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Facebook Censorship Of The Truth Begins: Facebook Removes More Sandy Hook Lies: CT State Police Officers Gave False Affidavits



(N.Morgan) I can now personally attest the the fact that Facebook's new Nazi policy of removing article THEY deem fit, has begun. Their claim is my article, More Sandy Hook Lies: CT State…


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“First They Come For The Homeless”



(N.Morgan) In some of my previous articles, we have discussed the ongoing issue of the homeless in this country being harassed by FEMA and shipped off to FEMA Camps and jails across the United States. A trial run of sorts to see who will tolerate incarceration against their will.



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The Most Complete Chronology Of 9-11 False Flag Evidence Ever Presented (Must See Video)



(N.Morgan) The 9/11 attack on the World Trade Center left our country in a place of confusion, fear, and anger. Most of all, it left us with questions as to what really occurred that day and who was really responsible.


The attack took away many of our rights,…


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‘Sex Slave’ Claims Bill Clinton Visited Epstein’s ‘Orgy Island’



(N.Morgan) In these latest allegations against Bill Clinton and Jeffrey Epstein, it has been reported that a former sex slave has come forward and pointed the finger at Bill Clinton, stating he visited the infamous Orgy Island on several occasions.In this sick and twisted games of the Elite, there are victims left behind to deal with the trauma that has been forced upon them. Will they ever receive justice?…


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Zionist Hand Revealed: Rothschild Family Had Purchased Charlie Hebdo In December 2014



(N.Morgan) Paris has been the focus of international media attention since the shooting at the satirical weekly newspaper Charlie Hebdo. The shooters fired up to 50 shots, while shouting "Allahu Akbar" (Arabic for "God is [the] greatest"), killing eleven people and injuring eleven others during their attack. They then killed a French National Police officer…


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3 Agents With CIA, FBI And DEA Warn America



(N.Morgan) 3 brave agents from the FBI, DEA, and the CIA come forward to warn Americans that we are now the enemy. That this regime is coming after us and using us in any way they can. The govt is a drug dealing, assassinating, murdering mafia, Hell bent on taking over the world. In late 1996 / early 1997, Mike Levine and 3 fellow federal agents with CIA, FBI and DEA, came together for a broadcast, whose purpose was to warn America that…


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Destroying Evidence: Sandy Hook Demolishing Lanza Home



(N.Morgan) In this latest development in the Sandy Hook shooting hoax, Patricia Llodra wants the Lanza home demolished. The claim is that it is out of respect for the surviving families, but in my opinion, it is more destruction of evidence. According to USA Today: The house of the Sandy Hook Elementary…


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The O.J. Simpson Murder Trial Hoax Exposed? A Racial Psyop?



(N.Morgan) The OJ Simpson trial was one of the most infamous trials  that's taken place in our country. From the initial car chase with police, to the actual trial itself. Full of the famous and infamous, the trial was a star- studded event full of high drama and controversy. Is it possible the whole thing was a Psyop to arouse racial tensions?


I cannot…


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More Sandy Hook Lies: CT State Police Officers Gave False Affidavits



(N.Morgan) In yet another twist in the Sandy Hook hoax, it has come to light that the CT State Police gave False affidavits about the events of that day. More lies to add to the pile. In this stunning discovery, one key piece of evidence was that Adam Lanza had been  reported to have shot his way into the school which resulted in this hole in a window near the front entrance.


Now, this may seem irrelevant, but what makes this stand out is that at…


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New Interview From The Ambassador Of The Infamous Dragon Family



(N.Morgan) The Dragon Family is another branch of the Power Elite tree of sinister organizations. The Elitists' bloodlines are quite extensive and vary in power, position, and wealth. The Dragon Family, which is a group of several wealthy and secretive Asian families, has executed an elaborate sting operation where a vast…


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Hitler’s Vril Society Conspiracy – Nazi Aryan Occult Fellowship – Hollow Earth



(N.Morgan) The mystery that surrounds Adolf Hitler and his secret societies is still intriguing to many WWII buffs. Did Adolf survive the end of his reign or did he commit suicide, as was reported for so many decades?

Who was Adolf Hitler really? I was sent a photo that is dated 1953 and is from Argentina. This photo certainly opens the door to the possibility he did indeed survive and went on to…


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Paris On Fire: 3 People Taken Hostage At A Post Office In Paris



(N.Morgan) In the midst of the chaos in Paris, an armed man has taken at least 3 people hostage in a suburban post office in Paris. BFM TV is reporting that the incident was not a suspected terrorist act. Newspapers Le Figaro and Le Monde, both citing an AFP news agency dispatch based on police sources, reported that a man equipped with a military…


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Gerald Celente: The Financial And Political Volatility That Will Grip The World In 2015



(N.Morgan) Gerald Celente is a world renowned  American trend forecaster and publisher of the Trends Journal, a business consultant and when he speaks of the economic situation in the world, many are wise enough to listen. In this latest analysis, Gerald talks…


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Paris NWO Elite Show Us The Illuminati Symbol Right Before Our Eyes



(N.Morgan) One of the Elite's favorite games is to do things right in our faces, while being cloaked in some obvious way. Hidden In Plain Sight is what they do best and in the video below, we again see the true meaning behind the Paris False Flag shooting.



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Martial Law Hits France: 10,000 Troops Deployed



(N.Morgan) Tyranny has now hit France right between the eyes with a full blown Police State since their govt. has now deployed 10,000 troops in the streets. For those who are still in doubt about whether this was a False Flag event need to wake up. Martial Law is one way to stop a society cold and to gain complete control over the citizenry. For those people who continually say the government wouldn't harm its people, I ask you why would…


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Signs In The Sky - Illuminati Triangle Appears In Sky Above Paris France After False Flag Shooting



(N.Morgan) In this incredible capture by WTFflow, a very well formed triangle appears in the sky above Paris France, today. Is this a sign from the Heaves or a clue from the Elite? Among the Elite the pyramid represents the…


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Sandy Hook: Disturbingly Creepy – CNN Child Abuse Mind Control



(N.Morgan) One of the things I've found most disturbing about the Sandy Hook False Flag Op is the child crisis actors. Could this sort of lying and being prodded by adults to lie about such a horrendous thing be considered child abuse? To my way of thinking, absolutely. These children that CNN used for this hoax have to…


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The Beginning Of The End? Central Banks In ‘Emergency Selling’ Of Euro



(N.Morgan) The Global Economy is taking another hit to the global reserve holdings, the Euro fell to the least in more than a decade in the third quarter, according to International Monetary Fund figures. The 18-nation shared currency’s portion of global holdings fell to 22.6 percent, according to the data, the least since 2002. The $1.4 trillion in euros held by central banks worldwide were down from $1.5 trillion in the second quarter. The U.S. dollar, with $3.9…


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Is This What The NYPD Has Been Doing After Refusing To Do Their Jobs?



(N.Morgan) It has been widely reported that the NYPD has stopped doing their jobs in light of the current civil unrest between the police and the citizenry of New York. In a stunning discovery, it has now come to light how the NYPD has been passing the time away, instead of fighting crime, they've taken up the hobby car surfing on the hood of their squad cars!! Is this what our police forces have been reduced…


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Top Hedge Fund Banker Shot Dead ‘By His Own Son’



(N.Morgan) It has become a dangerous affair to be a a banker in today's society. In the latest banker deaths, Top Hedge Fund Bank,Thomas Gilbert Sr, 70, founder of Wainscott Capital Partners, was shot in the head by his own son, during a heated argument in his multimillion-dollar New York flat. The shooter, Thomas Gilbert Jr, 30, a Princeton graduate, allegedly fled the scene on foot, before barricading himself inside his flat. He was arrested at 10.45pm after…


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