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through a friens as im always fighting the new world order
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  • Swtnlovabl

  • Vivian

    Hi Stephen, I see you're on this site!
  • Vivian

    Stephen, I cannot believe what is happening in our country.  But I have read and put all the pieces together to figure out that this evil plan has been in place for a very long time.  Everything adds up, 911, Waco and whoever was going to testify got taken out, the Gulf oil spills, remember the plane that went down from a missile?  Scalar beams will cause Japan to sink because they didn't want any part of the NWO and they wanted to come out with a car that would operate with water and not gas.   Nicola Tesla only meant to make the world a better place with his invention.  How I never in my life dreamed that America my country tis of thee would be taken down piece by piece.  I thought the holocaust only would happen once in a lifetime and never again.  How I never in my life imagined that there were so many evil people in this world that wanted to destroy America and the people that lived in the the good old U.S.A. at least that's is what I remembered this country to be.