For those of us who even bother to think back and reflect on the sacrifices made by patriots who envisioned the greatness of America, July 4th has meaning! It's more than just Barbecue, Beer, and fireworks. It signifies Independence Day when the 13 Colonies finally defeated the King George Monarchy of England with the most powerful army in the world. A long protracted conflict had finally led to the birth of a great nation, but that's not quite what this article is about. For on 4th July 1947 a very bizarre incident took place that differed greatly from celebrating a holiday.'

From where?

Through out the southwest from Arizona to south Texas strange aerial sightings had been taking place. Rumors of a flying disk that could out perform any American fighter plane were running rampant through the armed services especially the US Air Force that now operated several top secret radar bases in New Mexico. These powerful targeting radars were the predecessors of NORAD. They were the only protective air defense that covered secret installations such as White Sands Missile Range, Los Alamos atomic research lab, Holloman AFB, Kirkland Air Base, and Roswell Army Air Field where the 509th Bomb Wing was stationed.

The vigil

One former radar officer told investigators not long before he passed away that he had been ordered never to take his eyes off the screens so much that he fashioned an array of mirrors all the way to the head so that even when relieving himself he could still see the scopes. There seemed to be an ominous surveillance underway dedicated to identifying or even shooting down a mysterious visitor from parts unknown.

When it began

On a night approximately around the 4th or 7th of July 1947 a thunderous storm blew in over the high desert of New Mexico on that summer's night and a bright flash from an explosion stunned local folk in the area. One witness even reported a very unearthly cry came from out there in the darkness of that rainy evening. Lightning streaked across the skies as the potent radar installations scanned into the heavens trying to find intruders. The unknown crept in still undiscovered by man's best efforts.

When cattle don't cross

In the morning rancher, Mac Brazel, found a strange debris field of shiny metallic material lying all over his property that not even his cows would cross. He quickly packed a cigar box full of the bizarre material and drove to Roswell where he contacted Sheriff George Wilcox who could not identify the contents of the box and then phoned the 509th airfield. Now the events that followed happened in rapid succession. With news of a possible crash the Roswell Fire Department headed out on Pine Lodge Rd. searching for a plane crash. Major Jesse Marcel and Captain Sheridan were ordered to accompany Mac Brazel back to his ranch to examine the debris that marked an apparent crash site.

Spreading the news

On his way to Roswell, Mac Brazel had driven to some neighbors houses showing them what he had found and asking if they had seen anything flying around. Now a number of people in town and out on their rural ranches were hearing about a crashed flying saucer. Even though weather balloons were common place and often reported to the 509th Army base, nothing out of the ordinary seemed to have happened. That is, until Sheriff George Wilcox and deputy were turned back after some kind of crash site had been cordoned off by Military Police. The Roswell Fire Department had seen something disturbing and unearthly as they had happened upon some type of strange crashed vessel with what appeared to be a small humanoid crew who had been injured or killed.

The bodies

Glen Dennis, the local mortician, had received a strange call from Roswell Base hospital asking if he had any small hermetically sealed coffins that might be child sized and what would they use to preserve the remains even asking if formaldehyde might change tissue it came in contact with. When Glen, thinking there had been a plane crash, drove out to the Army base he said the facility was in an emergency state! When Dennis ran into a nurse he knew she appeared very frightened and told him to leave before he got into trouble. He was then accosted by an officer and military police who questioned him and then roughly escorted him to his station wagon warning him that he could end up out in the desert somewhere where he would never be found! 

More evidence

Meanwhile after spending the night on Brazel's land Jesse Marcel and Sheridan Cavitt were collecting the material in their staff car to bring back to base and Mac Brazel was to experience consequences he never expected! Before Major Jesse Marcel delivered his load of strange cargo to the base he stopped by his home to show his wife and son the magical characteristics of the tough by flexible metal that could be wadded up and then would straighten out by itself without a wrinkle. His son, who would end up becoming a flight surgeon was so mystified by what his father showed him that he would later undergo regressive hypnosis to re-experience what his Jesse had shared with him.

From were do they come?

Within less then 48 hours there were two known crash sites within the Roswell area. The firefighters who had arrived at the Pine Lodge Road site were quickly detained by armed guards and instructed to remain silent over their discovery by no nonsense military police. Mac Brazel found himself under intense interrogation and threats. Mortician Glen Dennis would meet his nurse friend later that night at a bar and watched as she nervously sketched the body of one of the little people she was called upon to assist in an autopsy of a non-human entity! She was so shook up and paranoid according to Glen that she was even worried for his safety telling him to stay away from the base and not to be seen with her again. Glen Dennis in an interview decades later said that when he had sent the nurse friend of his a letter and card it had been returned in the mail to him marked "Recipient Deceased"!

The truth escapes

It did not take long for the Colonel and Base Commander William "Butch" Blanchard to have the wreckage material analyzed and strength tested and according to accounts, thin swatches of the metal could not be cut, burned, or drilled through. Blanchard had a public statement typed up and ordered Lieutenant Walter Haut to deliver it to the local radio station and news paper of the incredible findings by Mac Brazel and the efforts of the 509th Bomber Group in capturing a "Flying Disk" The news was out! Within hours the switchboards of the base along with the local newspapers and sheriff's answering systems were overwhelmed with calls from all over the world! The human race was now in a frenzy!

Official denial!

Frank Joyce of KGFL radio testified that as he broadcast the story given to him by Colonel Blanchard and delivered by Walter Haut, that an order appeared over his teletype to cease and desist transmission by the FBI effectively censoring his radio program about the crashed disk. Mac Brazel was there giving his account but he was soon to be held under house arrest for several days until he cooperated! Frankie Rowe, another witness to the events found herself intimidated by the Walker AFB military police who told her they might never dig up her bones somewhere out in the desert if she were ever to mention the whole affair to anyone again!

Rash measures?

If the Roswell Incident had simply been a weather balloon or the Project Mogul Balloon train that was supposed to detect Soviet atomic experiments in the atmosphere would such draconian measures as threatening people's lives, house arrest, interrogation of civilians, or a sudden deadly veil of secrecy really been necessary? Would General Nathan Twining have to have gotten involved proclaiming that UFO's were real not exclusionary or misidentified and capable of out performing all known manmade aircraft? Would General George Ramey have to have gotten involved by directing the Roswell artifacts to have been redirected to Carswell Air Base with Jesse Marcel set up as the clown who had misidentified the crash material? 

Let us re-examine

Regardless of his credentials Jesse was going to be set up! Keep in mind that Jesse Marcel was an expert in atomic weapons and their delivery systems! He briefed President Truman on the technology and even authored a manual on the procedures! How would a USAF officer with these distinguished credentials have made such an incredible mistake on identifying the strange metals? Much has been developed by the US Army to allege that the memories of eye witnesses were mistaken, that the passage of time had distorted the time line of events. that people seeking fame and fortune had given false testimony or had simply mistaken conventional or experimental programs for crashed alien bodies! Trained and professional disinformation can make seemingly solid incidents fall apart or at the very least cast doubt, and this is what the "Deep State" excels at! Keep in mind that many of the veterans who took part in the operation to conceal the truth from the public opened up and offered death bed confessions to their wives and loved ones as their demise came near! Once Jesse Marcel, a TV repairman dying of lung cancer was prompted by Stanton Friedman to make a public admission all of his comrades could no longer contain their oath of silence! The cat was out of the bag! 


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Comment by Central Scrutinizer on July 3, 2020 at 10:20pm

t'was night of July 7th '47 Doc ;)

But the following year, '48 was more interesting, t'was the year we went from HV vacuum tubes to silicon wafer transistors.....hmmmmmmm....coincidence????


Thanks Doc

Comment by James Roberts on July 3, 2020 at 10:08pm

Indeed, Doc. I've had a few brushes with the paranormal. As regards UFOs, the involvement in peoples' lives is often hereditary. The hometown of my maternal grandparents, Totz, Kentucky, was founded by Jews from Latvia, thus there as a strong possibility of child sacrifice in rituals endorsed by the Jewish religion. UFOs are strongly connected with occultism. Strongly. And few care about missing children born to Appalachian parents, coal miners, farmers and the like.

Shortly before 2006, I sought refuge from unbearable torment by my ex and my immediate family, by fleeing to this town. During that respite, my aunt told me that when she was 10 years old (I am 52 now), she and my grandmother were weeding hills of beans in a crop field. Three spheres abruptly appeared, with a mirror finish, approximately three feet in diameter, suspended in the air.

She told me they zipped around in the air, coming close to her. She told me that my grandmother told her "Don't pay any attention to them", and her tone of voice in imitating my (then deceased) grandmother told me two things. One, she was terrified, and two, this was not the first time she had encountered such phenomena. Then the spheres zipped ariound at lightning speed and disappeared. Then it snowed, just in the immediate area, in August. My other aunts and uncles whonm were in the family home verified that my grandma had three inches of snow piled arpound her straw hat, which she wore when doing garden work to keep the sun off her.

As to any member of my family in Kentucky, they are all devout Baptists, and would probably rather die than make up such a story.

As regards myself, If I had one wish, it would be that this was not a factor in my life. I am an extreme hardhead  with alcohol and drugs. The idea that anyone has been doing things tio me without my knowledge is extremely demoralizing.

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