Woman Surgically Adds 3rd Breast

We all remember Schoolhouse Rock's musical tribute to the mysterious allure of the number 3. According to the lyrics to3 is Magic Number, the number's mystique can be traced all the way back to the Holy Trinity. 

Three is a magic number.

Yes it is, it's a magic number.

Somewhere in the ancient, mystic trinity

You get three as a magic number.

I, myself was influenced by its power at a very young age, donning the number 3 on every jersey for every sport I ever played. I refused to play with any other number.  For me, it was only 3...which is why I suppose, I have a keen understanding insight into the heart and mind of a woman who goes by the name of Jasmine Tridevil. A massage therapist with aspirations of becoming a Reality TV star, Tridevil is no dummy. She understands 3. "Understands" might not be giving her enough credit.....she gets 3. 

Tridevil gets that harnessing the power of 3 is a priceless undertaking which is why she had no issue spending $20,000 for the surgical addition of a 3rd breast.  But finding a doctor whose code of ethics would be trumped by his or her appreciation for the number 3 would prove to be a challenging proposition for Tridevil, who told Real Radio 104.1 that she had to call 50 doctors before finding one, who would give her 3. 

But eventually she found her man who constructed the additional breast with a silicone implant using skin tissue from her abdomen. But all good men can fall short: the doctor was unable to replicate an areola so Tridevil was forced to take matters into her own hands...she had one tattooed on her new friend. 

Her chest is now home to three breasts and her heart is now home to a dream that just might be a little closer: an MTV reality show.  

But MTV show or no MTV show, there's another upside to her new addition and it has nothing to do with stardom and everything to do with heartbreak.  Tridevil said "I got it to make myself unattractive to men. Because I don't want to date anymore." 

One thing's for sure, she clearly doesn't understand men. 

TRI-Tits Story

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Maybe she should have asked the surgeon for a donor brain instead. :-)

Indeed sir!

3 boobs are so 80's, get with the times girlfriend, dang!!

I see MJ's favorite doc has been busy.

hilarious ;)

Report: Woman who claimed to have third breast added is fake

The Tampa, Fla. woman who claimed to have had plastic surgery to add a third breast is fake, according to TMZ.

The woman, who goes by the name Jasmine Tridevil, was reportedly discovered to have faked the plastic surgery after TMZ obtained a police report filed by Tridevil after her bag was stolen at Tampa International Airport.

TMZ reports that the bag was stolen off of an American Airlines conveyor belt and a "3 breast prosthesis" was found inside by police after they recovered the bag.

Buzzfeed initially reported the woman's strange look landed her appearances on "Inside Edition" and "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" but FOX411 talked to "Inside Edition," and they told us they are not interviewing her. And she's not on the schedule that gets sent out with "Kimmel'" guests either.

FOX411 talked to "Inside Edition," and they told us they are not interviewing her. And she's not on the schedule that gets sent out with "Kimmel'" guests either.

In trying to further track down the story, we did find Tridevil's real name and cell phone number, and we gave her a call, but so far have not received a reply to our voice mail message.

Which is a shame, because we have several questions to ask about her unique tale.

Tridevil said in a recent radio interview that she got the surgery “a few months ago” and had a very hard time finding a doctor who would agree to her request.

Its getting scary the amounts of time and effort some people go through just to get 5 minutes attention and they dont even care if its positive or negative all attention is apparently good attention nowadays.

Ah geez.  What can I say?  I roll My eyes.  Prosthesis and all.

Yeah, not attention seeking at all...

Bet u can't eat just one
3 boobs head down the runway for Italian fashion https://www.resetera.com/threads/nsfw-3-boobs-head-down-the-runway-...


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