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Im sick and tired of being lied to by so called media and the politicians on every front. I have always been anti-authority I don’t believe that anybody has the right to tell me what to do. I read where people are saying the system is broken but I'm saying the system is working just exactly like they want it to. Most of the cops today are all overbearing, cruel , and have a bad attitude towards the very people they have sworn to serve and protect. Most of the Judges are cruel, corrupt and greedy as well as the politicians of every kind all over America. When did it become OK to turn the stars of the American flag upside down so they resemble a pentagram of evil. If you don’t believe me just take a look at the banners for the 2012 election for Obama. The stars are all “UP-SIDE-DOWN” . The evil, corrupt, and downright chickenshit PRESS of this country are all too “sick” to do anything about it. The press has a duty to stand-up for the people in this country when they know evil people are in charge with the end goal the destruction of America. The Politicians think that when shit hits the fan there will be waiting limos or get away cars for them to speed off into a different world where they are safe with their families. Well I have news for all of the so called authority figures in this country (USA) you are on the front lines and the evil bastards that are soft killing us all are going to turn their guns and poisons on all of you FIRST!!! All we have to do as intelligent beings is "TURN THE TV OFF" and stop playing their game. Just stop cooperating with them on every level all of us not just a few but everybody. Where do you think they get their power from? From Us... all their Billions of dollars to buy their weapons and poisons with when they come from us
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