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Hello everybody !

I am asking today for your help. We need folks to greet  new members joining the site, and / or some volunteers to help them out if they have questions.

You can see the newest folks here

Stop by their pages and say hi!

We are a social network and as many have pointed out the site seems to lack solidarity and frankly a soul as of late.

We have around 75-100  new people join each month, in fact, we have 30 new potential members that requested membership just last night following the 40 thousand folks that came through  to watch the debate.

I also am asking for some folks to  host the chat rooms, to just hang out when you can and say hello, and get things going. Many of us that have been here from the start have just gotten burned out, so help out if you can please!

If any of this interest you please leave a comment here -> not via email  or on profile pages !

Thanks in advance to all of you that made this site what it is and what it can be!


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Hi James, As a newer member here, I want to say thanks to you and everyone who's working so hard to keep people informed.  If I even had 5 extra minutes in my day I would volunteer to help you guys out- because I really believe in what you're doing- but unfortunately, as a mom of 5, who's just pulled her kids out of the public school system to homeschool them, who is part of several non-profit organizations as an administrator or on the government body, who runs several groups on facebook (one of which is a survivalist family group), and is spending every spare moment educating her self  on every topic imaginable ..... I just can't.  Just know that I really appreciate what you're doing here.  Keep moving forward!!!!

edited: Thank you ! I appreciate the kind words and all your efforts. I can relate to your fight and time issues . Juggling the topics and priories can be madness. Any help or time you have is very welcomed.

  I have had close encounters of the third kind with the following;

1) Skilling and Assoc. and the preset demolition system at WTCs and Sears tower installed during construction(YES! This sounds completely insane, which is why my family member invited to participate turned and ran)

2)The .38 found on Vince Foster that Hillary purchased by proxy in Seattle during the 1983 primary season, I wrote down the serial numbers and met Hillary just before the purchase. She was doling out cocaine cash loot. In Seattle, a critical 50-50 state for the dems.

3) Industrial construction experience in the nuclear and oil exploitation field

4)numerous national political campaigns in Seattle, including time spent around the Bush neocons when they worked for Sen. Henry Jackson (D-Wa). Tim Geithner was there hanging off Richard Perle. They are destroying the U.S. on purpose and must be stopped. They were practicing satanists, in league with European foreign interests.

5) Years around a military base with 2 1/2 years employment at same

6) lobbying experience, and success, without bribes

7) very familiar with firearms and their proper use

Interesting ! Off the top of my head, I wonder if you would be interested taking over this group ? The guy who started it has moved on  elsewhere. I am a rookie on this topic and always looking for more info. I could make you moderator of the group if the interest is there !

i will greet new members if nikki doesn't beat me to it.

Bryan, we need at least 3 or 4 people to greet new members.  It doesn't matter who gets there first, just add your own greeting.

why 3 or 4? if the person gets greeted then they have been greeted.

Good question.  First, if only one person greets them, they get the idea that there's only one person running the site and that must be the greeter.  Second, it helps them get to know a few more people on the site quickly.  And third, it's just friendlier.

ok, thank you.

Bryan, thank you for helping with greeting new members.  It is very much appreciated.

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