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Voter apathy

The 2 already elected and 1 'appointed' Kennesaw Council candidates all have their signs up.  Only one challengers sign has been seen so far.

In my own 54 home subdivision there are:  0 candidate signs, 3 realty signs and 1 sign for a housepainter that has recently painted a home.

So is that good news or bad news?  It is 'good' in that there are fewer signs cluttering up the landscape. 

It is 'bad' because the 4 challengers seem to have gotten off to a slow start and name/post recognition is vital in such races.

Also it is 'bad' in that there seems to be some apathy as to even having candidate signs displayed.   With 57 days to go we will probably get some more signs put up but it might be uphill in getting more than 5.27% turnout which is what we had 4 years ago.  Then only 832 out of 15,777 registered voters cast votes.

MISC:  There is actually no post of 'Dogcatcher' in Kennesaw, the graphic was just made up to send to a friend.  I think I would be a very poor dog catcher and I would not vote for myself for that or any elective position.