maybe I'll OD, fall out a fourth story window splatter my brains all over the sidewalk so I never have to hear about another fake fuck "conservative" or fake fuck "liberal" again.

And okay so that was a hell of a rant but I had a few drinks and I'm a light weight these days but screw it I'll fight ya all man, one at a time or all together, bring it on. Maybe what I need is another drink. Yeah THAT sounds like a good idea. Where'd my whiskey go?


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