I agree, way yoo much liberal ignorance on these political sites like Huffington

Another excellent site to target is Newsvine. I used to write there but they kicked me off. They will flat go after you with their ignorant pro-White House gibberish. I find a lot of these ignorant bastards are northeastern college students and dedicated lefties who live off the government or are big union supporters. I say left because these are the people supporting the White House it's not a paradigm ideological thing it is these people that are stupid enough to blindly support this administration.

My recommendations are Daily Kos, Newsvine (owned by NBC) Daily Beast there are others but these seem prominent.

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Yea, you pretty much nailed it. It's all the trendies with college degrees and mtv dvr'ed along with msnbc.

I'm up for suggestions on where we should hit up. You think you would be interested in helping us out Doc?

Sure but I have a lot of writing to do on websites and stuff so my time is allocated but whatever I can do I would like to try. Just let me know how you guys operate. Thanks.


Has yet to be determined. When we have a game plan I'll let you know.

Isnt the problem that many of these 'independent' sites is infested with people who :  

  1. Post everything they see or read on the web (gossib/rumors, PR stunts of every kind, ect ect.)
  2. Lack of scepticism in general (which cause more harm than good in the long run.)
  3. People who will post/write/make up anything to get hits/attention/puplicity or whatever.
  4. Folks who puts everything into their own personal belief/gain whether its religion, politics ect.ect.
  5. Target for scam artists selling their products/crap to naive people.
  6. Infiltrated by various groups/companies to spead PR/lies/opinions call it what you want.
  7. Crazies who just get off making stuff up (Münchausen syndrome). 
  8. People who are out for personal vengeance.
  9. Many doesnt even bother to check up on the stories/rumers/lies before sharing/posting them on.
  10. Then theres all the manipulated photos, videos and stories (copy-pasting, video/sound editing ect.)
  11. Thats only to mention a few things.

Just my opinion. Have a nice day 12160. 

mental note: UK site "Dailymail.co.uk" = zionist controlled, Barry Sotero Davis loving, british msm site

all comments moderated, will not post any comments that are detrimental to Barry Sotero Davis or the Wookie Wife

figure I'd save some people some time if your @ the site

But isnt it fact that all media is 80-90%+ zionist controlled either via direct ownership or via stock majority, boardmembers, executives ect ect.? 

oh ya, but there are still a few sites that will post your comments directly w/out moderation. have noticed though that fewer and fewer sites are even allowing "comments" sections anymore, wonder why?....lmao

Ive just noticed that only a few papers post something that just looks sleightly like criticism but is of course scaled largely down because they know people dont care or cant handle the whole truth. And to maintain their power of humanity. Dailymail at least prints stories and trials about the MI6/MI5 which you almost dont see on the bbc, mirror, guardian ect. Then you at least have some ground material to investigate further on the web.

These sites on the internet embody the full example of incredible government oriented propaganda and lies spewed by the White House they are the administration lap dogs! As follows: Huffington Post, Daily Kos, Daily Beast, Newsvine, even the Examiner is now slipping and trying to curtail articles by its members critical of the Obama White House. We are seeing the steady infringement of censorship gripping even the internet now!

I am on Newsvine and am able to post some pro-gun and conservative seeds. You just have to mix them with seeds that really mean nothing. I also belong to a couple of their groups. A better site than Newsvine is www.thenewstalkers.com

Roy, thanks a lot for the tip. I was on News Vine for a while and as I was taking their crap and putting up with their abuse I got a lot of articles inputted while conservative members were begging me to be careful not to get kicked off by their very biased moderators if you can call them that it's really a joke. First they let you in. You post meaningful content and then they attack trying to bait you, and when they finally do they cry oh he violated the terms of the whatever their bullshit rules are when the lefties are allowed to get away with murder. Anyway, thanks I'll try it again, Roy.


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