9-11 the Biggest Intelligence Failure in US History or the Biggest Inside Job?

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For us to go back in time and try to account for myriads of contradictory stories along with telling photos that completely disavow any explanation of the federal official explanation seems arcane now but is 9-11 any less relevant than what happened to JFK? Let’s take a trip back to the confusion and chaos that was visited upon America and review the damning evidence that laughs in the face of the “Official” version of what actually happened.

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In the movie “In Plane Site” which has been taken off YouTube we have the very footage of the mainstream media showing glaring examples of unexplained aspects that went intentionally uncovered by the big news corps. The unmarked aircraft that without any signature advertisement of name of the passenger airline. The planes that struck the Twin Towers appear like unmarked military aircraft.

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  • Both aircraft that struck the towers had strange packages beneath the belly of the fuselage that are similar to the remote control electronics used to fly drones that are targeted for missile testing.
  • The intense flash of light on the windows of the impact point seconds before the jets slam into the Twin Tower buildings. Was this a laser that was painting the target?
  • Aviation fuel does not burn hot enough to melt the steel girders that supported the floors so why did they collapse?
  • When the first responders arrived and began entering the floors of the Twin Towers there were periodic explosions that the fireman explained sounded just like controlled demolition charges going off in timed sequence, but the news networks claimed it was the collapse of each pancaking upon another floor. Really?
  • Prior to the Twin Towers being hit there were reported explosions outside in the parking lot and cars appearing to have been ignited separately from the events in the towers? What caused parked cars to burn in the parking lots?
  • Architects and building engineers viewing the filmed collapse identified cutting charges used for controlled demolitions that cleaved through the buildings in an equatorial direction completely uncharacteristic of a downward collapse.
  • Thermite, a metal cutting charge that burns hot enough to cut through steel was present in the wreckage of the Twin Towers which is a military form of explosive!
  • In the days and weeks after the Twin Towers collapsed red hot pools of molten metal from the thermite dissolved steel remained glowing and giving off tremendous heat.
  • Building 7 was untouched by the imploded Twin Towers that had collapsed perfectly like a planned demolition. Although there were some fires evident the structure did not appear to be in danger of collapse but the owner of the property gave the order to “Pull” the property another professional expression used for detonation of the charges to trigger collapse.
  • When the first plane flew over pedestrians on the sidewalk and hit the first Twin Tower a woman walking by a reporter who just happened to be there remarked that the plane looked strangely out of place, not like a passenger jet.
  • Why did an Australian TV journalist report about the 9-11 attack 20 minutes before the event occurred? Seems the timing of the conspiracy was a bit off.
  • All security cameras in the vicinity of the Pentagon were confiscated by federal agents from civilian owned businesses. Why if there was nothing to hide?
  • Several veteran pilots asked how two Jihadists trained with single engine prop planes could have flown through the towering skyline over New York and struck their targets with such speed maneuverability and accuracy in such huge jets with only permits to fly small prop driven planes? Answer: Impossible. Likely they were remote controlled and the towers painted by laser beams for exact targeting.

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One lone security camera that faced the Pentagon at an entry point reveals what appears to be a missile striking the nation’s military nerve center, not a huge passenger jet as alleged by the official version of the story. As a matter of fact the entire plane was missing with only an engine sitting outside and know impact points where the wings would have contacted the exterior of the Pentagon. How was that possible?

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These are a small part of many of the questions asked that point to a huge cover up and the deaths of Americans that occurred for quite different reasons than we have been led to believe. May this tragic act of unthinkable betrayal never be forgotten!

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Comment by Doc Vega on September 12, 2023 at 3:48pm

Burbia, I can't bitchute or Brighteon on both library internet systems I use. They are considered by the North Texas Government standards Association as being too subversive! Can you believe that shi?

Comment by Burbia on September 12, 2023 at 9:52am

Here is an early report of no plane hit PENTAGON.


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