We as a people in America have been through many trials. The Revolutionary War was one of those trials. A lawful government was established and it came from the people. Each and every American born on the land in one of the states of the union is sovereign. A contract was made between the 13 nation states to establish a federal government to benefit the people. That contract was The Constitution for the united States of America.  A service provider for the American people was established in the District of Columbia by that lawful government. The United States was that service provider. 

The American people suffered their greatest of trials when a BAR member was elected to be President of the unincorporated united states of America in 1860.

Abraham Lincoln was a Bar Attorney prohibited from holding office in
the National Government administered by the States of America
subsidiary thanks to ratification of the Titles of Nobility Amendment in
1819, which became the 13th Amendment to their constitution-- The
Constitution for the united States of America.
The bar against the Bar was adopted to put teeth in an already existing
prohibition in all three constitutions against conflicts of interest
arising from having people in possession of titles conferred by foreign
governments serving in our for-hire federal government. The States of
America felt that Bar Attorneys holding the title of Esquire were
Admiralty lawyers loyal to England and could not be trusted with
American land administration-- though they could not be stopped from
participation in British Territorial United States affairs.

The original 13th Amendment or Titles of Nobility amendment to The Constitution for the united States of America prevented anyone with a title of nobility from holding any public office in America. That presidential candidate in 1860 should have not have been eligible to be president. 

Americans living in the South and the North were coerced into a conflict by this newly elected President with terrible consequences. Tens of thousands of young men from small towns and large cites in the North were called on to go to war.  Many of those were forced to do so. Also thousands upon thousands of new immigrants just arriving from Europe were cast into  the death struggle.

Young men in the thousands from all over  the South came to the defense of their homes. They left their farms, their families, and their lives to do what they believed was necessary. 

This terrible trial destroyed the lives of thousands of Americans. They were all indeed Americans. They had all been born on the land of one of the states or had been naturalized by law. When this conflict ended and the fighting ceased America was changed. 

A new government was established. The people did not know what had happened. They were all deceived. The wording of important documents were changed to hide what was being done.  For example: The charter for the new corporate government was the Constitution of the United States of America.  This new government was not the lawful government that those Americans in 1860 and before had established. 

This new government usurped and replaced the lawful government. The District of Columbia was established as a corporation. UNITED STATES is a corporation. A municipal government and a territorial government were set up. These were both corporations. UNITED STATES and UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. 

UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, INC.  is not the lawful government of the people that was established after the Revolutionary War, The Treat of Paris, The Articles of Confederation, and the contract The Constitution for the united states of America. 

The United States (unincorporated) referred to in The Treaty of Paris,
1783, and its “free, sovereign, and independent people” is not the
United States operating under The Constitution of the United States.

UNITED STATES CITIZENS, U.S. CITIZENS are federal citizens of the corporate government. This group does not have constitutional rights. They only have privileges. The free people of America are American state nationals with all rights preserved under the Common Law. The Constitution for the united states of America is the contract between the states and the created lawful government to preserve those rights. American state nationals are not under the jurisdiction of the corporate government. 

Declare your political status as an American state national and take back the lawful government of the land. We as a people can and must do it. 

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