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  • EYE on RNC - 2012 Republican National Convention | Tampa Bay, Florida Protest watch -police state

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  • Watch Live Video - EYE on RNC + DNC National Conventions | Protest - Police State - Citizen Streams News

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    2016 Democratic National Convention - Wikipedia, the free ... Wikipedia The 2016 Democratic National Convention is the gathering at which delegates of the United ... The last convention held in Philadelphia was the 2000 Republic…

  • The New Virginia Plan

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    THE CALL TO FORM THE VIRGINIA CONGRESS OF COUNTIES From the Middle Virginia Association of Freeholders May 28, 2020 Fellow Virginian,As we watched our State Government degrade after several decades from what has now beendiscovered as a concerted effort by the Republican Party to hand over the reins…

  • The Think Tank

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    You Already Know

  • memes

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    mixture of funny political and general interest memes for your viewing pleasure

  • The Resolution

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    Make a stand and detach from mainstream society. Start living, thinking and acting on behalf of yourself, your family and community!

  • The Rabbit Hole

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    WARNING: This group will contain sensitive material that could be deemed offensive to certain religious ideology, or those set in their ways that don't believe in the unexplainable and/or unknown things that occur on a daily basis with evidence to support it. If you are one of the following above m…

  • Agnostic & Atheist Patriots

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    Here is a place for the ones that don't believe in the hype and convoluted beliefs of a Superior Being who supposedly controls every aspect of your entire life. We got the NWO/Illuminati for that, theres REALITY there.The Bible was written by ancient idiots w/ ancient, antiquated beliefs. Back then…


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  • The Comment Section is Closed

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    This group is intended to be a collection of comments that are funny. Some may need to be put in context to understand the humor. Some may be self explanatory. Try and show the topic from the web page and your choice of listed comments you find funny with links you wish to share. The relevancy of c…

  • Clinton For Prison!

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    If it's got the last name "Clinton", it's fair game here. The Succubus MUST GO TO JAIL! This Group is strictly  for all things related to this Dysfunctional Family of Deceit, Evil and Insanity, The Clinton's

  • United States Minutemen

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    Alternate connection area for members in case problems communicating or 'jailed' in fascistbook.

  • Michael Savage

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    Mike's Commentary of the day.

  • Aaron & Melissa Dykes Truth Stream Media Group

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    This group is dedicated to Aaron and Melissa Dykes !

  • The Coffee Shop

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    Everyone welcome to come in and converse, post video, photos and discussions of anything on your mind.

  • Did You Know??? - Tips, Tricks and Trivia about 12160

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  • #Anonymous #AntiSec #LulzSec #OWS

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  • Food Matters?

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    We are what we eat,the deliberate destruction of our food sources,the deliberate poisoning of our sustenance ! Get informed!

  • Anonymiss Legion Operation Enough

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    Operation Enough is a soapbox for women. A soapbox with a megaphone. A megaphone that increases in strength and effectivity. Speak Up Woman! Voice Your ENOUGH!

  • 12160 News Brief Staff

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    If you have video editing skills, graphic design ability's or want to be in the news brief request to join!