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I picked out the most relevant parts relating to Human Cloning.
Designing humans with unique abilities under global governance regime is an article on Alex Jones Infowars website (link below) from 25th September 2010.


I am sure that we are all programmed and controlled by media, entertainment and other sources. Perhaps we are robots inside living tissue?
Read more on this subject below...

Dear Reader,

I hope you will take time to think about what I say in this article- many will recognize it as something they already knew, others it may come as a shock to.
Don''t be scared by the information you will read- it will help set your mind free.


Believe only half of what you hear and half of what you see...
The theory of life being an illusion may make for good movie making or story telling, but what if the theory was true.

Imagine a World created and designed by scientific mind-control artists which have manipulated many aspects of life including the manipulation of technology and even our thoughts.

Now let''s assume that history itself, as documented in books and encyclopedias, is actually an account of a long- gone past, before an experiment of what I will refer to as Earth Computer Simulation (ECS), designed by top scientists and computer programmers a very long time ago- unmeasurable in years because it happened so long ago. We now exist in the 21st Century,so we are told. Perhaps we actually live in the 21st Century computer simulation, which is a mix of physical reality,(yes, we do exist on Earth!) and mind-controlled reactions (are we individually programmed by a super-human alien race in space somewhere??).

Our planet Earth is brilliant, potentially a place of peace and goodwill, yet it is full of flaws and oppressive laws, corrupt rich control-freaks and elite leaders who are aware that they have the money,power and control over our lives with their decisions. Those decisions have created the cities,towns and lives we lead, yet have destroyed so much of humanity by being oppressive to cultures which are simply different. The white race is the most control-freak of all races. The majority of capitalism and development has stemmed from white power which has involved oppressing other cultures, killing opinion and quashing uprising and protest.

So let''s also assume that our very minds, thoughts and decisions are programmed into us from separate independent computers,located possibly somewhere on Earth or in deep outer space. As individuals we have a great ability to educate ourselves and improve our lives, meaning that if you are not satisfied with your life, career or health for example, The Earth Computer Simulation (ECS) program can be altered or corrected from within planet Earth itself- by you.

By this I mean we have the ability to use money to buy things to improve our own lives- like good food, good clean water and good clothes, other luxuries, and educate ourselves to obtain better jobs and careers.But perhaps the current planet was designed to control every individual separately- so that we conform to a schedule-the program which was designed to make our planet go in one direction and not end up with millions of independent free thinkers. Maybe we cannot actually truly make a decision to do anything of our own free will, because we might be receiving computer-commands from a satellite which tell us each what to do, day-to-day,
throughout our lives. You might hear of ''the game'' , or ''the experiment'' when you get into mind control and free-thinking. How much of our independent thought is actually independent? Are we merely receiving static-computer commands from a personal computer with each day that passes by, unaware that we are being controlled to say and do whatever we are being programmed to do by some computer? Are our minds slaves to ''the machine'' and will we ever escape the commands we receive.

Perhaps the World is a mix of physical reality and electronic mind control. Has our World been designed by an evil force that oppresses some cultures, so that only white powercontrol the majority of people on Earth, and so make white people the richest and most powerful?
What about the problems on our Earth- the starving millions, the diseases that kill millions, the wars that kill millions? Again we can change these things if we were just able to get our hands on enough money. I don''t mean a couple of billion dollars, but hundreds of billions of dollars.

So if we accept that our lives are a simulation- an existance which was designed by cloning and then deliberate segregation between religions,races and cultures you probably ask- why? Why have countries been at war with each other, religiously dominated and politically oppressed? Because- that''s what has been archived in the history books. Imagine that millions of years ago our existance happened exactly as it is spelled out in historical books, with centuries of oppression, white power domination, Christian dominance, economic corruption suiting the elitists and World leaders who claim to be ''President of the World'' and that sort of controlism. Those in control of white countries now hold more power and influence over business and wealth than any other culture, and to make sure that they maintained control of theie power they archived the decisions they made, arranging the decisions to oppress uprisings, control wealth for their own needs, designing economic systems to keep the majority poor and dumbed-down. The majority of hard working people earn little, can do little and have little but a house and a few luxuries. Average Joe and his family don''t have power to stand up against politicians and oppression because Police and Army are employed to quash uprisings, to protect the elite and the political decision makers. Perhaps the political structure as it exists today was designed to maintain white power and elitism, and is archived in computers from a time millions of years ago.

This theory can be boosted by the cloning theory. Have humans been ''designed'' - or cloned a long time ago?
It makes sense that if a computer-controlled world system was designed to maintain the elitists grip on the World as it is today, then somebody would have cracked their code a long time ago, and educated the public for a revolution against the controllers,elitists and politicians who enslave nations, oppress people and take the money and power for themselves.But if the decisions we make are programmed, then we have to beleive that those revolutionaries against the powers-that-be may have themselves been either terminated or placed into a dumbed-down World of mind control. There could be some key revolutionaries who once freed the majority from oppression who are now simply leading a different life, unaware of their past-life leadership and achievements of cracking the controller''s code. So are we living in a post-triumphant World, where the people who had succeeded in breaking the chains of oppression are now being ''programmed'' into a dumbed down state. the majority of people watch the mind control device called the television. They spend all their time glued to it, brain in neutral and taking in hours of pointless information and sounds. People are dumbed-down by the television. It is a hypnotic mind control device,conveniently taking up your time so that you do not educate yourself about the bigger picture- the mind controlled world of power and elitism, greed and corruption.

Our existance may have been replicated- our religious leaders and basically everybody who exists today, existed a long time ago.
It is very possible for DNA experiment scientists to have dug up remains of millions of people and used their remaining body tissue to then clone it for a scientifically-designed future. Many of us have had blood tests- we have given our DNA via blood samples, and when we die the majority of us are surgically embalmed, our blood may have been removed millions of years ago and DNA put on ice in storage, our details logged in a database. The majority of us may have been replicated a long time ago.

This World is a delicate object, and whether you are a sceptic of the end of the World, chances are that the world as we know it- that of billions of people died a long time ago. Wars kill millions of people, disease kills millions, famine kills millions- storm floods,earthquakes,volcanic eruptions, tsunamis and sea level flooding all could have wiped out so many people millions of years ago that scientists realized that people were slowly being killed off, from natural disasters, famine,disease,war, car accidents, murders and from natural death causes.

So what the scientists did to make sure that civilisation did not die, was to take our blood samples and then re-create the World piece by piece until we came into existance- starting with the earliest samples of homosapien species that were found on Earth during excavations, and replicating them, while replicating humans in other parts of the World- the Aboriginal race, African race, Asian race and the caucasian race. It is a relatively simple process of populating the Earth with humans who would reproduce and give birth to more generations, and to watch the process of human civilization grow and grow, archiving the progress of humankind as they progresses naturally. Our DNA could have been altered to make us better at resisting diseases, and by getting tetnus shots, tuberculosis shots, influenza shots we are saved from extinction and demise. Those are some of the possible good things about the ''experiment'', that we were saved from extinction and recreated.
So for thousands of years we have been living in a designed World of computers and ''remote-controlled thought'' , being controlled by independent computers somewhere, reproducing by natural means and merely playing out the archived history,playing out a scientific experiment which we have no way of avoiding.

But what truly happens when the World comes to an end, from a meteor or comet hitting planet Earth hundreds or thousands of years from now ? Does a scientific experiment then start to recreate the last 2 thousand years of history, by taking our stored DNA and recreating humans in laboratories and sending them into different countries as crusaders, sworn to keep the secret of the experiment a secret? Are a few hundred thousand people brought back to life to populate different key countries, to work as slaves under the rule of the crusaders? Were our religious and political leaders recreated to control simple minds into believing that God created everything, meanwhile they were the few who knew of the ''experiment'' , and could not tell the truth , that the public were created as slaves after an apocalyptic event to re-populate the World?

So over millions of years the human race has been manufactured to become what it is today, steered in one direction by design and manipulation. Our political and religious leaders passed on learning, wisdom and ancient stories- the first level of education.
Perhaps the scientists laboratories are under the Earth, currently observing the development of their experiment- observing the people in the current ''simulated'' World of design and control, programming their thoughts and decisions to achieve order and to give the riches and power to the current elitists. Maybe it is the current elitists who set up this sontrol-grid system, to maintain their ''superiority'' above the public, the dumbed-down people who know nothing about much of this but are glued to televisons instead?

Part C:- The Human Brain, Altered By DNA Manufacturing:-
Not only could have our bodies been changed, but the very core of our body, the brain could be a semi-altered organism, capable of being programmed more easily. The brain works on electronic signals, just as the heart creates micro-volts to keep it pumping. It was a long time ago, when human beings did not think independently whatsoever, and only a few people had wisdom,knowledge and understanding of abilities to create technology- which is evident from inventions. How did those few people become more intelligent to invent electricity, computer aprts, splitting the atom? It all happened a long time ago- those people were gifted, had brains which were more perfect in their natural formation, and since then scientists have simply replicated those brains by changing our DNA structure to include DNA of say Einstein''s brain, yet the rest of our DNA is our own original self- from our own bodies.

If you look up ''trans-human cyborg technology'' on the internet, you will find many articles on how humans could be (or already are) computer-chipped beings... How could that be possible you ask? I recall the NASA super-computer being unveiled a couple of years ago, and read up on the atomic-sized components that the computer uses- capable of calculating binary digits simultaneously- in computer one''s and zero''s at the same time. A standard home computer can calculate binary independently, first a one then a zero, not simultaneously. In theory billions of calculations could be done at the speed of light by the new NASA super-computer, as opposed to the standard home computer which can only calculate data or mathmatical sums at the speed at which the processor will allow it to, because standard processors become overheated and slow down and can only run at a specific speed. An atomic NASA computer can work far quicker-at the speed of light and doesn''t overheat because the components are atomic sized and do not store heat- thus won''t slow down. The industry ''Sony'' created the cell processor- the organically grown microchip which could be just an indication of technology is available today. Maybe a far more powerful computer has already been designed- the human brain, grown organically and capable of receiving signals which control our movement, thoughts,actions and reactions. Has the human brain been engineered a long time ago to be better at learning?

There is another aspect of our simulated existance- the fact that the human brain can be destroyed by heavy drinking, over-eating, too much sleep, too much exercise,lack of oxygen, drugs of all kinds, caffeine, nicotine, alcohol etc.

So if we have been ''designed'' a long time ago, and our DNA was changed so that we grow with a genetically created super-brain, an ''Einstein''s brain'' inside our skulls, why do many people do better in life, learn more and others do not.
When we grow from day one we all absorb different nutrients via the womb- some of us inherit DNA from small parents, some inherit DNA from tall parents- some fat, some thin and so on... So we are all unique and different, yet if the human race has been re-created to have a smarter brain, our brains could be replicated from specific blood groups. I won''t say each and every one of us has Einstein''s replicated brain, but most of us have similar brains to those in our own cultures, which stem from our most family trees. It is difficult to say when scientists started collecting our DNA- did scientists find remains of beings been found frozen in permafrost thousnds or even millions of years ago from a natural catastrophe or massive nuclear war that killed most of humanity? Were we re-created after the catastrophe to have more powerful brains, which were easier to control by designing them with organic-electronic receivers that pick up command signals? Are we living in a remote-controlled body?

It may be possible to make full size adults in a laboratory by recreating the human body limb by limb and vessel by vessel, although it may sound too difficult to achieve, unless a method of fast-growing chemicals are given to a baby to make the human grow into an adult within months or a couple of years. We can already create miniature crops ,so in theory some kind of ''growth-hormone-chemical-engineering-method'' could be used to force the growth of a baby into an adult much quicker than by natural growth.

One scenario where a cloned-fast-grown-adult-human could be used would be for spy agencies, who could obtain DNA from blood tests from hospitals and clinics. Some countries may have already done this. In a fantasy situation for example, a politician could be created from DNA samples, which could then be altered to fast-grow a clone, with a computer chip inserted into the human brain. This is where it could get very technical. In reality,our lives are documented on computers,and the information we provide makes up a story of our lives. Every photo we have, every holiday snap, every doctor visit, our education, credit card purchases and internet web search can be documented, and used to program a clone to learn every aspect of anybody'' person''s life, assuming there is enough information to do so. The clone could then be used to spy on their collegues, with the information being uploaded to a computer and transmitted to a super-computer spy agency.

Our own thoughts though are private, as humans- they only get documented if you write them on the internet or send them to a newspaper or magazine...or if you write an autobiography...all the information you provide could help to program a clone. If you can imagine collecting millions of DNA samples from around the World, the you could recreate cloned beings in the future. Perhaps we exist in this simulated/created World, which is re-initiated from blood samples by scientists later in the future when humanity is destroyed for whatever reason, and all the scientists have to do is recreate important famous people in each country around the World, programming them to be much wiser than the majority of surviving humans after the modern World comes to an end. Then the natural circle of life happens, and the history just simply repeats itself. But this seems to be to improbable. How can life repeat itself naturally, without direct intervention from scientists? Anything could go wrong, any one person accidently killed or dies of disease and the whole experiment could go wrong. That is why it makes more sense to realize that we are cybernetic beings- living organisms which see and hear things because we are electronically programmed and controlled in so many ways to see and listen. Some people are relatively dosile and do not think past the storyline of an action movie, yet some are great thinkers and invent things,just as our modern world has been created by technologically advanced humans or other beings. If our brains can be programmed to make us physically do things then we have little control over our thoughts, as they could be ''wired'' to us continuously from supercomputers-each of us having our own supercomputer or hardrive sending us our thoughts and controlling our day-to-day movements. Our reactions,sense of humour and awareness,feelings and emotions might all be be really have control over.

Perhaps our Earth, as large as it appears to us as people is in fact the size of a basketball to a giant race of beings, and we are only small creatures living on it. Are we living in a nano-Earth, as nano-beings and created multiple times over by giant beings???

Our lives are at the mercy of computers, which can be re-programmed an altered in any way. Who controls us, the programs and the reality we cling to?

by Russell S.Wyllie (full article link http://www.articlesbase.com/authors/russell-swyllie/345955)

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