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No one leaves here alive

Vultures in crack houses thrive

You’re going on a one way drive!

Your offshore payoff has been archived,

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You were hoping for a stalemate

All because you went for that jail bait

Oh come on now it’s not all about hate

For infrared cameras it’s never too late,

 Image result for soulless gut less politicians

You could never get enough attention

You were never filled with enough apprehension

It’s perjury if you don’t answer the right question

All thanks to a federal agency I can’t mention,

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All the time you thought you were riding high

You always thought you were so sly

You simply chose the wrong time to buy

Give it up to the men in black-yeah that guy!

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Black copters seen in Montana

Voter fraud reported in Alabama

Momentarily regretting your ill-gotten panorama

Looks like you’ll miss that engagement at the Cabana,

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Caught inside the gear box of government gain

Too bad you didn’t choose to refrain

I’ll bet you’d rather soak in the cold rain

Stuck in a vacuum of alien terrain.

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