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No such thing as Rising Tides

  • cheeki kea

  • Parrhesia

    This guy tries to blame erosion on climate change and then says:  "Here on the western part of San Francisco, supposedly the beach extended 26 miles further west into the ocean 17,000 years ago."  If it's because of SUVs, how does he explain that statement?  The Problem With Owning Beachfront Property: The Ocean (financialsa...  

  • cheeki kea

    It's surprising every tiny bit of erosion is blamed on climate change with total disregard for anything else like say eastern southerlies that rip up the beach and everything beyond it. Then there's giant wrecking balls lurking in the hills that could dislodge and flatten all in their path and serious land loss and damage could occur if you've gone overboard on the beach front idea. Yet people Do knowing the risks and property devaluation is the expected norm- anything to go fishing from your armchair I guess. These lifestyle options are brought and sold on the market like other property and usually found by searching in cheapest price range bracket. I would not pay more than fifty grand for something I could drown in on a rough day but people have forked out up to 75 to 100 and been pleased with themselves. Knowing you'll have to make a run for it at any given moment doesn't make for calm life yet has nothing to do with bogus Climate Change crap and everything to do with latitude or weather issues. Wrecking balls also are found on many islands and even Bosnia had them appear as England, NZ and Japan and likely other areas to be realised. These unseen giants are not millions of years old from ancient civilisations or from huge meteors as we have been told, no they can be created within months years decades or longer and are born out of the clay cliffs which act as a womb for the growing formations inside of itself. The balls in question are called "Concretions" and grow from trapped minerals and decaying organs of sea creatures which get to enormous sizes and can suddenly roll out of high cliffs where trees are removed or slips occur. The risks for any property above or below high land near the sea should be very, very seriously considered before any big money is spend for nothing. Anyone spending million dollar plus type of funds for beach land is either brave or foolhardy to say the least and should remember concretions hiding under the land is not Rock. ~~ This seaside property under the waves below sold for 75 grand sometime recently.~~