I spend a ton of time home - I work from home - so I tend to have a lot of time for contemplation. I live about hour from the closest town (Holbrook, AZ) and really have not been to any town in about four weeks. Whe I talk about defense it incorporates so many different things. Most people just think bang bang...home defense.

It all started for me when I read a good book called Patriots, ( http://www.rawles.to/patriots.htm ) now this is the extreme edge of home defense but good reading and the fiction is not bad. The book opened my eyes to looking at home defense in a whole new light! Have you ever thought about "getting outa Dodge" so to speak...or what is in "your bug out bag" - would/could you leave your home and where would you go if the end of the world as we know it - comes about?

I guess before I get to far into the whole home defense thesis -

How many of you live in the city?

How many of you ever think about having to evacuate?

How many of you have a food storage?

How many of you have a way to filter water?

How many of you have a bug out bag?

How many of you have a place to go if you need to leave the city/town/or even township?

Ooops notice not a word about guns or bow and arrows yet....

Well, if you are in the four state area and have skills - you can always show up on my doorstep!

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I read that book at the insistence of a friend of mine....a good read, especially if you like an occasional scripture or two (I could have done without most of them). Sadly...upon attempting to get anyone else to read it, they all thought I was a nutcase (true, but not about the book :P )

City: "Out in the sticks", but close enough :)
Think about having to evacuate? All the time...my wife tries to convince me that I think too much
Food storage: Some dried food that I bought without her knowledge-- not as much as I would like, but better than nothing (and she still doesn't know yet that I'm aware of >:) )
Filtered Water: No...that would be nice and a high prio...but water filtration systems aint cheap ;)
I had a bug out bag....it kindof disintegrated over time after meeting my wife :/
A place to go would be nice...that being said...we just bought a home...having a second ain't gonna happen anytime soon.....
I read Patriots to my wife and yes, I agree the religious angle is a bit condescending - but nontheless a good book. My wife is a 100% convert! Thanks to Rawles and Patriots...she thought I was a total nutcase stockpiling food and buying this and that...then we both lost our jobs at the same time nine months ago !! We lived on our stored food until this last friday when we went to the store for the first time to buy food with her paycheck...


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