Chris of the family Masters, [16.08.21 19:39]
[Forwarded from The Crowhouse]
"Australia has gone Mad!" says former police officer about governmental sex guidelines..

These so-called ‘Health Ministers and Chief Medical Officers’ have no idea about health

They are telling people to eat differently

They are telling people not to talk to your neighbours or friends in the supermarket

They have this ‘seriously flawed medical ideology’ of the liar and plagiarist Pasteur “Germ theory” which is a theory never proven

The Vaccine Induced Injuries and Deaths from the Experimental Irreversible Genetic Modification Injection are not being exposed by the MSM propaganda apparatus

The “positive cases” are meaningless and are used to keep people in fear and ‘stampede’ them towards getting this trans-human genetic Injection

The Police state has seriously breached the contract with the people of Australia:

Freedom of speech is being systematically destroyed

Freedom of association is being incrementally destroyed

Freedom of the press has been hijacked decades ago by the corporate-government MSM Fascist alliance for the purpose of propaganda, misinformation, suppression of facts and evidence

Freedom to choose the type of health for oneself and family

Freedom to choose what goes into ones body

Freedom to be anonymous when going about ones’ daily business

Freedom not to use the QR code which is not unlawful to do so

Freedom not to be harassed and bullied by the police or shop employees for not wearing a mask or not using the QR code or not signing in

They have not proven ‘beyond reasonable’ doubt, which is the courts standard benchmark that the virus has been isolated and purified

They have not proven that the ‘supposedly’ Voluntary Experimental Irreversible Genetic Modification Injection is safe which has not been approved by the FDA or any ‘Independent’ body

A fact of evidence is this is a trans-global Psyop

Covid-19 is a Fake Hoax Scam by this unlawful corporate-government entity for Control-Containment-Compliance of the populous

The corrupt and criminal medical-pharmaceutical-vaccine cabal are implanting nano-particles with the intrusive and fraudulent PCTR nasal tests which will affect the human organism

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Comment by cheeki kea on August 23, 2021 at 8:44am

G'day Mr Siz may I suggest the term 'Clown world' it's what the happening is called here. As I recall member stormtruther from this site first eluded understanding to the concept. Clown world is the junction, pivot point between democracy and tyranny. Are far as the hammering of Aus. goes we have to understand it was a nation founded on criminals and those types don't comply with bullshit. They almost have the worst vax rate in the western world coming in at 23.78% not even meeting the efforts of country like say Kazakhstan beaming in at 26.25% and counting. This makes the elites desperate and angry. The puppet gov there is embarrassed on the world stage and the desperate heavy handed attitude of the police is Revealed by the Actions of the non-compliant everyday heroes Then splashed all over the worldwide internet. This in turn makes the Govies look even worse every time and so the game goes on. ( I know a gentleman such as yourself Mr Siz would be keenly aware of clown world, but just a brief description for those who haven't reached that point of understanding yet. White rappers sometimes sing about it. so what do you think? )  

Comment by Mr. Sizzle on August 23, 2021 at 1:53am

I’m trying to find one word to describe what is happening everywhere?  Suggestions?

Comment by cheeki kea on August 16, 2021 at 11:05am

Well I'm being to wonder if Aus. is being punished for their low vax rates, not that my country is doing much better and maybe even worse. It makes you wonder who's coordinating the global centralised surveillance apparatus, it's not mainstream bs media like we think as they are not being exposed To the vax injuries and deaths data, and likely won't until the three year study is completed. (and no doubt much longer than that) When all the unpleasant Injuries and deaths data finally gets revealed it will be to late for millions. 

"Destroying the New World Order"



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