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Because its time to take action. ! Too long has the little people been ripped off by politicians, lobbyists and other money/power hungering mongers.!
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Im a poor man but im willing to help out if im able to.

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  • Less Prone

    European Countries, Ranked from Worst to First, and the best country title goes to ??????? whatever you think about their criteria the conclusion has its merits. Or what do you say, OD?

    It seems the Nordic countries are a such wonderful place to be according to some. Then again it depends on the criteria and how you cook the books. Finland has been measured to be the happiest country in the world by UN. You may know my esteem for an organization build on communist manifesto is what it is. In short. Isn't it weird that the world's happiest country  also has one of the highest suicide rates in the world.

    What did the late Jon Hellevig say about that

  • Less Prone

    I hope Christian recovers soon. It was sad to see what happened to him.

  • DTOM

    Glædelig jul og et fantastisk nytår!

    Have a hygge one - min vin