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I found you by stumbling around the net I think it was a click on a link on a Thrive page that lead me to here. My interest in the evil that has infiltrated many organizations including Secret Services, Governments and Military. The more I know, the more I can spread, I feel it is all I can do to help, is gather truth information and help spread it.
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Sorry I'm battling to survive and don't have much spare time. But am open to suggestions if someone thinks I might be useful.

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  • Nikki

    Hi Hogster,


    Sounds Like you're a Scammer to me..

  • Lawrence Harmen

    He shall come up like a Lion from the swelling of Jordan = Jeremiah 49:19 = Eager Lion 2013 set for next week same time as = Global March on Jerusalem set for June 7th 2013. The fake possible one week peace deal is also unfolding for the first week in June so watch for it. If it is made it will get broken by design in the midst of the week.

    Eager Lion 2013

    He come up like a Lion from the swelling of Jordan.. = Jeremiah 49:19

    We are there next week we could/should see the fake one week peace deal made with Israel that will tie their hands for their destruction. The Jordan war games coincide with the peace deal with many Nations. The war will take place in the mist of the week. The Global Arab March to retake Jerusalem is also planned for June 7th <- this might be the day they attack. Watch for the whole World to be darkened in the clear day then for certain the war will be on that day at Noon Israel time. The He Goat/Baphomet/Beast will stand in the Glorious land and say he is God and by his hand it is destroyed. Iran and Syria will be launching a massive Missile war on Israel when the Western leader = Daniel 8 comes across the entire World with Media/Syria between his eyes . He stamps Both Iran/Persia and Syria/Media to the ground but his main target is Damascus/Media. Both Syria and Iran today with the Russian bears backing have fielded a massive number of missiles all aimed at Israel. Debkafiles News today has confirmed this.

    Keep Up with my World news Page for constant update of this development.

    World news =

    Warn all you know the U.S. will get attacked during this war as all who attack Israel will get destroyed. Canada's East and West coast (NORAD) are pegged for destruction as well as we are involved in this Eager lion war games : 0 (

  • suzie

    Thank you for the adding me for friendship :)
  • suzie

    I do not follow chief kesslers movements or have a fascist book account and will withhold all feelings about the chief, I just believe he expresses how many ordinary people feel. I hope he is part of the solution and not just stirring up raw misdirected violent emotion, the chief has a lot to learn about our relationship with Israel. I am an American first kinda girl and have found researching our supposed democratic friends may not have our best interest at heart to say it extremely mildly.. A simple search on what is really going on in Palestine with an open mind is there "tell" and there are the many " mistakes" like the USS LIBERTY that gave me pause on more intense researching 911.. Very disheartening stuff that's smashes all preconceived beliefs .. I as many so desperately wanted to believe we were a source of good in the world. What an honest look straight into the bowels of truth discovered were quite the opposite and I say this with a broken heart..
  • Cryptocurrency

    What are your thoughts on Pike?