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NO, the criminal corporations have stolen all their useless money which I earned with MY sweat and body energy.

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  • J. Patriot

    I was a Deputy for 18 years, and I know the System of Justice is for the 1% and fuck the rest of us! The System is ran by the13 blood line families, and it's all about Money, Money = Power! Elections are a joke they have already made the choice for us. They give us the illusion that we have a choice, and freedom. What we really have is slavery, and oppression! They are clever though changing the names to make us feel empowered and free. Like for instance slavery now they call it having a job. We are still the peasants, and they are still the Lords and we are living off their lands. These twisted greedy bastards hold back the true history of humanity, and think of themselves as God as they have us killing each other, and working to make them even more wealthy and powerful! They are the disease that's holding humanity back from reaching their full potential because of their petty greed!

  • J. Patriot

    By the way I love listening to Bill Cooper. May he rest in peace! He was murdered by the System because he saw the invisible chains that others don't see. The chains of slavery that imprison all of humanity from reaching their full potential! 

  • truth


    "this site", of 6 thousand has been reduced to a half dozen active members in reccent years, for what ever reasons.

    Feel free to identify us, the members of "this site" individualy by name, and state the actions you see as problematic.

    I see no offer of solutions, nor do I see you taking a lead to point this site in a meaningful direction.

    Maybe it is time to just delete your account here, before I do James