CLIMATE CHANGE:- The Facts Are Flooding In:-
The 2012 Qatar conference on climate change has started this week, and America's Government won't sign the Kyoto Agreement, and will not come to an agreement to reduce carbon emissions with other nations because China won't co-operate on climate issues.  That is a scape goat excuse, an ignorant stab at the World.
America's economy has taken a $50 BILLION bashing from Hurricane Sandy, but I believe that a couple of disasters like that mean nothing to a big nation like America, who have the money to rebuild, and the U.S Government probably think that it is easier to ignore the climate debate and occasionally when a disaster hits is not seen as too much a problem for America to fix...

VIDEO - *'America Doesn't Care About Planet Earth'*

The truth is that the U.S Government is held to ransom by oil and gas industries, and alternative energies and related projects are being sidelined or totally scrapped by Government, much like the NRA hold to ransom Government over gun control.
Attitudes in America have to change.  Across the internet you can read a million different opinions about politics, war, human rights and economics EVERY SECOND- but climate change???

America has found itself dumbed down by the climate deniers VERY quickly- because the profiteers of industry and energy are the main money-makers of this World, and they will threaten and destroy the climate movement who stand up for the Planet.
The NASA science is relatively accurate- within a couple of percent in terms of their estimations and projections of weather patterns and floods or droughts to hit hard in regions across the World- yet the climate deniers will state the same few lines like a bunch of robots, all programmed to say the same thing, such as:- 'The climate has changed over time naturally,'  or  ' the sun causes the Earth to warm up, not mankind...'
Popular alternative media people avoid talking about carbon MONOXIDE from vehicels, instead they say things like:- 'We are expected to care about carbon DIOXIDE levels given out by vehicles, but carbon dioxide is non-pollutive...'

Of course carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide are two different things...but tell that to the deniers and they scoff in laughter at you.
That's the mentality that the Planet Earth has to contend with.
That's the mentality that poorer nations who are committed to the Kyoto Agreement have to listen to.

Imagine being in a shanty town in China, where you make your living on rice paddocks...Then imagine the Gobi Desert and the Chinese drought expanding and killing off your crops, leaving you without an income, no food and no ability to pay bills. In China there isn't a social security system like the Western World have, but instead you find yourself at the mercy of Government ignorance.

In America, the drought has killed up to 60 percent of crops. Australia just saw its longest drought dubbed 'The Big Dry', with years of little or no rainfall, with farmland and animals dying off in large numbers. That pushed grain prices up across the World dramatically, making food prices double for the poorer nations.
But who in America's Government truly cares about all that rubbish???
Climate change never happened- it's a myth (according to British politician Lord Monckton)...

Now, getting back to the $50 BILLION bashing that Hurricane Sandy gave the entire East coast of America, and the morbid destruction of tens of thousands of homes in New York and surrounding regions... The path of Hurricane Sandy would have usually caused the storm to head East out to the Atlantic ocean, but a massive weather front slammed into the warm Hurricane Sandy weather pattern, and forced Sandy to slam into America with a fierce and unforgiving temper- as if to say, ' You are the country that ignores my power- so here's letting you know you're just an insolent child...'

The weather front that sent Hurricane Sandy into America was realized by scientists to have been caused by the North Pole TOTALLY melting this summer- and the release of the whole North Pole's cold moisture and cold winds created a winter hurricane- a hurricane from the depths of the North Pole for God's sake...
The evidence is clear- the climate has changed.

As a climate and global warming investigator here in Britain, I have carefully noted over many years just how frequent Britain is being flooded, and the end results are saddening.  I remember just 15 years ago there was plenty of rain but little flooding.
Now flooding hits Britain yearly, and the floods don't just hit once, but multiple times at this time of the year (October-November).
Britain is not America.  If we were to see a Hurricane Sandy or experience a few too many floods, London's flood barriers will give way. A couple of years ago the country saw so much rainfall that London's flood barriers were one inch away from topping over...

Britain is in a more dangerous position on climate change because so many of our rivers from far north into Scotland travel down to London via hundreds of miles of connecting rivers, and they are already overflowing and flooding. The country only needs a couple more storms to hit the South and London might be flooded in coming years...and the possibility of London flooding rises with rainfall levels breaking records each year...

Britain cannot afford to rebuild and cope with insurance claims on this scale like America might be able to, and so our Government is far more worried about our economy losing the billions from damaged businesses, ruined farmland, homes destroyed and the homeless people left to care for.

But there is the very evil movement within America and China, and other ignorant nations who won't care two hoots if Britain is destroyed.  The bloke on Infowars hates Britain's Government, and associated them with 'The New World Order', and so millions of people who listen to him say, ' Britain is only leading the climate debate because they are the old new world order establishment, and they want to control the World with climate taxes...'
And Infowars punters believe what they hear is the truth, because any speech that is seen to put down Britain is what they live for and support.
It is sad that the mainstream media like FOX News decided to poo-poo the climate debate totally, especially at a time when so many people are losing their farms, homes and businesses due to massive storms, floods and droughts.

I guess it's true.  America's Government really doesn't care about Planet Earth.
I would go furthur to say that America's Government doesn't care if smaller nations are flooded or go through destructive droughts. The problems that the poorest people have to cope with in this World of ignorance, profiteering is enough already. Isn't America doing enough damage around the World with illegal and unethical wars, occupation and 'democratization' of nations?
What about the current World recession? Look at the damage caused by the American business and trade model that the World copied and practiced. All nations collapsed together, because they chose to try to be like America, cut-throat and reckless.

So now we have a new emergency, and the World's biggest polluters ignore the climate issue.  There is also the fact that the North Pole ice melt has allowed access to oil deposits around the North Pole, opened shipping routes across the North coast of Europe, cutting shipping costs by a dramatic amount.  Industry has noticed that business is looking booming if only they can destroy the North Pole ice...

That is the mentality we are dealing with.
And this is the bottom line.
We can't let them do it to the North Pole. We just can't.
If there ever was a violent revolution to stop the expoitation of the oil at the North Pole, I would have to endorse it. I would have to join it.
But it would be like a band of planet-loving boy-scouts without weapons who do battle with America, European and Russian armies who would be ordered to machine-gun down Greenpeace boats.

Nothing will stop them getting to the oil.  But first they have to melt the North Pole ice, and that's exactly what is going on.  The oil industries will gladly flood the whole World just for more profit...
What, did you actually think that they care?

Thanks America- for absolutely nothing.  Oil industries want to melt my North Pole and flood my country to get your greedy little hands on North Pole oil.

And I know none of those major pollutive countries care.
And in return I care even less about all of them.

by Russell S.Wyllie of http://Youtube.com/RealClimateNews

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