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Murder is Immoral. Ignoring it is immoral. United WE STRIKE! ... or more of the same.

I will never forget the photograph of the Kurdish Father, holding his baby Daughter, on the cover of time or news week magazine, poisoned and gassed under the regime of Saddam.

Murder is Immoral.

Ignoring murder is immoral.

Rising to prevent murder through ANY and ALL means possible IS MORAL!

If you had gone on vacation and came back to the horror of mass gassing and YOUR FAMILY were dead, how would you feel? Would it not be time to Unite and end the madness? If WE had done so after the deadly gas attack so long ago would we be here now?

War approaches and the profiteers in power greedily anticipate our lack of response.

Labor day they'll laugh at all of the worker drones who keep their heads down and hope it won't happen to their cities, while still working to support those committing the atrocities, taking one day off to celebrate their slavery and pretend they're free.

In my opinion, NOTHING supersedes the fact that our governments are murdering innocent people in their sleep. NOTHING. And it is immoral to ignore that fact without doing all we can to prevent it from happening again. Not to mention the slow kill through Fukashima, vaccines, geo engineering, gmo foods, fracking, depleted uranium, war, war games, mind control, etc, etc, etc, and profit over people. Again, if this had happened to YOUR FAMILY, how would you react?

WE outnumber them.

Prepare with food and water and survival gear, for there WILL be another false flag, and it will be HERE.

The 15th is also coming. If WE want a higher consciousness, it is time to LIVE IT! In order to create a better future we must visualize ALL OF US cooperating as we allow the current models of profit over People to fail in order to benefit HUMANITY. What real value is a piece of paper or metal when compared to the life of one child? When WE believe more in OURSELVES than ANYTHING outside of OURSELVES, WE WILL CHANGE THE WORLD.....if WE do not succumb to lies and propaganda first.
Tomorrow night my guests on "Karen's Korner" will be Sharry Edwards and Sonia Barrett.
Aside from discussing the business of disease, we will also talk about Morality and accountability. I hope you will tune in and call to share your thoughts. 877-342-6673 Archives by date here.
In September the time slot for "Wide Awake News" will be changing to 9pm GMT, 5pm EST, 2pm PST.
I am also updating my thoughts on my blog page at United We Strike.
Power to the People through PEACEFUL UNITY does mean WE do not DEFEND OURSELVES and those who are unable to defend themselves. THAT IS MORAL!!!

War is already here. Let us make the choice to end it.


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    No more barbaric murdering, slaughtering of innocent men, women, and children so the evil inhuman "Illuminati Banksters" can profit through their "blood money." Know the souless lies of the Satan worshipping Rockefellers, Rothschilds, J.P. Morgan, George Soros, Henry Kissinger, Obama aka Barry Soetoro, Bill and Hillary Clinton, Bush family, et al. worshipping Lucifer and lusting for greed and power to mass murder 90% of the world's people. Refuse to go to war as their sacrificial slaughter. NO! NO MORE. NO MORE WAR!!!
  • Karen Quinn-Tostado



    If and when enough of US REFUSE to obey or pay or work for the criminals, OUR WORLD WILL CHANGE!



  • Karen Quinn-Tostado

    Wed, Sept 4th, at 2pm pst, 5pm est, 9pm gmt, I will host Wide Awake News in it's new time slot and this will be the topic.

    Murder is immoral and we have a duty to stop it.

    Call in with your comments. 877-342-6673