When is it time to come together, plan, and what will you do if the SHTF?

With so much of the population on medication,flouride,aspartame perservatives etc.it is amazing people can still function. We have become smiling depressives who enjoy their servitude.There is no resistence and protest. It is scary to think Americans have been conquered and subdued without a shot being fired. Weve been systematically numbed of reality and RWP (Real World Problems).

We accept things that we shouldn't, We eat things we know for a fact are bad for us, We have let the Government take control of things that we shouldn't have. What are we going to do??

Sit back and wait? And if so, Then what? 

We need to stand up for what's left of our Constitutional pride, before we no longer have anything to stand for.. Think about our family and friends, our children, are neighbors children. 
It isn't going to much matter if your a prepper or a survivalist etc, if we don't have connections with others that think alike. We need to come together, talk, plan, decide... on what we would or could do if the SHTF.. We need to network. Share our ideas with one another. Even meet with others in our own areas.. It's not going to do much good if we dont. We can band together if it comes to that. Pull resources together, and tallents and skills.

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In essence, I agree with gaybird. The big problem is preventing infiltration by NSA guys. Amy Goodman said some time ago that all peace groups are infiltrated by FBI. i was a member of the Veterans For Peace at the time. It literally destroyed the group. We no longer trusted one another. It was interesting how suspicious a close knit group can become.

Question. And this has been on my mind a lot. You said "Stop paying taxes". I do agree with this since our tax money is being stolen and used illegally, but my bigger fear is losing my home. Have you actually stopped paying your property taxes or any taxes?


We all know that the two biggest supper powers could not defeat gorilla armies, ambush, hit and run, road side bombs, we just keep chipping away until theres nothing left, we take what they bring us and use it against them

Lots of countermeasures initiated now, as we speak, to neutralize the domestic drones.

I assume that you are referring to the Viet Cong and the Taliban. We don't have their resilience. They have been fighting foreign oppressors for thousands of years. I began with the Chinese, then Kublai Khan, then the Cambodians, Then the French, Then the Japanese, Then the the French again and finally the U.S. We don't have such resilience. I can't imagine Americans hiding out in caves in Idaho while the military dropped napalm, white phosphorous, Agent Orange, block busters, daisy cutters, cluster bombs, etc. on them.

You are assuming that our military would do that to fellow American citizens. I they did, they would have to be wondering who was bombing own their neighborhood back home...or their mother's neighborhood.

The idea is to get them to stand down, like the East German soldiers did when the wall fell.

An unconstitutional law is not a law.

An unconstitutional order is null and void.

I agree with you, wholeheartedly. Further, the Viet Cong and the Taliban target our military.  Citizens should target leaders, particularly those that provide the money.  Take out the money people and you take out the life blood of the government.  I would also remind you elected officials have homes within miles of you.  Take the fight to the real threats and the enforcers will stand down.

The entire US govt. is null & void.

You can see why I have few American friends. I terrify them. Truth is deadly.

I have seen this coming for a long time now. We have friends in the Organic field, and preppers and alsosurvivalist. Spread out across the US. I personally think that it will take people being organized to have any affect on anything. It's just to easy to take out a survivalist here and there, and a prepper here or there etc.. But how hard would it be for the government to take out a group of 20. 50, 200, or a couple thousand? It would be alot harder to do. Exspecially without the world finding out. They could hide a few here and there, but not hundreds or thousands.. I know that now, there are alot more people out there that have seen the light and realize now what is happening around them. It's a horrible wake up call for the people who were clueless, but yet, it doesn't take them long to know that they can't just sit back and let this happen. It's going to take alot of people from all walks of life, and even from all over the world...

We can make a difference. And we will make a difference! It's never to late to do this, if we still have the access to do this, then it's what we need to do. No matter how small of a difference we can make as one, it's worth it if we get one person or family to realize that we can't just sit back and do nothing.. That's what the government wants... And think how much we could do if we combine all our expertise together, our knowledge, our skills..

Anyone have any more ideals? Please do post them here for everyone to see and read. 

  jacqui, inform anyone you can to get involved, get them on the site if you can, there is a treasure trove of information and good people on this site. Find something that you know there interested in, Survivial, prepping, gardening, politics, DIY projects, etc. There are a wide variety of blogs, videos and discussions here, find something that you think would interest them and get them on here.. And from here, maybe other blogs and discussions will open there eyes, or get them more involved in what is going on and what is going to happen. And maybe they will do the same thing. This is a start.. I usually add a picture and a link to a story at the end of my emails that I write, and have gotten alot of people friends and family etc, to write me back asking questions.. That's a start :) for the people that know something is going on, but don't realize just how serious things are for our country and the world. 

Nancy, Oh I know what you mean. Have known people for many years that are preppers / and or survivalist. and gardners/ organic etc. As far back as 20 years ago for myself (B here). Back then when you said either word, Survivalist or Prepper, first thing people got, was a mental picture of a crazy person or group in camo hiding out in the middle of nowhere with guns waiting on the world to end. And that is SO FAR FROM THE TRUTH.. And that train of thought has changed so much over even the last few years alone. We prep and learn survival skills just in case the SHTF, not if.. It's alot smarter to be preparred for a disaster than not.. Here in the South, if it snows just a couple inches, you can go to the closest stores and find that they are SOLD OUT of bread, water, milk, batteries, flashlights etc.. And just think, that's for a few inches of snow.. What would happen to those people that rushed out to get these things if there was a foot or two, and they were without power for a few weeks? And they couldn't get out on the roads to get anywhere to get anything. They would pretty much be SOL... These are the reason we do what we do. So that we aren't the ones out there trying to figure out where were going to get food, or gas, or power to heat the house etc so the kids don't freeze to death.  Survivalist and prepping or preppers is a term now that doesn't scare away most the world anymore. People are seeing why we do these things. And the reason they are seeing this is that more of us are coming out and telling our stories, and sharring our knowledge with others. As we should be doing.

Our local gun stores (2 within 2 miles here) are having a hard time keeping up with supply and demand here in this little town. But wow, do they go the extra mile. They have been staying open much later every night now, they are doubling up on there CWP classes (concelled weapons permit). They think the same way as most on this site think. That the more REGULAR ... NORMAL.. Americans with guns will make it alot harder for any power to just sweep in and take everything away, or leave the American people defenceless against the criminals or worse.
It's not us that anyone needs to be scarred of or worried about, not the citizans that have guns at home for protection, and for protecting there 2nd ammendment or any of there rights.. It's the CRIMINALS that they should be worried about. And like I've heard a few times,, why is it the Government wants to come in and take our guns away, but yet you don't hear hardly anything about what there going to do to the criminals that have guns?? Maybe it's because that isnt the TRUE cause behind there agenda of removing arms from Americans.

I think there are so many smart people on this site that we could find plenty of ways for all of us to make a difference. Maybe even hold meetings online as well as in different states and towns etc. 

Please, if anyone has suggestions please post them here. 

 Sheridan, I understand where you are coming from. My grandfather and my brother both served in the military, and they both to this day actually don't own guns and don't care much for them. But yet they both believe in the cause we are against today. My brother is envolved in the fight for our freedoms in different ways now. He volunteers for the Johny Apple Seed project. He does not care for guns either Sheridan, and there is nothing wrong with that at all. There are many ways to help or things to do for the cause.  It's about all of us coming together to fight against what we know as being wrong. and that fight can be made many different ways as you can see my bro found his way through a organization like Johny appleseed. And your right, it would be great to find someone with the skills to organize this. Any volunteers? Maybe we should find a name start a group? Suggestions? I don't have what it takes to be a leader, and I will be the first to admit that. But I sure the heck will help in any way I can to help anyone anyway that I can.

Nancy Oakley 
 I am so very "live and let live", but I will not passively look on while my grandchildren's freedoms are stolen by anyone." you are so right Nancy, and neither will we. I will do whatever it takes so my children and grandchildren have the freedom I had when growing up. This is not the world that any child should have to grow up in. Let alone adults either. Our Government was created for us to shape, I thinks it's time we let them know what is fair, and equall to everyone. A peacful way would be first choice and the best choice ofcourse. But I am willing to do what I need to do to make sure my children and your children and everyones children grow up free and without fear of the very people that are supposed to protect all of us,.

There must be very few of us prepared to actually stand toe to toe with Goliath. Perhaps ten thousand out of 260 million. How we have withstood all the putrid propaganda pouring out of Hollywood is truly impressive. Americans by and large are brainwashed. Those who aren't have stuck their heads in the proverbial sand. 


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