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  • truth

    I would hope you could contribute something else to this site in addition to your views on Alex Jones.

    I see you have bragged about your post here. I do not see much to brag about.

    You also stated you would be soon banned. You can stay here if you participate in other topics as well. If Aj is the only topic move on. Its getting to be like spam .
  • Fred Black

    Thanx Rufus, liked your blog - Swine Flu, or Lazy Brits? It is good to have a bit of a laugh to keep perspective. I just added an amusing video from FKN News - SWINE FLU VACCINE IS PISH. I also quite liked SWINE FLU SLOWLY CATCHING UP WITH DIARRHOEA AND HICCUPS from the Daily Mash.
  • peter b dunn

    :-) support respect Shine on you crazy diamond let that light shine and burn the eyes out of the facist oppressors in a peaceful non compliant way.. u go dude..