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Reptilians, Demons and Possessed Humans

There are a lot of YouTube videos showing people with 'reptilian slits' and I've seen a lot of confusion regarding this subject. Most people don't know what to think.
Are they the real reptilians - that Icke and others speak of?
Are they possessed by reptilian entities?
Are they possessed by demons from other dimensions?
I've studied both phenomenons in the past couple of years and this is my conclusion.
The human body = a vehicle for decoding this reality

The human body is a vehicle, both physical and energetic. We are able to see and interact with the physical one, but we almost completely ignore the energetic one, because we are not able to see & understand it.

(The third body is the spiritual one, the true 'pilot', who is able to connect to this flesh and bones vehicle that we call body. The spirit comes in a bubble-shaped protective capsule and connects to the body through the 'crown chakra', spreading thin 'cables' throughout the entire body and activating all chakras - see the nervous or vascular systems to have a better image).

The physical and energetic bodies work in correlation, and cannot exist one without the other (at least in this reality/dimension).

The energetic body has many roles, too many to cover here and has 7 major energetic 'wheels', called chakras. These wheels/chakras are spinning very fast (in a healthy body), forming energetic fields around one's physical body. Each field is responsible for something crucial to the survival & evolution (physical and spiritual) of the body.

Why do we need bodies?

The answer is simple. This 4 dimensional reality (the forth dimension is 'time') can only be experienced through these physical bodies.

For this to make sense, here is what Einstein said:
1. 'Everything is energy!"
2. "We have been all wrong! What we have called matter is energy, whose vibration has been lowered as to be perceptible to the senses."

So, this is a four dimensional and low vibrational reality, that can only be experienced with the help of our four dimensional vehicles - the human bodies.

The higher the dimension, the lighter the vehicle/body, until there's no need for a body at all.

But there's a trick. Our four dimensional bodies can only decode this reality. But there are a multitude of parallel realities that we are not able to decode. If we could, we would see different shapes, colors, entities and a lot of other things that we can only start to imagine.

The entire universe is a gigantic PC-like program and we are just one specie of 'Sims' inside a very vast program, hosted on a very vast server (among billions of other servers).

About possessions

Just because we are not able to decode other realities, it doesn't matter they are not there.
Ex: Just because we are tuned to Radio One station, it doesn't matter there is no Radio Two or Three or Four. And as soon as we move the dial on Radio Two's frequency, we are able to decode it. The same applies to TV channels and...parallel dimensions.

The entities residing lower dimensions have very low vibrations.
(Low dimension = low vibration / high dimension = high vibration).

These low vibrational entities are what we call demons, devils, jinns, etc.
(Low vibration = negativity, while high vibration = positivity).

Now the stories of Hell and Heaven also make sense, isn't it?

Hell = is placed very low, deep underground, where darkness, torture and negativity reside. It is the home of the devils and demons.

Heaven = is placed very high, in the sky, where light, bliss and positivity reside. It is the home of the saints and spiritual teachers.

Now back to the low-vibrational entities.
Because the entities are so negative, they enjoy feeding on negative / low-vibrational emotions.

Just think of those who feel the urge to kill. They know this is a very negative emotion, but still they cannot live without it. So, they end up killing and sometimes even raping their dead victims, because that's how they satisfy the need for negative emotions. The more negative the action, the better they feel.

(How these entities are created, by whom and why is another story and I haven't reached a final conclusion. But I will share interesting theory.

Because we are creators, we are able to created both in the very positive realms as well as in the very negative ones.

Those constantly feeding on negative emotions are able to create/manifest 'demons' of those particular emotions, in the lower dimensions. It's just a mirrored reflection of their negativity, in a lower dimension. If the creator is able to overcome his creation / 'demon', it will cease to exist, if not, the demon will gain more and more strength and it will be able to interact to its creator in the future incarnations.

I cannot say if this is fact, but sounds very interesting and not so sci-fi if you think about it. We ARE Creators, after all, able to manifest our thoughts into physicality). Full article here http://www.davidicke.com/forum/showthread.php?t=186374

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I just found new info that. If u wear a orgone pendant you can smoke out reptilian since they hate orgone!

This is  all very strange to me. I did a show about 3 weeks ago about Reptilians and people found it to much lol


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