I felt it was time to post this old article about Trudeau

We today are paying a big price for this man

There are more of these traitors, but he ensured the road was paved for them with your hard earned cash.


Most Canadians have been brainwashed into believing the charming, charismatic Trudeau was a great prime minister who built a strong, prosperous, humane Canada

Let me precisely quantify the costs of Trudeau's `just and compassionate Canada.

*In 1968, when Trudeau went from rich, socialist professor who had never held a real job in his life to prime minister, Canada's national debt was a modest $11.3 billion; the federal deficit was zero. When Trudeau left office in 1984, the debt had mushroomed to $128 billion; the deficit to $25 billion annually. But this was just the beginning.

One of Canada's greatest traitors created a vast bureaucracy, and massive welfare programs to buy votes for his Liberal Party. He restricted trade and free markets, imposing confiscatory taxes.

The state-owned Canadian Broadcasting Corp (which I call the owned corporate media), teachers unions, the monoculture leftiss academia, and left-leaning media keep brainwashing Canadians that high taxes and big government are good for Canada and the essence of national identity.

Anyone who questions rule by bureaucracy, deficit spending, unlimited immigration, or social engineering is denounced as a far-right racist.

When Trudeau entered office, Ottawa spent 30% of Canada's total economic output (the same as the USA). When he left, government spending had skyrocketed to almost 53%. With half of Canadians working directly or indirectly for Ottawa, the nation became infected with bureaucratic and union work ethics - state-sponsored laziness.

Trudeau and his successor quickly learned a basic strategy of Europe's socialist governments: if the state can employ over half of voters, they will always vote for the party of government.

Government is supposed to serve taxpayers. But under Trudeau and his Liberal Party, it became Canadians who labored to serve an increasingly disdainful, autocratic government. Canadians were gulled into believing that when Ottawa taxed them ten dollars, and gave back two, they were getting `benefits' and `social services.'

Many adored Trudeau - but I'd also be adored if I had a hundred billion of borrowed taxpayers dollars to give away.

*In 1970, the US, Switzerland, and Canada were the world's three richest nations.

Little wonder foreign investment, the lifeblood of Canada's growth, dried up. Most Canadians didn't understand their assets have depreciated, in real value, by 33%. By relentlessly devaluing the dollar, Ottawa literally stole people's savings.

*After Trudeau retired, his unstoppable socialist juggernaut or ( fascist I call them for their proper term )picked up speed. Canada's federal debt - the amount Ottawa borrowed in the past that remains unpaid - has skyrocketed to C$ 576 billion - $54,000 per taxpayer.

Almost third of your current federal taxes go to paying interest on this debt - just like on a credit card with an unpaid balance. In 1999 alone, Canadians paid $41.5 billion debt interest, Add $ 2.3 trillion of unfunded pension liabilities, and the figure rises to a staggering $244,000 owed per taxpayer. Canada's `just' and `compassionate' society is built on a mountain of debt, passed on to coming generations.

*In 1970, Canada had one of the lowest debts -and lowest taxes - among industrial nations. Today, Canada ranks as one of three leading debtor nations. While Ottawa's annual deficit was ended by imposing crushing taxes, the monster debt overhang remains.

At Ottawa's puny repayment rate, it will take Canada 288 more years!

Behind the charade of peacekeeping, Trudeau destroyed Canada's once powerful armed forces, leaving the nation a helpless military eunuch, with virtually no international influence, and totally dependant on the much-reviled `aggressive' US for national defense.

Canada has become an economic, intellectual and cultural backwater bureaucratic Ottawa, writ large.

Thirty years ago, Canada was rich, powerful and respected. Three decades of bullying Trudeau socialism undermined Canada's economy, the core of a nation's strength.

The immense historic economic damage inflicted by Trudeau and his successors on Canada have fatally destroyed this once robust nation

The great grandchildren of today's Canadians will still be paying for Pierre Trudeau's and these other traitors to Canada, false debt.

Time to wake up, and take back our country from these criminals in office.

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Comment by Chris of the family Masters on October 20, 2019 at 6:08am

Our Babylonial names are traded on Stock Exchange like a commodity. It has nothing to do with living people, providing they know they are living...

Comment by cheeki kea on October 20, 2019 at 6:00am

All the prime ministers are puppets, they can't even pull their own strings. They are Objects, Toys in the hands of the banking and media puppeteers.   

Comment by Chris of the family Masters on October 20, 2019 at 5:07am

The banksters rule the world. This situation is a carbon copy of Australia. In 1973 'prime mini-ster Whitlam went to Rome and signed Unidroid agreement, delivering us in the clutches of the international banksters. Our public Commonwealth Bank ceased to exist.

Trudeau and others are just common traitors on the banksters payroll. Here is your real enemy. The puppets on top use us as a surety for corporate debt. That's why we pay taxes as the interest on banksters loans. 

Comment by Burbia on October 18, 2019 at 6:33pm


"Destroying the New World Order"


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