6 June 1944 The Day The Earth Stood Still

Operation Overlord 6 June 1944


In probably what was to be one of the major turning points in the 20th Century the massive amphibious invasion upon the beaches of Normandy France in 1944, would be the beginning of the end, as Winston Churchill once said. Since 1939 Europe had languished under the tyranny of the Nazis while Great Britain had endured costly civilian bombing from Hitler’s wonder weapons. Only the massive industrial capability of the United States would turn the tide of the war once the US had begun overcoming the surprise attacks of the Japanese in the Pacific and the U-Boat carnage unleashed upon North Atlantic shipping since the beginning of the war.

An unparalleled generation

Today liberal search engine companies like Google ignore the anniversary of D-Day. Students of the modern day public school districts are apt to forget it about all together, and revisionist historians are likely to demonize the terrible sacrifices of the greatest generation of Americans who fought their way out of the Great Depression only to liberate the world for the second time in the 20th Century. It was their finest hour.

If not for

If the world ever wondered at the marvel of capitalism and free markets it should have given full credit to America who completely converted its magnificent manufacturing industry from making automobiles and appliances to producing tanks, aircraft, and artillery. America’s wartime output was the only thing that stood in the way of Germany and Japan from continuing a war effort until the Nazis had perfected their heavy water experiments and built the reactors needed to begin producing plutonium. With that feat accomplished they already had the V-2 rocket to deliver the A- Bomb with.

Preventing collapse

Thanks to the Lend Lease Act pushed by President Roosevelt in order to send weapons to US allies such as Great Britain and Russia, there was enough flow of aircraft, tanks, and munitions to stave off the German war effort until America could amass a big enough army, navy, and air force to begin invasions that would retake Pacific Islands captured by the Japanese and begin the expeditionary force that would liberate France and Europe from Hitler’s Third Reich. Without a successful private sector to mass produce the supplies needed for such a gargantuan undertaking the war might have been lost. By the 1945 America supplied 46% of the entire manufactured good in the world.

Previous failure

In 1940 the mass evacuation of Dunkirk involved a rescue effort and involving some 800 ships both military and privately owned while French and British forces fought to hold off the German forces until Allied soldiers could be saved. Some 338 thousand British, French, and Belgium troops would eventually arrive safely in the British Isles while an estimated 75 thousand or more were left stranded or captured as retiring action units of the English and French who held off German armored divisions as well as divisions of infantry, succumbed to the inevitable. Winston Churchill warned that a successful rescue did not win a war!

First Stepping Stone Back

On the morning of June 6th 1944 General Ike Eisenhower approved of the D-Day landing after several delays due to bad weather. Once the massive operation went into action still the beaches of Normandy had been washed out by storms and the water off the coast would prove deeper than wading soldiers and specially fitted tanks were prepared for. Some soldiers drowned before ever getting a chance to fight on the beaches while amphibious Sherman tanks stalled in deep water. Yet, in one day 150 thousand troops of the Allies had managed to land and gain a foothold against heavily fortified German coastal installations.

Contrast in tactics

One might ask just how an evacuation of more than twice the men who landed at Normandy in 1944 were in retreat in 1940 from Dunkirk in the dramatic turn of events just 4 years later? As Churchill had attempted to make clear it was all in what one foe chose to do in the face of aggression withdrawing with more than twice as many foot soldiers when lesser numbers recaptured the same coast all over again. The defensive strategy of Dunkirk proved a waste of resources when it took less men and material than that to invade rather than capitulate. Sadly the mindset of an army in war can lose the war once the initiative is lost.

Much needed delay

There were other fateful factors that aided the allies on that grand turning point in history. Field Marshall Rommel left the front to celebrate the birthday of his wife. Hitler had taken a sleeping pill and was in a deep sleep while his staff hesitated to awake him once German intelligence had determined that a number of bizarre events such as poorly coordinated paratroop drops, an amphibious operation on the beaches of Normandy, and a confusing number of communication jamming measures had forced the Germans to hesitate. Some generals in Hitler’s staff had even felt that the Normandy operation was simply a diversion from the anticipated landing of General Patton’s army at Calais. As a result a Panzer counter attack was kept in reserve until more intelligence had been gathered.

Combined effort

While President Franklin Roosevelt led the American radio audience on a nationwide prayer lasting 15 minutes, Supreme Allied Commander Ike Eisenhower was writing reasons for his own resignation should Operation Overlord fail as American troops struggled ashore under heavy machine gun, rifle fire, and artillery barrages and the future of western civilization hung in the balance. The largest amphibious assault in human history threw the US Navy, US Army Air Corps, and the infantry of America, Canada, the UK, and France wading from the LCVP Higgins Boats into the deadly range of the German shore defenses!

Heaviest price to pay

Within hours the bloodiest piece of enemy real estate of the 5 individual landing operations, Omaha Beach, by the American forces lost more than one thousand men in a short time before finally securing their objective. Estimates of possible casualty numbers could have been much greater, but the loss of life was still staggering. A combined effort of US air superiority, the naval armada that contained the endless stream of supplies needed to support the expeditionary forces, and the dogged determination of the GI’s who endured withering small arms fire, machine gun nests, and German heavy artillery managed to penetrate a deadly line of well-planned concrete bunkers and “pill boxes” that had to be knocked out in order for the invasion to succeed.


In a day’s time supplies that immediately landed on blood stained beaches where floating bodies of Allied soldiers washed ashore some 900 artillery pieces, jeeps, tanks, and troop trucks were delivered on the sands of Normandy to keep the forward thrust in motion as stunned German soldiers were taken prisoner and nearby villages excitedly welcomed the Americans and others as the beginning of the end of World War II lay a year ahead of the victors. Man’s greatest efforts seem unfortunately tied to war, but in 1944 it was inescapable.


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Comment by Doc Vega on June 8, 2019 at 7:27pm

Old Ranger68 Thank you for your service for our country even though we might disagree on a couple of things!

Comment by Doc Vega on June 6, 2019 at 4:04pm

Central Scrutizer Thanks Buddy!

Comment by Doc Vega on June 6, 2019 at 1:57pm

There's a lot of disinformation on You Tube. It is fabricated by enemies of western culture and multinational corporations owned by foreign countries in the Middle East seeking to impact public opinion and slant the details into a narrative they want to project! Don't fall for it! They contradict documented history, they want to harbor hate and division within our country and there are those stupid enough to fall for it! I caution you. Do not believe everything you see just because you might think it fashionable to trash America! Without the US the world would no freedom or liberty left to look to!

Comment by Doc Vega on June 6, 2019 at 1:52pm

oldranger-68 Bullshit I've seen footage of Patton standing in a concentration camp looking at the bodies piled up and he was sick to his stomach! Without Patton the rescue of the Jews and all others oppressed by the fucking Germans would have taken a lot longer! Where the fuck were you born?  

Comment by Doc Vega on June 5, 2019 at 9:30pm

Old Ranger don't tell me about fucking Dresden! For years the Nazis bombed British civilians with their fucking wonder weapons and conventional bombers they killed over 40 thousand women, children, and men over the Battle of London! Fuck the Germans!

Comment by Doc Vega on June 5, 2019 at 9:26pm

Waco was a true act of mass execution undertaken by the FBI the ATF, Hillary Clinton, and that ugly ass fat bitch Attorney General the Clintons had. They used liquid nerve gas that was pumped into the compound and little children were twisted into grotesque shapes due to muscular contractions caused by the nerve agent! I'll never forget Chuck Schumer bullying the survivors when they appeared in the court hearing just like a fucking Nazi judge sentencing innocent victims in the name of the Reich that bastard!

Comment by Central Scrutinizer on June 4, 2019 at 9:20pm

Exactly... "Another fact about hydrogen cyanide is that when you die from it, frequently it is a violent death. The body convulses strongly enough to break the back and limbs. As death can take as long as 15 minutes, there is time for massive swelling to occur"

Jut ask some of the real victims of this torturous, deadly HC,.. the federally murdered men, women, & children of the Branch Davidians in Waco Tx, ...ohh wait, guess ya can't

Holocaust at Waco - by Gary Null - The Big Eye


Comment by James Roberts on June 4, 2019 at 4:06pm

Doc Vega

There were two separate videos available online, some years ago, video demonstrations (no longer available, imagine that!) wherein phone booth-sized enclosures were constructed. The author of the video sat in a chair inside, and poured out a whole can of Zyklon B on the floor. Then sat there, on continuous video, for over an hour. I knew one of these men personally. I would happily do this myself, because Zyklon B is not a human extermination agent, it is an insecticide. And the IG Farben company was not trying to kill off it's own insecticide customers.

Zyklon B is balls of diatomaceous earth, or wood dust, into which has been absorbed a small amount of hydrogen cyanide. The authors of the holocaust story have purposefully confused Zyklon B in the public mind with the hydrogen cyanide gas used in the US penal system. The death row prison system cyanide was produced by dropping a slat of cyanide into a strong mineral acid, which produces an energetic and instantaneous release of a large amount of hydrogen cyanide. Zyklon B takes a long time to release it's small amount of hydrogen cyanide. Another fact about hydrogen cyanide is that when you die from it, frequently it is a violent death. The body convulses strongly enough to break the back and limbs. As death can take as long as 15 minutes, there is time for massive swelling to occur. The body also takes on a strong blue color. This is called "cyanosis". There is no swelling, broken bones, or strong tint visible in any photos of the alleged holocaust victims (nor in the alleged cyanide poisoning victims in the Jonestown massacre, interestingly). You will never see a video of a cyanide execution in the US prison system, because it is a very inhumane way to kill. That's why it's use was discontinued. People don't just do to sleep.

Those who claim to have witnessed gassings in concentration camps never spoke of gas masks being used, and they wrote of smoking, and the guards smoking, near the entrance to the "gas chambers". Problem is, hydrogen cyanide is highly explosive. But don't trust me, watch this Jewish historical revisionist talk about his lengthy investigation of the Auschwitz / Birkenau camps - David Cole Interviews Francisjek Piper

It was all war propaganda link human skin lampshades and human soap, invented by the OSS.

Comment by Doc Vega on June 4, 2019 at 3:46pm

James Roberts

When Dwight Eisenhower entered Auschwitz and the stench of death nearly gagged the soldiers and reporters there he immediately ordered the battlefield photographers to begin taking photos of the entire carnage! When asked why he replied, "because 50 years from now some bastard is going to be denying that this ever happened!" and he was right!

I see it here on 12160 as members here demonize Israel trying to make the Jewish state into being another totalitarian dictatorship! Just as the Islamic Jihadists try to allege that the holocaust never happened! 

There were a large percentage of German people who supported the Nazi cause and hated the Jews and were glad they were in death camps but lied when they were paraded in front of the concentration camp gas chambers and piles of dead Jewish bodies! 

It is a historical fact that Eisenhower leaving the rebuilding and protem restructuring of the German society to many former Nazi leaders because they knew how to re-organize the cities and bureaucracy so that Germany could restore a degree of normalcy! While the US airlifted millions of dollars of aid food and medical supplies to the Germans and Eastern Bloc countries taken over by Russia Stalin's response was to build the Berlin Wall while his people continued starving! 

To this day there are still clubs made up of WWII German veterans who laugh and party over the good old days when they were stomping on Jews and shooting Russian peasants ! 

In 1945 a large number of Germans still supported the Nazi cause despite being captured and occupied! 

Once again we are going to allow ourselves to be deceived by revisionists for the sake of propaganda to further vilify those pivotal individuals and governments that worked for the sake of humanitarian causes and restoration back to peace time once again. The US lent billions to Europe and Great Britain to help with the rebuilding effort and only the UK paid America back. Those are the facts. 

Photos of those camps I will wager or of the Russian side of the wall or of suspected Nazi sympathizers or undocumented civilians waiting for processing. Did the post war Nazi's who were appointed after the US and Russia occupied Germany get away with persecution of those they had an ax to grind with? Possibly!  

Comment by James Roberts on June 3, 2019 at 7:17pm

Fratricide. Eisenhower's concentration camps post-war, in which 1 million German civilians perished from lack of food, water and exposure to the elements - "Other Losses" Film on Youtube - 1:02:40

Our glorious Soviet buddies killed 3,000,000 German civilians post war (and the most inhuman atrocities imaginable, including German women raped by 50 Soviet troops in succession), and of course WW2 made the world safe for Communism. Way to go.

"Other Losses" Free Book Download on archive.org

"Destroying the New World Order"



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