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been reading your site for YEARS now all of a sudden I need to sign up, sign in and answer all these silly questions sooooo that's why I'm writing this silly childish more than 12 word sentence.
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I'm so broke I don't know if Ill be eating next week but if I had it I would gladly give it

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  • James Roberts

    I had a Dodge Dart many years ago, when I was 19 (I'm 52 now). My Dad actrally purchased it for me and my wife, for $250 (pre-1986 price). It got excellent gas mileage. After a neo-Nazi / Klan rally in Detroit (surrounded by 3,000 leftist protestors who threw ice chunks, full cans of soda, large rocks, etc. - the cops shrugged and looked on), I gave a brief speech, afterardas, at the rented hall on why we needed to go to college, and take courses in the "hard sciences", so we could duplicate the US government's research into microwave weapons, and other things, so we could develop such weapons ourselves, thus to be victorious over the US federal govt. That must have made an impression on the feds after they were informed by the inevitable traitor / infiltrator. LOL. If they only knew how far I'd progressed in military tech, they'd have sent multiple assassins for sure...

  • James Roberts

    14 is "14 words", by David Lane of the Order. "We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White children." 88, the eigth letter of the alphabet is "H", so, HH (Heil Hitler". Sorry I didn't see your question earlier.

  • cheeki kea