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The New Virginia Plan


From the Middle Virginia Association of Freeholders May 28, 2020

Fellow Virginian,
As we watched our State Government degrade after several decades from what has now been
discovered as a concerted effort by the Republican Party to hand over the reins of power to the
Democrat Party, many of us sought the reasoning behind why certain parts of the state were not
being offered opposition candidates. Now that we have two decades of successive handing over
of power to one party through means of fraud and election engineering, we finally see the goals of
both of these groups we call, political parties. That is the erasure of our state and our nation.
As we watched the fraud evolve into a complete destruction of what we as Free people call “rights”,
the coming guaranteed blood shed against us becomes clearer by the hour. Those of us who know
our historical roots as Virginians and those who have joined her since 1776 and understand that
the same powers acknowledged by those of whom we call “founders”, are not powers limited by
time or circumstance. They are broad and permanent. They are the powers derived from the Public
Body Politic, also known as “The Public Weal”. The same Public Weal we find Virginia was born
from in our Declaration of Rights, from June 12, 1776.
The people who brought our ideology as “free people” forward, were those who had suffrage in
their time. We Freeholders of the 21st Century are made up of the same kind of people. The people
of suffrage. Today, in Virginia, we are seen to have suffrage if we are citizens of the United States
and are of 18 years of age or older. We Freeholders of Middle Virginia, developed a Declaration
to dissolve our current Virginia Government, that has been in existence since 1970, and call for a
Congress of Counties to be formed to then form a new constitution for our state in the attempt to
return us to our God given freedoms and common sense governance that respects the local
government’s ability to govern from the consent of those who have suffrage.
Our Declaration Committee, decided that rather than try to rewrite the words or the meanings of
our founders, we understood the Declaration of Rights was a template and we instead used it and
the Declaration of Independence from which that document took its powers and used them as an
overlay. If what we considered in our committee to be valid points for a restoration of our rights
through dissolving the current government and starting a new one to avoid bloodshed, then our
Declaration would appear to be prima facia in its presentation and using our founders as the most
acceptable foundation known to mankind, for a peaceful restoration of rights. This is why the
Declaration is of such length as the offenses to our people are so many more than 1776.
An addendum to the lengthy Declaration is a set of guidelines for the choosing of delegates to the
Congress of Counties. Please contact the persons who delivered these documents to you if you are interested in participating.

Your Servants,
Middle Virginia Freeholders.

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