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Your Poison Princess

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Your Poison Princess


In a bad mood with your skin so fair

Your man must dance like Fred Astaire

Spending money like he doesn’t care

It’s not right or wrong or being fair,

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He should be spellbound by your golden hair

Drive an elegant car with European flair

When you insult him he still cares

Remember you can be his worst nightmare,

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Your hair is just a little gray

If you cover it up he should stay

Keep those younger girls away

I can always manipulate with what I say,

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You dream of that nice big house

He must afford it to be your spouse

Come on are you a man or a mouse?

I’m feeling this fire you better douse,

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Be a man don’t let my harsh words sting

It was just a momentary thing

As long as you make money you’re my king

Please forgive me for that fling,

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Everything will be fine as long as you come through

Get down and lick my golden shoe

Don’t sulk you’re one of the lucky few

I’m in my negligee do you enjoy the view?

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Life with your poison princess

Come here I need your gentleness

Yes I’m selfish did you think I’d confess?

Isn’t it better than you suffering loneliness?

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