What would you do to an SKS?

I have this Yugo SKS, and the iron sights are a little off. I read that standard SKS front sight adjustment tools don't fit the Yugos. So my first Q is, what kind of tool do I need? Or should I just get a new front sight? (Either way it looks like I'll be grinding some metal to make it fit.)

Anyway, I was looking into this Williams Firesight system...
but some people were saying the rear sight was flimsy....
"A good idea, but poorly designed. I think this sight is flimsy, something more suitable for a air gun or 22. It should have been made much heavier as would suit a real military rifle like the SKS. Any good bump would likely snap it off. I put the original sight back on."
and that's just not acceptable.

So this is the rear sight I bought...
(click on "SKS sights" and look at the "TS200'
"Increases the sighting radius by 10" over sights mounted in front of the receiver." (it mounts behind the bolt cover, bringing the rear sight 10" closer to your eye!)
looks much tougher, well made, good testimonials... this is a review of the TS100 (the previous model... without elevation)...

I'm might try to combine that with the Williams front-sight.
But it looks like I would have to do some light gunsmithing, since the Yugo SKS has slightly different specs on the front sight (because of the grenade launcher, I guess)...

"The rear sight of the Yugo 59/66 is interchangeable with other SKS sights but I didn't know if this were true with the front sight. I had my suspicions because recently while using a standard SKS front sight adjustment tool, that fit all of my other SKS, I found it would not fit my 59/66. I finally had to widen the tool so it would fit over the front sight post."

But with the fully adjustable rear sight, I should be able to dial it in, even if the front sight is off a little, right? We'll see. If I need to order more parts, I will.

I'm not really interested in those plastic 20 rd mags they sell, stripper clips are fine for me. But if you disagree, I want to hear about it!

all I really need (besides much better open sights) is maybe a lighter stock.


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If you buy a stock, by Tapco. I cannot stress this enough. Tapco makes the best SKS mods, period. They also make the only reliable mag, which, I might add, while plastic, is quite sturdy.

Consider the mojo peep sight. They're supposed to be quite nice.
There sure are a lot of "upgrades" for the SKS, but most are just garbage. I tried a lot of things with my "pre-ban" SKS years ago, but ended up just junking them. I wish I would have spent that money on buying more guns.

I agree with using stipper clips. They are easy to load and use. Also, I like the way the bolt stays open when out of ammo (my plastic clips didn't allow for that).

All in all, it is a fun gun to plink at cans, but I prefer my garrands for target shooting (semi auto rifle category).

Good luck with it and have fun!
Thx for the input. I got my new TS200 rear peep sight yesterday. The reviews were accurate, this is one solid piece of hardware! Mounted very easily (had to sand 2 small divots out of the stock to make it flush, no probs otherwise). The hard part was taking off the original sight (these Yugos tend to be picky about everything - there was no pin to tap or drill out like on other SKS models). As it turns out, removing the rear sight on a Yugo SKS requires an incredible amount of downward/rearward force placed in just the right way... using a heavy-duty screwdriver and steel wire as a fulcrum.

I'm going to the range with it (hopefully this weekend). I'll dial it in, and report back on the results.

The only real disadvantage I can see (so far) is I now need a screwdriver to field strip the weapon (since the sight needs to come off first). But the improved accuracy should be it worth it.

I have been looking at those tapco stocks. I hope they won't interfere with my unusual rear sight. I know if I get the Fiberforce dragonov stock, I'd have to saw part of it off to make it fit around the Tech-Sight.
I would like to find a SKS one of these days.
Then I'd tweak it.
I'm constantly tweaking my M4 carbine. Just gotta have accessories.
I would never buy one at the prices today because a $100 more and I'd be able to buy a ROMANIAN AK at $450

I know alot of the SKS's are around so if you have em use em, i've heard going over the 20 round mag wells give them trouble.

Metalchemist said:
I would like to find a SKS one of these days.
Then I'd tweak it.
I'm constantly tweaking my M4 carbine. Just gotta have accessories.
I live in the Peoples Republic of California, and the political old hens have screwed up all the gun laws. I've tried to get a Romanian AK but like so many other things, there not available for Mexifornia, we've been screwed out of the cool stuff by the hens that think they know what's better for you. Like the ten round max magazine capacity law.

I've got a Saiga, and I'm going to tweak it to get as close to the above look.
That looks sweet, I'm envious.
I want to move to Arizona, where the laws are much looser, (That's until they (censored) that up.).
Yeah, I would not live in Cali if I had any say in the matter. PA isn't too bad on gun laws, but for some asinine reason, we can't buy alcohol in grocery stores!

Just an update on the Tapco plastic mags... I bought one at a gun show a while back. Took it to the range a couple times and it's not working reliably in my Yugo. The bolt doesn't stay open after the last round, for one thing, which forces you to use 2 hands to reload (holding the bolt back while you seat the mag).

I was also hoping to be able to top-load it from stripper clips (basically using it as a 20 rd fixed mag), but they do not load nearly as smoothly as the original fixed mag did.

All in all, I am sticking with the reliable 10 rd mag and lightweight stripper clips for now.

Also, my after-market rear sights and scope mount work great, but they prevent me from being able to field strip the weapon without tools (i.e. allen wrenches). Plus, they attach to the bolt cover... So if you ever have to take the bolt cover off, you'll have to sight the rifle back in when you put it back together.

I am beginning to think the SKS is not the ideal weapon to modify, despite how easy and inexpensive it is to do so. IMO, you risk losing the original appeal of the weapon (which lies in its simplicity and reliability).


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