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Malaysian Plane 'Shot Down' With 295 On Board

A Boeing 777 flying from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur comes down in Ukraine after reportedly being hit by a ground-to-air missile.

A passenger plane with 295 people on board has been shot down as it flew above eastern Ukraine, according to aviation sources.

The Malaysia Airlines plane, which was flying from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur, was travelling at an altitude of 10km (6.2 miles) when it was shot down, Russia's Interfax reported.

An adviser to the Ukrainian interior ministry said the Boeing 777 was brought down by a Buk ground-to-air missile.

All 280 passengers and 15 crew members who were on the plane are believed to have died, he added.

Photo of the Malaysia Airlines plane dated February 2014. Pic: Andreas Fietz

The Boeing 777 that crashed in eastern Ukraine. Pic: Andreas Fietz

A spokesman for Malaysian Airlines, still reeling from the loss of flight MH370 in March, confirmed it had lost contact with flight MH17, which took off from Amsterdam at 12.14pm local time.

The flight disappeared from radar as it flew over Ukrainian airspace, the spokesman said.

Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk ordered an immediate investigation into what he described as a "catastrophe", while his Malaysian counterpart Mohd Najib Tun Razak said he was "shocked".

Alexander Borodai, the eastern Ukraine separatist leader, claimed the airliner was shot down by Ukrainian government forces, although officials in Kiev denied any involvement.

Map shows flight pathThe plane's last known position over Ukraine. Pic: Flightradar24/Twitter

There has been no official comment from authorities in Russia.

Sky's Katie Stallard, in Moscow, said media reports suggest the plane came down in the Donetsk region, where there has been recent heavy fighting amid continuing tensions between Russia and Ukraine.

Data from Flightradar24 suggests the plane had just passed the city of Kremenchuk, around 300km (186 miles) from the Russian border, when it disappeared.

Several videos apparently filmed in the area, none of which Sky News has been able to independently verify, show plumes of thick, black smoke rising high into the air.

A map showing Ukraine and Russia

A Reuters correspondent at the scene, close to the village of Grabovo, said he could see the wreckage of a burning aircraft and bodies on the ground.

Aviation expert Major Charles Hayman told Sky News: "It's highly likely this aircraft was flying along a fault line between Russian and Ukrainian defences.

"It’s possible the Ukrainians flapped a bit, thought it was hostile and shot it down.

"Perhaps it was confusion at the Ukrainian air defence centre.

"It looks like someone failed to recognise this was a civilian plane and shot it down."

A spokesman for Boeing said it was aware of reports of MH17's disappearance, while a Foreign Office official added: "We're urgently working to establish what has happened."

The White House said US President Barack Obama had spoken to his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin and asked his advisers to keep him updated.

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    Dr Yuri Zhivago

    Kremlin-backed insurgents now claim Malaysia Airlines plane was carrying corpses

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      Not mainstreamer

      Russia has radar logs, and Ukraine too, that should contain missile data. Twitter "data" are too easy to manipulate. Media is full of talking heads making facts more fuzzy. So far media us trying to establish "truth" by creating consensus before we have facts. That was what happened 911 - make conclusions without facts, and then deny the facts.

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        space wabbit

        I believe some (or all)  of the bodies were the original passengers of the first Malaysian plane that disappeared in March 2014 and after the hi-jackers killed them they drained their blood and kept them in a cooler to slow the decomposition - knowing they were going to load up the "missing" Malaysian plane with dead bodies and blame Putin and Russia for the so-called bombing and killing of the badly decomposed bodies onboard.  I believe this is the missing "Malaysian plane" from March 2014 complete with the dead bodies as passengers.  I'll bet there was not even a pilot on board - as this is a ROBOT plane that can be flown remotely by computer. 

        This would explain the bloodless bodies. 

        I bet these bodies are the original passengers that went missing in March 2014 on Diego Garcia US Military Island which is a Black Ops Military base.  That's one of the reasons they hi-jacked the plane and none of the passengers were found.  They killed them and put them on ice to use as fake passengers on this new Malaysia flight - blaming Putin as having killed all these people - when in fact they were already dead.  Witness the bloodless bodies being observed and others saying the bodies were badly decomposed.  A Forensic expert could determine EXACTLY how and when these people died.  And I bet they did NOT die on this so-called crashed jet.  Also there was no pilot - it was being flown remotely.  This was being done on purpose. - Another false flag to place blame on Putin and Russia to fire up a WW 3.